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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Crazy Screen ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1840)random 3 days
Dark BattleboatsNormal gametyrkytus (2125)random 2 days
Dark ChessNormal gameanticonformista (1656)black 2/1/5
Dark ChessNormal gamečlovek (1824)black 14 days
Dark ChessNormal gameNik66 (1624)random 1 day
Dark ChessNormal gameVeGaLs (1657)white 1 day
Dice ChessNormal gameberserke (1566)black 9 days
Dice Poker2 games matchMr. Ree (2116)white 2 days
Dice Poker 6DNormal gameRobin Hood (1756)random 7 days
Dice Poker 6DNormal gamepalyov (2053)random 7 days
Embassy ChessNormal game Walter Montego (1933)black 4.7/1.18/8.1
Embassy ChessNormal game Walter Montego (1933)white 4.7/1.18/8.1
Embassy ChessNormal gameScaryMonster (1989)black 1/0.16/5
Embassy ChessNormal gameScaryMonster (1989)white 1/0.16/5
Embassy ChessNormal gameXxchess (1819)random 14 days
EspionageNormal gameNik66 (2032)random 1 day
Extinction ChessNormal game sorcerer (1993)black 7 days
Extinction ChessNormal game sorcerer (1993)white 7 days
FevgaNormal gameSlavka (1845)random 19 days
FevgaNormal game1aeg (2190)white 2 days
FevgaNormal game1aeg (2190)white 7 days
Fevga5 wins matchmagduska (2235)random 3 days
FevgaNormal gamebreter (2154)black 3 days
FevgaNormal gamebreter (2154)white 3 days
Five in LineNormal game7zahir (2014)circles 2 days
Five in LineNormal gametomasmarny77 (2117)circles 7 days
Five in LineNormal gameSapl (2040)random 3 days
Fortress ChessNormal gameFencer (1556)random 2 days
Fortress ChessNormal game Chanikulblack 3 days
Frog FinderNormal gameannebitz (1669)blue 30 days
Frog Finder4 wins matchGregH (2044)random 2 days
Frog Finder2 wins matchjiva (1783)random 7 days
Froglet5 wins matchrobtooblack 3 days
Froglet5 wins matchrobtooblack 4 days
Froglet5 wins matchrobtooblack 5 days
FrogletNormal game Zak (2451)random 3 days
Go3 games matchencio (1614)random 1 day
GoNormal gameTocoma (1903)random 7/1/10
GoNormal gameberserke (1114)white 9 days
Go 13x13Normal gameberserke (1182)white 9 days
Go 9x9Normal gamePianist1 (1283)random 3 days
Go 9x9Normal game per31 (764)white 7/1/15
GrasshopperNormal gamechessmatistrandom 7/1/15
Horde ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1983)black 3 days
Horde ChessNormal gameVeGaLsrandom 1 day
Hyper Backgammon5 wins matchmagduska (2226)random 3 days
International CheckersNormal gamePerGioco (1929)black 7/1/15
International Checkers8 points matchencio (1736)random 1 day
International CheckersNormal gamejonas18 (1896)black 2 days
Italian CheckersNormal gamesoviet (2108)random 3 days
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