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What are the Brains and how can I earn them?
The Brains are the BrainKing virtual currency, similar to "credits" of an electronic wallet etc. The following list describes all current ways how to earn Brains:
  • 20 Brains for free - it can be a good start for everyone. By completing a simple process of easy tasks, you will be awarded with 20 Brains and you can start to explore all other possibilities with no actual investment. Please visit this page for details.
  • Referral Program - each paying user of BrainKing (i.e. everybody with Brain Knight or higher level) can join our referral program. He/she earns a given amount of Brains for each new paying user that refers to him/her on the Paid Membership page. This is the list of all possibilities:
    • 25 Brains for new six-months Brain Knight
    • 50 Brains for one-year Brain Knight
    • 50 Brains for six-months Brain Rook
    • 100 Brains for one-year Brain Rook
    • 2000 Brains for six-months Brain Maharajah
    • 5000 Brains for one-year Brain Maharajah

    Please note this program works only when a new paying member is created. Brains cannot be given for an existing membership renewal.
  • Promotional Program - each registered user of BrainKing (all membership levels) can earn Brains by publishing a specific BrainKing clickable link (which contains his user ID) on another web site(s) and encouraging new users to registers through his link. This is how it works:
    1. A user copies his promotional link from this page and places it on his own homepage or any other site on the web.
    2. A visitor clicks on the link and registers on BrainKing. After his new account is approved, the ID of the link owner is stored as the referral ID of the new user.
    3. The new user decides to purchase a higher membership level. When the process is finished and the payment received, the link owner is automatically given the Brains.
    The amount of Brains is the same as for the Referral Program.

What can I do with Brains?
  • You can use the Brains as a virtual money to pay for your membership on BrainKing.
    • Brain Knight, 6 months (360 Brains)
    • Brain Knight, 12 months (600 Brains)
    • Brain Rook, 6 months (600 Brains)
    • Brain Rook, 12 months (960 Brains)
    • Brain Maharajah, 6 months (18000 Brains)
    • Brain Maharajah, 12 months (30000 Brains)
    When you have enough Brains to buy the particular membership, a new form will appear on the Profile page of the user you want to buy a membership (yours or anybody elses) and you will be able to use this way of payment. BrainKing reserves the right to refuse a payment in Brains if we have a suspicion that they were not earned according to our rules.
  • Some of the prize tournaments require to pay an entry fee in Brains in order to sign up. When you do so, the corresponding amount of Brains will be deducted from your current Brains balance.

Top 20 Brains (total referral points)
Level Name Brains
ScarletRose 450
ScrambledEggs 350
Eriisa 325
rod03801 325
Bobes 300
Jason 250
harley 250
Gror 250
Bwild 200
arpa 200
TheONLYPegasus 200
furbster 200
Nirvana 175
Antje 150
whikki 150
mctrivia 150
toedder 150
Mustang John 150
bobowski74 150
Pedro Martínez 150
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