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rabbitoid - Brain Pawn, 65 Brains, 775 achievement points
Total score: 2474 wins, 280 draws, 890 losses, 92 won tournaments

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First login:8. November 2002, 07:56:36
Last action:30. March 2024, 10:54:31 - viewing profile (Fencer)
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Description:Aug 6, 2023
Paid BK a short visit during a too quiet period on Goldtoken. Played some invite games plus one tournament.
So gone again. See you here again in a week or 3 years... or never. I don't know. In the meanwhile I'm to be found on GT.
I check in every month or so, mostly to read the boards to see if there are some juicy insults. I'm also curious to see if Play Cloning Gammon for a prize. will ever finish.

Early 2020, written after the passing of my friend alexlee:
I'm winding down my BK activity. My interest in this site matches that of the owner: close to freezing point. Pity, it was a good site and still has a lot of potential, but...

So: No new games, tourneys, invites, thank you.

For the curious:

'rabbitoid' was my favorite race in the old conquer-the-galaxy game 'stars!'. any fans arround, yet?

here's a link to the race descriptions in that game.
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