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Your e-mail address is required for registration, and is used to notify you when it is your turn to move or a similar game event occurs. Your e-mail address will not visible to anyone else on except you. If you choose to give your e-mail address to your opponent, you may do so by posting a private message with your move. Otherwise, no one visiting will have access to your e-mail address, not even your opponents. guarantees that all e-mails sent from us to players are for the player's benefit (usually notifying you when it is your turn in your started games). However, you can turn this option off on your Settings page to be protected against receiving any such e-mails from

Your e-mail address is never given out to third parties without your EXPLICIT permission.

Players can set up optional (not required) information about themselves in their My Profile page to inform other players about real name, country, date of birth etc. will never share these information with third parties without your EXPLICIT permission. uses cookies to track your user ID as you move from page to page. This is to prevent you from having to log on repeatedly as you navigate the site. Since you already have to log on, we know who you are, so the use of cookies does not affect your privacy in any way.

All messages exchanged between you and your opponents in game pages are visible only by the particular game players. Other players can only see the game itself (board, notation, time left, ...) but all other private information (messages) are invisible to them. If you want to increase your privacy when playing a game, you can check "Private game" checkbox in game definition page. In such case, other players are unable to see game board, game notification and other game information.

If you use from a public/shared computer (like at internet cafe, etc.), do not forget to click on "Logout" link and then close all browser windows when you want to finish your session. This process should avoid other people to use the same computer and continue to play on with your ID.

If you want to close your account permanently (without a possibility to restore), please contact the server administrator.

In accordance with Section 97 (3) of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., On electronic communications, is obliged to store for 6 months operational and locational data generated or processed in the provision of its public communications networks and in the provision of its publicly available electronic communications services, and is required to provide them on request to the law enforcement authorities or other authorities, but always subject to the conditions set out in a special legal regulation. maintains other traffic and location data related to telecommunication traffic - especially so-called access logs (such as access log, error log, etc.). Based on the content, these logs are provided only at the request of the entities concerned, in accordance with the law, or only with authorities or government bodies. does not interfere with log content, and these logs can be used as evidence in various procedures. After the above logbook deadlines, these logs are deleted.
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