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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Amazon ChessNormal gameAvaz (1736)random 7 days
AmazonsNormal game PerGioco (1769)black 1 day
Ambiguous ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1622)random 3 days
Anti BackgammonNormal gameUskatec (1956)random 2 days
Anti Checkers2 wins matchananda777 (2134)white 7/1.12/15
Anti Checkers2 wins matchananda777 (2134)black 7/1.12/15
Anti CheckersNormal gameLichtQuelleblack 7/1/15
Anti Chess3 wins matchTrevor (1868)black 1 day
Anti ChessNormal gameLichtQuellewhite 7/1/15
Anti ChessNormal gameTokov_Endrymos (1866)white 7 days
Anti FrogletNormal game Jaqen H'ghar (1747)random 2 days 17 hours
Anti Reversi1 game match MTC (938)white 5 days
AssimilationNormal game PerGioco (1617)black 1 day
Atomic ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1454)random 3 days
BackgammonNormal gameSlavka (2087)random 18 days
Backgammon11 points match with doubling cube pgt (2325)black 3 days
Backgammon5 points match with doubling cubeTerryS (2262)black 2 days
BackgammonNormal gameAmsterdam Jeff (2290)black 7 days
BackgammonNormal gameunstable (2177)random 7 days
BackgammonNormal gameoviar.07 (2126)black 7 days
BackgammonNormal game1aeg (2155)white 2 days
BackgammonNormal gamedimo_49 (2298)white 2 days
BackgammonNormal game moravecb (2088)random 7 days
Backgammon7 points match with doubling cubeCramo (2208)black 3 days
BackgammonNormal game Jaqen H'ghar (2214)random 1 day 1 hour
Backgammon RaceNormal gameSlavka (1979)random 16 days
Backgammon Race2 wins matchCarl (2220)black 3 days
Backgammon RaceNormal gamenoodles (1707)black 7 days
Backgammon Race3 wins matchencio (1880)random 1 day
Backgammon RaceNormal game Jaqen H'ghar (2055)random 1 day 3 hours
Battleboats2 wins matchjiva (1949)random 7 days
BattleboatsNormal gamedracice-86 (1778)random 2 days
BattleboatsNormal game Jaqen H'gharrandom 2 days 22 hours
Battleboats PlusNormal gameSlavka (1768)random 18 days
Battleboats Plus5 wins matchPeach Wine (1876)black 7 days
Battleboats PlusNormal gamegam (1975)random 2 days
Battleboats PlusNormal gamekaoz7 (1836)random 3 days
Cam1 win matchouna (1939)random 5 days 10 hours
CamelotNormal gameouna (1868)random 4 days 4 hours
Capablanca Random ChessNormal gameKlingonBorgTata (1605)white 4 days 4 hours
Cheshire Cat ChessNormal gamezRivie (1830)random 2 days
Cheshire Cat Lines of ActionNormal game MadMonkey (1717)random 3 days
Cheshire Cat Lines of ActionNormal game PerGioco (1440)white 1 day
Cheshire Cat Lines of Action2 wins matchsebulon (1340)white 10 days
ChessNormal gameslav (1503)random 7 days
Chess3 wins matchSelwin (1283)random 7 days
ChessNormal gameMinja (2512)black 7/1.18/10
ChessNormal gameMinja (2512)white 7/1.18/10
ChessNormal gamebyfvbl (1861)black 8 days
ChessNormal gamekusek (2261)random 5 days
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