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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Mancala10 points matchwalangpera (1736)black 1 day
Mancala2 games matchčlovek (1721)white 7 days
Massacre Chess6 games matchthrasybulus (1999)random 7/1/7
Massacre ChessNormal game xxxNastiaxxx (2085)random 1 day
Massacre ChessNormal game xxxNastiaxxx (2085)random 2 days
Massacre ChessNormal gameLanaroon (1713)random 3/0.6/3
Massacre ChessNormal gameLichtQuelle (2076)random 3/1/15
MinishogiNormal gamechocobat (1662)black 7 days
MinishogiNormal gamechocobat (1662)random 7 days
NackgammonNormal game+DEATH+ (1998)random 2 days
PahTumNormal gameSlavka (1535)random 19 days
PahTumNormal game myszek (1763)black 7 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (1940)black 7 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (1940)white 7 days
Pente2 games match Sega1234 (1969)black 7 days
Pente2 games match Sega1234 (1969)white 7 days
PlakotoNormal gameSlavka (1844)random 17 days
PlakotoNormal game vike (1890)black 2 days
PlakotoNormal game1aeg (2095)white 2 days
PlakotoNormal game dimo_49 (2086)white 2 days
Pro Five in LineNormal gameLichtQuelle (1717)circles 3/1/15
Reversi 8x8Normal game020reversi1960 (1832)white 7 days
Reversi 8x8Normal gametensoval (1762)black 4 days
Scrambled EggsNormal gamenoodles (1314)white 7 days
Screen ChessNormal gameRoninonrandom 7 days
Screen ChessNormal gameEvilDeadRunrandom 7 days
Sphere FrogletNormal game napoleon7 (2017)random 5 days
Tank BattleNormal gameChessTiger (1924)random 7 days
Thai CheckersNormal gamelasto (1591)random 7 days
Three Checks ChessNormal gameTokov_Endrymos (1302)black 7 days
Triple Dice PokerNormal game palyov (2090)random 7 days
Triple Dice Poker 6DNormal gameRobin Hood (1867)random 7 days
Triple Dice Poker 6DNormal gamePokemon (1893)random 7 days
Triple Dice Poker 6D4 games matchQuarryman (1755)white 1 day
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