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22. October 2018, 18:28:07

21. October 2018, 22:29:22
Subject: Re:
ketchuplover: this is ketchup heaven!

21. October 2018, 05:06:06
Subject: Re:
ketchuplover: lol

20. October 2018, 13:50:26
of the infinite number of full ketchup bottles I saw...

19. October 2018, 17:05:02
Subject: Re: New story
ketchuplover: I was almost speechless as I stood there in awe..

19. October 2018, 13:45:08
Subject: Re: New story

I saw a scene so sublime...

17. October 2018, 13:58:12
Subject: New story
Once upon a time...

19. June 2018, 19:22:33
Subject: Re:
ketchuplover: hi

i am not skyking lol

19. June 2018, 18:49:42
Subject: Re:

Oh the mechanity!

18. June 2018, 21:50:53
In the moumtain was two deer, yet they were not real but mechanical robotic types. Swanson the hunter had shot at them and they exploded

18. June 2018, 21:48:37
OK wake up folks we need another storie!

4. October 2015, 01:51:53

30. August 2015, 06:17:25
Subject: Re: Town Picnic
MelissaMarie: Another day is here. Hard to believe That some of us have been here for many years.One of the coworkers Suggested a reunion at the town picnic.............

28. August 2015, 06:10:57
Subject: Town Picnic
Name of the New story. :-)

28. August 2015, 06:02:37
New story??? Yes? Yes? :-D :-)))

28. August 2015, 06:00:23
Subject: Re:
MelissaMarie: Just then, a farmer Ran inside And said, " why that's their big Ol feet causing that smell!"
The farmer dude started helping us until they were all gone.
"I Just live up yonder," said the farmer. "The wife got some stew cooking. Y'all are welcome to come eat with us. I don't know how long You've been out here, But yins look like You could use Some grub to fill your belly's."
We agreed, And started walking with the nice fella To his house.

The End :-))

7. August 2015, 21:14:29
Subject: Re:
Skyking: We started grabbing all that we could And started tickling their feet. Every time They pushed into dust There was this Strange odor. " Pew! What is that stinky smell?"

2. August 2015, 16:12:41
Subject: Re:
Skyking: no, not yet lol

1. August 2015, 17:17:36
LOL Is this The End?

31. July 2015, 00:28:51
lol 

31. July 2015, 00:27:38
Oh no! My cell phone isn't getting any signal out here! By the time I looked Down One of those Deformed looking things had jumped on me, So I grabbed it real quick And started tickling its foot. They have huge feet! The moment I started tickling it It Poofed Into dust And disappeared. That's the answer! Tickle their feet And they will go away, haha!

30. July 2015, 17:39:38
All I kept thinking was it OK to call 911 0r call up the louny ben?

22. July 2015, 02:16:03
Subject: Re:
MelissaMarie: One of them managed to jump through the window. I do believe they are deformed! They have very large feet And very tiny heads.

6. July 2015, 21:09:16
Subject: Re:
Skyking: suddenly, there was a large crash on the roof...

4. May 2015, 20:22:33
Subject: Re:
Instead of three, now there was maybe a dozen?

3. May 2015, 14:54:53
I finally made it to the farm house. When I got inside, there were little bite marks on my ankle. Those are some messed up, deformed lookin' aliens! I hope they are not rabid.
There was a sound of digging and scratching just outside. I looked out the window, and we were surrounded by them!

2. May 2015, 17:57:03
I ended my escape at the Farmers house.. Outside the things were coming towards the house..

30. March 2015, 18:44:06
I was right all along. They were3 miniature aliens and a mask fell off of one of them. Big chicken that I was I ran and they were shooting some kind of weapon.

29. March 2015, 16:45:49
something hit my leg while I was running, which caused me to trip and fall to the ground. That's when I discovered that one of those kids threw a rock at me.

28. March 2015, 17:11:56
I discovered kid's in there playing and I had no right of calling them outtta there. If I find the owner of it, they would get me on a trustpass charge.

8. March 2015, 14:56:13
Subject: Re:
Skyking: I slowly take a peek inside, and sure enough, those look like aliens! As I turn to run, I holler, "wait! Wait for me! I wanna go to the looney bin too!"

7. March 2015, 20:19:08
Subject: Re:
Skyking: LOL!!!
.... to be continued

7. March 2015, 18:38:22
Subject: Re:
MelissaMarie: I decided to try getting in that barn and discovered creatures that were not of our earth. I's be crazy to say they might me aliens. See you and the loony bin...

5. March 2015, 20:55:11
Subject: Re:
Skyking: thunder starts rolling in...

5. March 2015, 18:39:23
No sounds though from inside?

5. March 2015, 01:32:17
Subject: Re:
Skyking: one of them spot what seems to be an abandoned barn down the way..

22. October 2012, 18:23:28
And no animals to hunt for their survival.

16. October 2012, 04:31:09
Subject: Re:

with no concern for their welfare, only their lust for food

15. October 2012, 21:11:03
They moved slowly across the field......

5. October 2011, 06:03:01
Subject: Re: forgot
Mousetrap: :-D

4. October 2011, 00:59:05
Subject: Re: forgot
MelissaMarie: Thought it was you

1. October 2011, 01:22:02
Subject: Re:
MelissaMarie: it's been so long, i had forgotten that i went by "PrincessMia." What a dork i was, lol...I love the stories tho...very fun

1. October 2011, 01:05:51
memories indeed...oh my wow! lol :)

4. September 2010, 18:15:12
Subject: Re: the ole school
Mousetrap:  Yes it does.. the fun we all had.

4. September 2010, 14:33:46
Lets have a reunion

4. September 2010, 14:32:59
Subject: Re: the ole school
ScarletRose: Brings back some good memories.

20. July 2010, 10:18:19
That be it.. 

20. July 2010, 10:02:10


Date: 06/26/03, 21:04

Subject: Down the hall Cathy slams her door!!
Removing her clothes she steps into the shower.. letting the
warm water drizzle onto her face.. slowly trickling over her SOFT skin..


The steam surrounds her.. as the hot water relaxes her..
Smoothing shampoo over her hair, rubbing up the lather..
and slowly rinsing it away.. Oohhhh.. she reaches for the handle.. turning
it off.. and steps out onto the bath towel.. wrapping her hair up snuggly
inside.. grabbing the terri cloth robe hanging on the hook.. she wraps herself
snuggly inside... walks over to the bed.. tucks herself in.. and drifts off to


From: §PrincessMia (royalpatmissy)

Date: 06/26/03, 21:05

Subject: yes,a seance...*still a little dazed*...
u-uhh yes,im ok-thank you B-my room is just 3 doors down...i appreciate you walking with me..



Date: 06/26/03, 21:22

Subject: That's Okay.. I gotta whole Field full.. LOL

|/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/|/|/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/|/ |/ |/ |/ |/





Date: 06/26/03, 21:43

Subject: As she lay sleeping.. Visions of that BIG HUNKY Man known as The STUDD Muffinz.. enters her dreams..

He is stepping into the shower with her.. LOL and helps her lather her hair..
Massaging her scalp.. and working his way to her temples.. His hands feel sooooo
powerful.. So relaxing.. and soooooo secure.. AAwe she moans softly in her
sleep.. hahahaha..
She grabs onto his hands as they caress
her neckline.. the water stimulatingly shoots onto her Bre*sts.. she turns
around to him.. and feels his BBBbbrrRrrrrrInnnnnGGG!!!
BBBBRRRRIiiiiiinnnnnnngggGG!!! Cathy grabs the phone almost dropping it from being so startled!! Erika
softly speaks on the other end.. asking if she is ready to go to the seance..
Half awake.. Cathy nods her head and replies.. YEs.. OH!! SHoOt!! Yes!!! I'll
be right over.. She sets the phone back on the cradle and quickly grabs her
clothes.. buttoning her blouce on the way out the door..

Studd Muffinz Hero At Your Service (itikrrup)
Date: 06/26/03,

22:48 Subject: I can be your hero, baby.

Message: I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.

Would you dance if I
asked you to dance?
Would you run
and never look back?
Would you cry
if you saw me cry?
And would you save my soul, tonight?


From: (raven1111) Date: 06/27/03,
10:39 Subject: Raven knocks on the door of  room 664 Message: she has dressed
appropriately for a seance, in her mid calf length black dress, black pumps and black
stockings. on her neck she wears her amulet to protect her from harm. Most important
of all, in her hair, she wears the anti charm. this charm will work to close the
portal when the time comes. hopefully that will be tonight if all goes well.
I wonder what psychic they got? goddess answers the door and motions
for Raven
to have a seat in the living room. Chief is passing around a
tray with drinks and yummy looking snacks. In the Diningroom, Raven can see, a
large round table has been set up. a low hanging light is positioned over the
center of the table and there are chairs all around the table. There are
candles in muted colors lit all around the room and sitting next to one chair is a
large leather and brass trunk with a shiney gold lock holding the lid in place.......


From: (raven1111) Date: 06/27/03,
10:53 Subject: He can sence the presence of the other one

Message: in the hotel. He wanders from floor to floor stopping briefly at each door to feel if the presence
gets stronger. He has finished the 2nd floor and feels that the aura has
gotten weaker as he goes higher in the hotel. The other one must not be in one
of the rooms, he must be on the ground floor. He returns to the lobby of the
hotel and hears voices and laughter coming from the courtyard at the rear of the
hotel. Could the other one be in there? He moves to the entrance of the court
yard and stands in the doorway.....
Cathy gets up from the table to go
fill her plate up once more, since everyone has pinched her food. As she turns
from the table she glances up at the doorway. A big smile comes over her face and
she begins to wave and yell "OVER HERE, SIT WITH US, WE WERE WONDERING WHEN


From: § (royalpatmissy) Date: 06/27/03, 11:33 Subject: princess turns to B
and once again...

Message: thanks him for walking her to her room..he says,"It was my pleasure!" then he softly kisses her on the cheek &
slowly turns around & starts walking away...princess yells out,"I hope to see you
at the seance!" then she steps into her room & quickly freshens up(worried
she might be late)now then,what shall i wear?


From: Madame Cucumber (oh_me_oh_my)

Date: 06/27/03, 13:28 Subject: Has every arrived?.....
Message: Please be seated and let the seance begin. As you can
see, the ouigi board is placed on the glass table in the middle of the room here.
I ask everyone to be perfectly quiet. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Let's begin....


From:E£vira(PrinCessHarley) Date: 06/27/03,
14:02 Subject: Breathes deep:)
Message: E£vira just love a good séance.....hehehehe...maybe she will find my long lost
man here too...ooops:)she sits down and places her fingers on the ouiji does all the rest of the ppl...some with scared lQQks upon their candle lit
faces...others with wicked smiles screamin for more:)just then the
hantin begins.... Madame Cucumber ask everyone to say these
words together: " spirit, we ask that you commune with us and move among
us."...after a few moments... there is a sudden decrease in room temperature...and a
rapping sound...Madame Cucumber asks.... if you are with us please rap once....


From: § (higgsfam) Date:
06/27/03, 14:05 Subject: Fingers tingling.. Eyes
wide open.. nervous expression on face..
Message: A loud "Rap" comes out of nowhere..

Cathy sits nervously wonderin if she will make it through the evening...


From: (bwildman) Date: 06/27/03,
14:22 Subject: *RAP*
Message: The Wildman knocks again......Come on,people..let me in!!!! Don't you know
Boat Mechanics are always late!!!


From: (raven1111) Date: 06/27/03,
14:22 Subject: An almost inaudible whisper
Message: can be heard high overhead the seance group.
The hair on raven's arms stand straight up and the charm in her hair
begins to get very warm. Raven glances around the table at the faces of the
participants, trying to detect any sign of possible possession by spirts of the
magical world. She sees none yet. The face of The cucumber is contorted and flushed,
she appears to be receiving some type of life force. Raven asks the first
question of t
he force inhabiting the cucumber. "Who are you?"


From: (bwildman) Date: 06/27/03,
14:28 Subject: BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!

Open up!!! Its me..BWILDMAN!!!!


From: (raven1111) Date: 06/27/03,
14:31 Subject: Earlier that the BBQ
Message: He walks over smiling and sits down at the table. Hello everyone. Glad you could join our Event. Has anyone
been over to the Amusment park? I hear the Roller Coaster is exceptionally scary this
year. You all must make a point to get over there. Has any one tried the Clams
Casino on the buffet? I made them myself.... do try them..... Goddess,

Princess, Erika, Raven, chief and Cathy begin to chat about the big event going
on this evening in Goddess's room.
He listens intently. He thinks to
himself, " there are people here who would try to stop my plan, I must
interfere with their little seance game tonight, give them a little thrill, but
through them off the track". He stands and says "Please enjoy yourselves, my
friends. perhaps i will see you later. dont forget to go ride the coaster or even
the Swings, I hear they are a wild ride also" He turns and leaves the
courtyard. A rage begins to develop inside him......


From: § (royalpatmissy) Date: 06/27/03, 14:35

Subject: princess runs down the hall and see's B...
Message: pounding on the door...Im late also,B-how long
have you been here pounding on the door?


From: (raven1111) Date: 06/27/03,
14:35 Subject: Raven removes her fingers from the board
Message: temporarily to go open the door for bwildman. Hurry in son and have a seat the fun is about to
begin. As bwildman walks past her, Raven, gets a cold chill. she watches him walk
to his seat and in the candle light, she sees his aura. What a bright strangly
pulsating aura it is. Could he be the one? she must investigate this
possiblity and keep a close watch on him. Raven sits back in her seat and urges
bwildman to place
his fingers on the board with the others and turns once
more to the cucumber to see if the answer to her question is ready to come out.


From: § (royalpatmissy) Date:
06/27/03, 14:39 Subject: Hey! open up! you  closed the door on me!!!


From: § (higgsfam) Date:
06/27/03, 14:44 Subject: Cathy takes the opportunity to arise from her spot..
Message: relieved to get some normalacy, and answers the door.. Hi Princess.. good to see you
made it..
I believe there is an extra chair over there.. between Chief and Erika..


From: § (royalpatmissy) Date:
06/27/03, 14:50 Subject: oh,great! thanks
cathy...princess walks in...

Message: and takes her spot...sorry im late,she says softly...


From: § (AngelKisses) Date:
06/27/03, 14:52 Subject: omg!!!
Angel is soo scared she lQQks at Madame Cucumber whose
eyes r now rollin back in her head...she wants to jump up and run...but cant she
is frozen in fear...she glances at Bwildman who has a big smile on his
face...he doesnt seem to b scared at all...maybe he knows something we
dont...Angel wonders what it could b...hopin it all will come out soon so she
can get a strong drink, Angel concentrates hard on the spirit which seems to b
within Madame Cucumber ...just then Madame Cucumber rises from her seat...mouth
wide open tryin to talk...noises r comin out....what is it she is tryin to say????????????


From: (oh_me_oh_my) Date:
06/27/03, 15:01 Subject: PPPPPPAaaaaaa
Message: PPPPPPPPAaaaaaaTttt!!!!

Chhhhuuuu!! emerges in a more than silent room, from the lips of Madame Cucumber.

And just as quickly as the spirit came through her body. It quickly left.

Passing over to Angels body. Her eyes suddenly looked as
though fire were burning. Her mouth twisted open, arms flinging, hips a shakin..
She rose to the center point of the table.. Hoovering over it.

I  WANT REVENGE!!!! quickly shot out of her mouth in a deep angered voice..

Angle trembled in fear as the spirit enclosed her being.. Unable to control its overpowering nature...


From: (bwildman) Date: 06/27/03,
15:08 Subject: Having never been to a seance before..
Message: the Wildman is slightly

bewildered at the ongoing events.  The table is now full,with everyone holdin
hands.The room rocks back and forth with the eeirie light illuminating from the
candles.  The crazy looking lady...wearing what appears to be..mod style
wallpaper,for a dress and a towel of some kind,wrapped around her
jerking back and forth like 440 volts is charging through her nervous system....
ddenly...something touchs his leg...then something else
touchs the other!Always calm in the face of danger...the Wildman remains
calm,and waits to see what happens next.


From: (PrinCessHarley) Date:
06/27/03, 15:10 Subject: Just as E£vira is about....
Message: to speak...something starts comin out of Angel's is a whitish gray colored is hoverin above the heads
of all the participants at the sé swoops down
lower...maybe to get a better lQQk or searchin for
something...someone???Poor Angel is collapsed on the t
able...the room is gettin quite chilly
now...E£vira wishes she had wore more clothes:)she wonders if this being
is good or evil....who is it after...she thinks back to a time long ago...had
she done anything to piss off any spirits...evil or good...she hopes not;)


From: § (higgsfam) Date:
06/27/03, 15:23 Subject: My nails dig deeply into
Bwildmans leg.. 
Message: from the tenseness of the Seance.. Not realizing I am squeezing as hard as I am..

Seeing Angel float about the table and stuff coming from her mouth..

She thinks.. Hmmm Pat Chu..?? Is Pat Chu trying to get revenge?? Or is Pat Chu the

OH mY!!!

In her excitement.. Cathy's hand  runs lightly up Bwildmans leg.. before placing it back in her own lap..


From: § (royalpatmissy) Date: 06/27/03, 20:05

Subject: shaking like a leaf after seeing...
Message: Angel floating over the table,and madame cucumber freaking out,princess jumps up & runs to
sit next to B,almost sitting right on top of him-he'll keep me safe,she thinks to
herself...B puts his arm around princess and says,"dont worry,i wont let
anything happen to you"wow! you really are trembling!princess starts to
feel a little more
secure now-thanks B,she says...


From: § (higgsfam) Date:
06/28/03, 11:00 Subject: Would you mind getting off of me, Princess??
Message: I can barely breathe as it is, Cathy adds.

This is getting to be too much.. as she pushes Princess off and stands to leave..

I need to get some rest so I can hit the Grand Opening later.. she states as she heads towards the door..



From: (oh_me_oh_my) Date:
06/28/03, 13:04 Subject: Crackle! Boom!! BANG!!!
Lightening struck next to the window suddenly
Message: just as Cathy tried to walk out the door.. She stood frozen with a look of terror in her eyes..

Madame Cucumber immediately asks the spirit.. "Are you Pat Chu?, Please give us a sign if you are?" Silence
filled the room.

As Angel lies upon the table the spirit swooped from her and immediately jumped back into Madame Cucumber.. Steam rolled from her
lips, eyes brightly shone fire.. as her body started to illuminate in the nearly darkened room.
NO!! Came the words.. I have a cold.. I am Patrick Smithenbaulker.. I
NEED the SYMBOL!!! Worn in the pocket of .... the spirit started to fade out..
Cathy stood quietly, letting her hand move to her back pocket of her jeans..
OMG! she thought, could it be my unicorn he is after? She again turns to walk
out, only stopped again with another crash of lightening..

Not knowing what to do she steps back in the room. Madame Cucumber motions
for her to return to her seat.. Shakingly she abides.


From: § (Erika) Date:
06/28/03, 13:42 Subject: *Erika sits silently in

20. July 2010, 09:38:48


Date: 06/26/03, 11:55

Subject: So perhaps you suggests a Seance.. Hmmm.. I remember seeing a
Ouiji Board in the gift shop window in the Hotel lobby.. it was a rather fancy one, Cathy states in a matter of fact
way... like a home made one, she concludes.. Hmmm.. ?? This is eerie... and spooky..
But I am up for it, Cathy goes on.. I am ready for any challenge.. or obstacle
that comes my way!!.. *looking around the table*.. (getting a bit sentimental
as well).. cause I want to rid this terror before it hurts any one of my
friends.. *sniff*.. I need another Long Island Miss.. Cathy softly suggests to
the barmaid.. Oh!! And a shot of Cuevo Gold.. with a wedge of lime..
UMmmmmmm these Ribs look delish!! (she picks one up and
starts to nibble..)


of Oak and Thunder

Date: 06/26/03, 14:02

Subject: Cathy, that's a great idea.......
....the seance, I mean (not the ribs or the tea lol) But be very cautious. All it takes is for one member of the circle to open the
evil floodgates. Then we'll have even more serious problems! All those in the circle must be pure of thought and conscience at the time of the seance. I
really don't want to have to clean up after so
meones carelessness. Remember
that incident at Cucumber Creek? Sheesh, what a mess!


From:Paranoia Promoter

Date: 06/26/03, 14:12

Subject: Cathy have you ever had

Trantula Azule? it is the best tasting Tequilla ive ever had. much smoother than cuervo. has a little
citrus flavor to it. goes down nice.


From:Paranoia Promoter

Date: 06/26/03, 14:16

Subject: Madame Goddess the great southern psycic<span> When will you conduct the seance? tonight after the bbq? I know
you are staying in room 664, so that would be the ideal place to conduct it, close to the portal.
I went to confession this morning, so i am good to go! I will just sit here and stuff my face off cathy's plate and be good
until it is time. lol



Date: 06/26/03, 19:00

Subject: Cathy finishes her ribs.. and stabs a bit at the potatoe salad.. Noticing the brownies that Erika
has piled on her  plate.. she quickly diverts Erika's attention to the man walking past
the pool.. a quickly grabs 3 of the brownies off the plate hoping they go
unnoticed.. and slips both Raven and Princess each a chocolate treat.. :D..

After secretly eating it.. she lights up a smoke.. Inhales... and takes a sip
of the Long Island that is a bit watered down.. Well.. I guess I should run up
to my room.. and get prepared for the meeting tonight.. Shall I meet you there

Goddess.. say.. around.. 9 ish.. ?? 
Slipping on to the
elevator.. she awaits the doors to open to her floor.. stepping out.. she runs into the
arms of....Whoa!! There you are.. when did you get here??



Date: 06/26/03, 19:07

Subject: Hey!!!.. Who took my brownies?..
Message: Dumb question, i know who took them! (See if i EVER share my
baby carrots with her again!) (LOL)

Erika politely inquires as to why we're having a seance, when we haven't even had a
chance to ride the coasters yet? I WANNA RIDE!!! (okay, i feel better now.) :)


From: §PrincessMia (royalpatmissy)

Date: 06/26/03, 19:09

Subject: I should go get prepared also...
I love seances...kinda spooky though..the ribs were delicious! and so was that "chocolate
treat"-hehe...ok,so i'll see everyone in a bit! princess gets up & heads toward her room...


|/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/ |/





Date: 06/26/03, 20:36

Subject: Well I still dont see any additional directions on this
invitatation...I might as well go on down and see who's here.
As he steps out of his hotel room and rounds the corner to go down
stairs..the Wildman runs smack into Princess..knocking her flat on her
OMG ! Princess!! Please excuse me!! Here let me help
you up!!



Date: 06/26/03, 20:48

Subject: *CrUnCh~cRuNcH* (pardon.. I am eating baby carrots)
What str~CrUnCh~cRuNcH~uctions you need there B??

Seance is tonight.. *CrUnCh~cRuNcH~CrUnCh~cRuNcH*, and IYT Town Amusement Park Grand Opening
is Tomorrow..

Hope to see you at the Seance.. I see you are busy though.. ahem..

Do behAve!! *CrUnCh~cRuNcH~CrUnCh~cRuNcH*



Date: 06/26/03, 20:42

Subject: *CrUnCh~cRuNcH~CrUnCh~cRuNcH~CrUnCh~cRuNcH*
Sorry couldn't hear ya

Did you say something like.. Jumping RW's Bonez..?

Oh.. I got it.. Does RW have Stones?? as in Kidney Stones??



From: §PrincessMia (royalpatmissy)

Date: 06/26/03, 20:50

Subject: thats quite alright,reaching for....
his hand,as he pulls her up...i was just on my way to my room to change...we're going to have
a seance in cochise & goddesses room-will you be joining us?<still half
dazed from being knocked on her tush>...hey,i can see little birdies flying
around my head...



Date: 06/26/03, 20:56

Subject: Seance????
Princess are you sure your alright?  Wheres your room...maybe I should help you there.Do you need a Doctor?



Date: 06/26/03, 21:01

Subject: LQQK what i found..

|| | Baby Carrots |||'""|""__,_
I_____________ l ||__|__|___|)

Mine, all mine!


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