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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Hyper Backgammon1 game matchMTC (1483)black 5 days
Hyper Backgammon5 points match with doubling cuberondo (2252)random 7 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal gamedracice-86 (2133)random 2 days
Ice Age Chess2 wins matchXxchess (1739)black 7 days
Ice Age ChessNormal gamesos. (1847)random 2 days
International Checkers2 wins matchXxchessblack 7 days 7 hours
Italian CheckersNormal gamesoviet (2007)random 3 days
Janus ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1502)random 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameughaibu (2264)black 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal gametbl2 (1368)white 7 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameAizenwhite 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameAizenwhite 4 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameAizenwhite 5 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameAizenwhite 6 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameAizenwhite 7 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameAizenwhite 9 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameAizenwhite 10 days
JungleNormal gameandy99 (1553)black 6 days
JungleNormal gamebjc79 (1436)random 7 days
Keryo Pente2 games matchMTC (1149)white 5 days
Knight Relay ChessNormal gameXxchess (1674)black 7 days
Knight Relay ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (2052)random 3 days
Knight Relay Chess5 wins matchgirivo (1307)random 7 days
Logik2 wins matchRoberto Garcia (1808)random 4 days
LogikNormal gameRenoslav (1792)random 1/0.4/1
Loop Chess2 wins matchBluefin (1367)random 3 days
Loop Chess2 wins matchBluefin (1367)random 4 days
Loop ChessNormal gamekanarr (1479)white 28 days
Loop Chess3 wins matchbidžiganga (1875)black 7 days
LudoNormal gametalpa-sk (2285)black 3 days
LudoNormal gamedracice-86 (2250)random 2 days
Mancala6 games matchIpsilon (1906)black 2 days
Massacre Chess5 games matchmusicmachine (2043)random 3 days
Massacre ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1952)random 3 days
Minishogi1 game matchMTC (855)random 5 days
Nackgammon9 points match with doubling cubemattmiller (2183)random 1 day
NackgammonNormal game+DEATH+ (2045)random 2 days
Nackgammon2 wins matchlylou (2055)random 3 days
Open Pente2 games matchMTC (1341)random 5 days
PahTumNormal gameSlavka (1325)random 23 days
PahTumNormal gameSlavka (1325)random 26 days
PahTumNormal gamemyszek (1691)black 7 days
Parachute Checkers2 games matchMTC (1396)random 5 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (2013)black 7 days
PenteNormal gamebrentdg369black 0.1/0/0.2
PlakotoNormal gameSlavka (1768)random 25 days
PlakotoNormal gameSlavka (1768)random 26 days
Plakoto3 wins matchCarl (2169)black 3 days
Plakoto3 wins matchCarl (2169)white 3 days
PlakotoNormal gamevike (1887)black 2 days
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