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 Welly's Reference Room *1247*(back to the fellowship)

A place to list coming events ©

Please submit below or PM me, any birthday's, anniversary's etc....and up to 3 games.... Welly will do the rest.

03rd WellyWales b/d . f/g
04th Sarah1980 b/d. f/g Connect6, Backgammon and Triple Dice Poker
10th rascal95035 b/d. f/g
17th TJ b/d. f/g All Gammons and Frogfinder
24th Ewe b/d, f/g
24th Rainbow Days b/d, f/g
08th Indriel b/d, f/g Logik, Anti-Backgammon and Fevga
23rd tinksbell b/d, f/g Logik, Mancala and Frogfinder
09th Mélusine b/d, f/g Pro 5 in a line, Chess and Assimilation
18thIceQueen b/d, f/g
19thStardust b/d, f/g Backgammon,Hyper Backgammon and Dice Chess!
29thSandals b/d, f/g Ludo and Triple Dice Poker
01st golden boy1955, b/d, f/g Cloning Backgammon
07th omega3007, b/d, f/g
09th Marylr, b/d, f/g Backgammon and Ludo
11th Snoopy, b/d, f/g Dice Chess
18th Beaupol, b/d, f/g
21st sooooz, b/d, f/g, Backgammon, Logic, Knight Fight
29th Beach, b/d, f/g
29th crosseyed, b/d, f/g, Connect6, Backgammon and Backgammon Race.
30th Pattypoo, b/d, f/g PahTum, a halma

17th Antje, b/d, f/g Back Gammon, fevga and plakoto and hypergammon
21st juls31, b/d, f/g, dice chess and logic

01st Pbarb2, b/d, f/g Hyper, Backgammon, Dice Poker
22ndParis Hilton , b/d, f/g Frog Finder, Ludo, Backgammon
23rd LdyBlueEyes, b/d, f/g
5th Rainbow Days w/a 12th, f/g- Backgammon, Hypergammon and Dark Boats
07th WellyWales fellowship b/d
27th Ajtgirl , b/d, f/g


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