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This page contains links to other interesting sites which are similar to BrainKing (game sites) or related to the context of this site (chess, backgammon, tournaments, ...). BrainKing is not afraid of a competition, so feel free to visit other game sites and compare them with us :-) If you want to suggest a new site to be listed here, click on "Add link" at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.


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English (44) Game sites
  • Compare Games Sites (1703)
    A place to compare different turn based games sites and what each offers.
  • Little Golem (970)
    Play chess, go, reversi, and other well known games. Play single games, or enter tournaments.
  • (926)
    Bizarre and brilliant other Mindsports by Christiaan Freeling et al. One of his inventions, Grand Chess, is also included in the BrainKing repertoire.
  • Le_Club_Of_BrainKing (806)
    This group helps us to manage some polls on the original "Le" Club fellowship on our great game site
  • Dragon Go Server (795)
    Play go! Nice layout, translated into in many languages.
  • Pente Net (770)
    All Pente- All the time.
  • Backgammon (735) provide you with backgammon rules, tips and bonuses for the best online backgammon rooms.
  • Torn City (724)
    Torn City is without a doubt one of the biggest text based RPG games in terms of content and player base on the internet. When you sign up you will start off weak, but you choose the path of your life, every single character is unique!
  • youturnmyturn (719)
    a lot off different games.
  • International Reversi (707)
    Beautiful reversi game online. Test it...
  • Addicting Games Free Download (702)
  • Games and Software Sites - Top 100 (661)
    Click this link to rank BrainKing at the list of top game sites!
  • International Othello (635)
    Beautiful reversi game online with tournament, championship... You can play Tetris. Try it...
  • Dailygammon (622)
    Normal Tavla ve Nack Tavla oyunları, turnuvaları.
  • Checkers Programs (609)
    Site that presents and compares many checkers variants. Has lots of free programs to play many of those variants as well.
  • Internet Chess Club (598)
    Serious chess. Serious fun!
  • itsyourturn (587)
  • Male (570)
    Esperanto ja inglisekeelne malemäng.
  • ITM Games (526)
    ITM Games supply Adult role playing murder mystery games. We also supply Kids & Teen role playing mystery games. 10% discount for Brainking players - Enter discount code: brainking08
  • Goldtoken (423)
    turn based games like Backgammon , Checkers , Scrabble, Hearts
  • World Camelot Federation (342)
    The WCF is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to the preservation, popularization, and play of Camelot, one of the finest abstract strategy board games ever invented.
  • chess variant applets (96)
  • Play OK (88)
  • Dragonheels' Lair (45)
    Online space allowing its members to play known or less known games against opponents from all over the world These are correspondence style games, which means that you and your opponents do not have to be online at the same time to play.
  • Win at Sports Betting (1)
    Information on Sports Betting
  • BankrollMob (1)
    Free no deposit poker bonus at BankrollMob.
  • International Abstract Games Organization (1)
    IAGO website is dedicated to abstract games and has over 900 different amusements. Find the storage of strategies for every entertainment.
  • Tetris (1)
    Some games: - Tetris - Laby - Yatze - Shifumi - Tug of war
  • Gorrion (1)
    Gorrion is a turn-based game server for Go, Othello / Reversi, Pente, Onyx, Unlur. Simple in format, it was developed to create a welcoming site where players can engage in friendly exchange with their opponents.
  • Checkmate - (1)
    Стандартные шахматы, Шахматы Фишера 960, Шахматы до 3-х шахов, Шахматы царь горы, Шахматы "Crazyhouse", Шведские шахматы, 1 урок в день и 5 задач в день (видео только на максимальной подписке) Играть онлайн можно после регистрации.
  • (1)
    Free online games: connect4, tetris, yatze, tug of war, shifumi, laby, marvelcard, fifa
  • BZH Games (1)
    Online games: - Tetris (1 player) - Connect4 (2 players) - Laby 3D (1 Player) - Marvel Memory 3D (2 Players)
  • (891)
    Informations, games and problems about the most interesting chess variants. The largest sections are Anti Chess, Bughouse and Ambiguous Chess.
  • The Chess Variants Pages (804)
    The ultimate source of all possible Chess variants you would think about.
  • Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day (771)
    Like chess? Well, everyday you will find here new free chess problems. Looking for logic puzzles, free chess strategies or tactics? Come on!
  • Eric´s Draughts site (807)
    Enter the wonderful world of 10x10 draughts and be amazed by the collection of Draughts World Records and other beautiful gems this twisted Dutchman has collected.
  • Dweebo's Stone Games (953)
    Dweebo's Stone Games is a place to play Pente online for free (and other games too). You can play live games or turn-based games against other players around the world.
  • BGBlitz (532)
    Professional Backgammon Software for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Other interesting pages
  • The official BrainKing blog (3531)
    We use this blog to post important or interesting news and events, which are related to BrainKing.
  • (906)
    Site with Articles about games and BrainKing written by BrainKing's own members.
  • Advanced backgammon rules (831)
    Rules and strategy for winning backgammon games. Features basic backgammon rules, advanced rules, variations, and a glossary.
  • PokerStars Bonus Code (710)
    Visit for the Latest Poker Bonus Codes.
  • Online Poker Rakeback (664)
    Find the best poker rakeback deals at If you are playing online poker you should take advantage of the extra money a rakeback deal gives you each month.
  • World Chess Links (619)
    World Chess Links - Best collection of chess links and free chess online resources.
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