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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Chess1 win match Morys (2888)random 3 days
Cheversi2 games matchMTC (1526)random 5 days
CheversiNormal gameDeveloper (1897)black 3 days
CheversiNormal gameDeveloper (1897)white 3 days
Cheversi2 games matchDeveloper (1897)random 3 days
Chinese Chess2 wins matchLeia (1940)black 7 days
Chinese ChessNormal gamedogstar (1554)black 2 days
Chinese ChessNormal gamezu2 (1548)random 7 days
Cloning BackgammonNormal gameSlavka (1758)random 23 days
Cloning Backgammon1 game matchMTC (1036)random 5 days
Connect6Normal game Mousetrap (1497)white 17 days
Connect6Normal gamemyszek (1666)white 7 days
Connect6Normal gamemyszek (1666)black 7 days
Corner ChessNormal gameHyxiomrandom 2 days
Crazy Screen ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1805)random 3 days
Crowded BackgammonNormal gameSlavka (1924)random 24 days
Crowded BackgammonNormal gameBrian1971 (2002)random 2 days
Crowded Backgammon5 points match with doubling cubemattmiller (2060)random 1 day
Crowded BackgammonNormal gameVeGaLs (1991)black 1 day
Cylinder ChessNormal gameHyxiomrandom 2 days
Czech CheckersNormal gamealfredojose (1742)random 7/1/15
Dark BattleboatsNormal gameSlavka (1791)random 26 days
Dark BattleboatsNormal gamejumpster (1817)white 7 days
Dark BattleboatsNormal gameBrian1971 (2021)random 2 days
Dark BattleboatsNormal gamekaoz7 (1896)black 3 days
Dark ChessNormal gameMoZaika (2092)random 3 days
Dice ChessNormal gameRomklao (1752)random 3 days
Dice ChessNormal gameTokov_Endrymosrandom 7 days
Dice Chess 10x10Normal gamedrak0nb (2167)black 1/0.1/30
Dice PokerNormal game+DEATH+ (2124)random 2 days
Dice Poker 6DNormal game dracice-86 (1947)random 1 day
Embassy ChessNormal game Walter Montego (1810)black 4.7/1.18/11.1
Embassy ChessNormal game Walter Montego (1810)white 4.7/1.18/11.1
Embassy ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1863)random 3 days
Embassy ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1863)random 4 days
Extinction ChessNormal game sorcerer (2039)black 7 days
Extinction ChessNormal game sorcerer (2039)white 7 days
FevgaNormal gameSlavka (1876)random 27 days
FevgaNormal gameAlhimik (2080)random 2 days
FevgaNormal game1aeg (2107)white 2 days
FevgaNormal gamedimo_49 (2142)white 2 days
FevgaNormal gameHonor.j (1961)black 7 days
FevgaNormal gameHonor.j (1961)white 7 days
Fevga5 wins matchjiheir (2287)random 2 days
FevgaNormal gameVeGaLs (2033)black 1 day
Five in LineNormal game7zahir (2067)circles 2 days
Five in LineNormal gamekaoz7 (1882)circles 3 days
Fortress Chess5 games matchmusicmachine (1770)random 3 days
Frog Finder4 wins matchGregH (2045)random 3 days
Frog FinderNormal game dracice-86 (1725)random 2 days
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