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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Halma 10x10Normal gameLola_ (1947)white 3 days
Halma 10x10Normal gamekaoz7 (1954)random 3 days
Halma 8x8Normal gameSlavka (1645)random 12 days
Halma 8x8Normal gameLola_ (2011)black 3 days
Halma 8x8Normal gameLola_ (2011)white 3 days
Horde ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1992)black 2 days
Horde ChessNormal gameنعمblack 5 days
Hyper Backgammon2 games matchSlavka (2114)random 12 days
Hyper Backgammon3 games matchSlavka (2114)random 16 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal game Majzl (2147)random 2 days
Hyper Backgammon3 wins matchmagduska (2236)random 2 days
International CheckersNormal gamejonas18 (1785)black 2 days
Italian CheckersNormal gameRobin Hood (1949)random 7 days
Italian CheckersNormal gamesoviet (2104)random 3 days
Italian CheckersNormal gamechessmatist (1764)random 7/1/15
Japanese ChessNormal gameSergey_P (1647)random 7 days
JarmoNormal gameshogun14 (1434)random 4 days
LogikNormal game titeuf (2081)random 0.1/0/0.2
Logik10 wins matchChanikul (2035)black 3 days
Logik10 wins matchnongnoo (2027)black 5 days
Logik10 wins matchorn (2032)black 4 days
LogikNormal gameMirun (1962)random 3 days
Loop Chess3 wins matchangala v (1713)black 7 days
Loop Chess4 games matchdimonchi (1574)random 3 days
Loop Chess2 wins matcheden (975)black 7 days
Loop ChessNormal gamevad2021 (1567)random 2 days
Ludo5 wins matchnoodles (2076)black 10 days
LudoNormal game Majzl (2093)random 1 day
Maharajah ChessNormal gamePepe (1770)white 7 days
Maharajah ChessNormal gameRobin Hood (1730)white 7 days
Maharajah ChessNormal gamePokemon (1796)white 7 days
Maharajah ChessNormal gamepalyov (1820)white 7 days
Massacre ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1995)random 1 day
Massacre ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1995)random 2 days
Massacre ChessNormal gameVeGaLs (1751)white 1 day
MinishogiNormal gameshogun14 (1565)random 4 days
NackgammonNormal gameSlavka (1941)random 16 days
NackgammonNormal gameMr. Ree (2124)random 3 days
Nackgammon5 points match with doubling cubelylou (2190)random 2 days
NackgammonNormal gamemoistfinger (2220)random 2 days
Open Fast EspionageNormal gameandrey-king (1971)random 3 days
Open PenteNormal gameDimana_D (1718)black 7/1/15
PahTumNormal gameSlavka (1518)random 16 days
PahTum2 games match shpek (1897)random 7 days
Parachute CheckersNormal gameLucid Crandom 6 days
Parachute CheckersNormal gameIgor Jung (1472)black 1 day 6 hours
PenteNormal gameSlavka (1384)random 19 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (1969)black 7 days
PenteNormal gamekaoz7 (1814)random 3 days
PlakotoNormal gameSlavka (1769)random 17 days
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