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17. July 2023, 10:37:31
Subject: Re: 100 Public Votes! Yes, that would be cool if I weren't so busy with my other projects. But maybe some of them will have achievements too.

16. July 2023, 19:56:49 
Subject: Re: 100 Public Votes!
Fencer: So now you can create the "vote in 200 public votes" Achievement, and maybe in about 2045 I can hit that goal!

16. July 2023, 17:41:56
Subject: Re: 100 Public Votes! That's really ... nice.

16. July 2023, 17:16:32 
Subject: 100 Public Votes!
And congrats to Dr Gideon Fell for also hitting 100 votes, and voting in every single public poll on BrainKing!

16. July 2023, 09:27:02
Subject: Re: 100 public votes! I still need a few, so was pleased to see a few more. :D

16. July 2023, 06:33:01
cd power 
Subject: Re: 100 public votes! congrats! Please make another flurry of polls… I need 7 more!

15. July 2023, 23:09:14
Subject: Re: 100 public votes!  well done, I need 4 more to hit 100  

15. July 2023, 21:22:44
Subject: Re: 100 public votes! Amusingly, the same poll got me the achievement for 50 public votes.

15. July 2023, 21:09:38 
Subject: 100 public votes!
The first.. the only..... 100 public votes!

27. February 2019, 03:47:14
cd power 
Subject: Re: Not working
Nothingness: there are some achievements that have stopped working or stopped calculating altogether. I brought it up many years ago and have since accepted that the bugs won’t be fixed. Most achievements still work fine.

27. February 2019, 03:08:43
Subject: Not working
so I looked through my achievements and have found at least 3 that I never got credit for. Most recently one last week in an espionage game. Specifically rear of secrets an espionage avchievement.

23. February 2019, 23:21:05
Subject: Re:
Nothingness: it is still active....I got an achievement a couple days ago

23. February 2019, 14:32:14
I'm guessing this feature is no longer active?? Bc there are numerous achievements i never got credit for.

30. January 2015, 01:53:15
Subject: Re:
1. Yes "darker" ones are ones you haven't gotten. As you said
2. The different colored "cups" are just levels. It appears that 20 achievement points and under are "bronze". 25 up to some other limit is "silver" cup, and the higher ones are "gold". (Or whatever the colors actually are)
3. You only achieve an achievement once.

29. January 2015, 23:03:36
ok I have tried to find an answer on my own on the I will have to ask.
can we get some clarification on what the different colours mean on achievements.
I knowe blacked out means you have not recieved this achievement.
but some are silver & some gold.
is there anything recieved if you get an acheivement numerous times?

31. May 2013, 11:58:37
Subject: Impossible
To get the achievement for points at all fields in a triple dice poker 6D game as if you ever get close the opponents just resign, so frustrating.

25. July 2012, 16:57:36
Subject: Re: ?
cd power: It is a known bug. When I have some time, I will write a script that would fix these achievements on a regular basis.

25. July 2012, 16:13:16
cd power 
Subject: ?
Can anyone tell me the difference between these two tournament achievements:

"10 won tournaments of 50 game types" = win 10 public tournaments in 50 games

"10 won tournaments of 100 game types" = win 10 public tournaments in 100 games

The difference seems obvious, in that the second one, you need to win 10 tourneys in an additional 50 game types. However, on my achievements page, I have 49/50 for the first one, and 7/100 for the second one. Shouldn't these be the same number (the second one should be 49/100)??

29. March 2012, 17:39:04
Subject: Re: Team tournament counter not working?
cd power: I'll try to run a script to fix it. Sooner or later.

29. March 2012, 17:30:48
cd power 
Subject: Team tournament counter not working?
I have been stuck on 17/25 for the "25x Team Tournament Winner" achievement for a long time. 24 hours ago, we won this tournament, May 2011 Embassy Chess , but it still hasn't added to my total... it should now be 18/25. Any ideas?

9. February 2012, 17:59:14
Subject: Where is the fun in that?
anybody else notice that 2 players from one country seem to get the same achievement almost simultaneously? I don't see how the sense of 'achievement' is felt there to be honest.

30. December 2011, 09:55:41
El Cid 
Subject: Re: Vacation days
Fencer: Just add a minimum number of played games or moves (just in case someone likes to have 100 anti-backgammon games and finishes none) to win it

30. December 2011, 09:53:44
Subject: Re: Vacation days
El Cid: It would be quite easy for users that play just 1 or none at all games during the year.

30. December 2011, 00:27:50
El Cid 
Subject: Vacation days
It has been suggested before (even if it was as a joke...). Why not an achievement for not spending an hour of vacation (with auto-vacation mode on) during the whole year, or if it's easier to "achieve" don't lose a game by timeout during a year

11. November 2011, 22:38:29
Subject: Re:
joshi tm: Well, whenever you have to click, it's not the Autopass :)

10. November 2011, 16:40:11
joshi tm 
Subject: Re:
Modified by joshi tm (10. November 2011, 16:41:06)
Gror: The funny thing is, I earned the achievement, I think for a game WITH auto pass ;)

In this game, Kloongammon (goseji - joshi tm) my opponent has the doubling cube, so he always has a move - double or not -, 10 times he rolled the dice and failed to move out, and I earned my 10 Achievement points ;) Apperantly the system counts rolling the dice or doubling as a move, so even in an Autopass game you can win the achievement :D

9. November 2011, 21:57:38
Subject: Re:
Modified by Gror (9. November 2011, 21:58:06)
joshi tm: Fencer doesn't like the Autopass option at all

9. November 2011, 17:20:07
joshi tm 
Why, has Auto-pass to be set off to earn the Stick Around Achievement?

20. June 2011, 01:07:40
Subject: Re: some crazy shizz, happy 110th b-day lighbulb
The Col: Amazing!

20. June 2011, 00:00:06
The Col 
Subject: some crazy shizz, happy 110th b-day lighbulb
Modified by The Col (20. June 2011, 00:03:11)

6. May 2011, 07:41:53
Subject: Re: Top mover
: Thanks

5. May 2011, 21:37:44
Subject: Top mover
Yesterday I was top mover
It shoud by my #57, but on my achievements still #56

27. March 2011, 17:38:45
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re:
Gror: Thanks

27. March 2011, 11:40:19
Subject: Re:
Universal Eyes: You must ask Fencer personally ... I guess these things came to pass before the Achievements acion...

27. March 2011, 01:29:40
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re: I still haven't received recognition for these achievements.

Captured pawn
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6. February 2011, 03:03:18
Subject: Re: Thanks. I thought I read something like that a year or so ago.

6. February 2011, 01:01:53 
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: It also depends on how you got the black rook I believe - I know I don't have that achievement since I took advantage of the "1/2" price deal, which is not in the database the same as a true black rook... or something like that. I think it was discussed in this board awhile back.

5. February 2011, 23:12:49
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: If you don't have some bonuses from the Achievements, post a message to Fencer directly. He answers pretty fast

5. February 2011, 19:46:06
Does anyone know when the achievement bonus begun? I have so many I have achieved without the bonus like the Lifetime dedication or the Black Rook that has a 50 point bonus. I see other Black Rooks have the bonus. I think we go a few years back, but this achievement was in the past year.

4. February 2011, 12:13:38
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: In dice Chess games
GT: Sound cool, but that can't be much points because that happens pretty often.

4. February 2011, 05:21:14
Subject: In dice Chess games
maybe there could be an achievement for when a King kills his intended assassin

29. January 2011, 11:41:54
joshi tm 
Subject: Why...
...there's still no achievements like: Aquire 2000 poker chips, aquire 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000, 1000000, etc.?

20. January 2011, 15:52:38
Subject: X won tournaments of x game types
2/10 Win 100 public tournaments in 10 games -> should be 3/10 (Connect6, Five in line, Pente)
9/50 Win 50 public tournaments in 50 games -> should be 15/10 (Connect6, Line4, Dice Chess, Five in line, Pro FiL, Swap FiL, Keryo Pente, Open Keryo Pente, Open Pente, Linetris, Small Keryo Pente, Small Pente, Spider Line4, Pente, Spider Linetris)

These are preliminary calculations.

15. January 2011, 21:54:09 
Subject: Re: Win 1 public tournament in 100 games.
aaru: OK - I did a quick run through - just trying to figure out where the difference comes from.... ???

15. January 2011, 21:34:38
Subject: Re: Win 1 public tournament in 100 games. Most of them are elimination tournaments.

15. January 2011, 17:02:23 
Subject: Re: Win 1 public tournament in 100 games.
aaru: Do you happen to know how many of those games public tournament wins are just elimination tournaments?

I'm just curious if maybe Fencer never programmed it to count those towards the goal.

15. January 2011, 11:00:40
Subject: Re: Win 1 public tournament in 100 games.
rod03801: for example:

1 Alquerque New Year
2 Amazons Pat a Mat (10. May 2010, 11:25:21)
3 Ambiguous Chess Give us a chance chess tourney
4 AntiLine4 Anti Line4
5 AntiFroglet Friday 4 player elimination #169
6 AntiReversi Friday 4 player elimination #153
7 AntiBackgammon 2000 ;)
8 AntiCheckers Friday 4 player elimination #169
9 Assimilation Kiwiyeti Birthday Bash 2010 Elimination
10 Ataxx 2000 ;)
11 Backgammon Race DeaD Man's GaMeS
12 Behemoth Chess All Games single elimination 3 prizes for brains.
13 Big Jungle Friday 4 player elimination #156
14 Cam Friday 4 player elimination #153
15 Camelot Pedestrian's 38½ Birthday
16 Cheshire Cat Chess Friday 4 player elimination #114
17 Cheshire Cat Lines of Action 2100 ;)
18 Cheversi 16000 :D
19 Ludo DeaD Man's GaMeS
20 Dark Battleboats quickie
21 Cloning Backgammon Blazing fast games 2
22 Connect6 mini elimination tournament #10
23 Crazy Screen Chess Friday 4 Player Elimination #42
24 Crowded Backgammon DeaD Man's GaMeS
25 Line4 15000 :D
26 Dameo Brain King 2010
27 Dark Chess Give us a chance chess tourney
28 Dice Chess Remembrance Tournament
29 Dice Chess 10x10 Estonian Republic 92 years
30 Dice Poker Remembrance Tournament
31 Dice Poker 6D Apríl II
32 Jungle Pat a Mat (10. May 2010, 11:25:21)
34 Fevga Blazing fast games 2
35 Frog Finder DeaD Man's GaMeS
36 Froglet Friday 4 player elimination #169
37 Go 9x9 Friday 4 player elimination #121
38 Five in Line Už mám 900!!!
39 Pro Five in Line 14000 :D
40 Swap Five in Line All games; 5 players; fast start. #68
41 Grasshopper Friday 4 player elimination #149
43 Halma 8x8 Kiwiyeti Birthday Bash 2010 Elimination
44 Hasami Shogi Pat a Mat (10. May 2010, 11:25:21)
45 Hyper Backgammon 17000 :D
46 Jarmo 2100 ;)
47 Keryo Pente Spring Coming
48 Open Keryo Pente All the games - All the time #270
49 Open Pente 2000 ;)
50 Knight Fight 17000 :D
51 Lines of Action Love Lines?
52 Linetris 2100 ;)
53 Logik DeaD Man's GaMeS
54 Maharajah Chess Friday 4 player elimination #157
55 Mancala 2100 ;)
56 Massacre Chess 15000 :D
57 Small Keryo Pente All the games - All the time #270
58 Small Pente Už mám 900!!!
59 Minishogi Friday 4 player elimination #122
60 Nackgammon Blazing fast games 2
61 PahTum 2100 ;)
62 Spider Line4 2100 ;)
63 Parachute Checkers Friday 4 Player Elimination #42
64 Parachute Lines of Action 17000 :D
65 Pente Apríl II
66 Plakato Blazing fast games 2
67 Breakthrough Friday 4 player elimination #156
68 Racing Kings Give us a chance chess tourney
69 Reversi 10x10 Friday 4 player elimination #150
70 Reversi 6x6 14000 :D
71 Reversi 8x8 Estonian Republic 92 years
72 Round around the pond Give him an evasive answer.
73 Round in the dark dash in the dark
74 Scrambled Eggs Love Lines?
75 Screen Chess Friday 4 player elimination #121
76 Sphere Froglet Friday 4 player elimination #163
77 Japanese Chess Friday 4 Player Elimination #43
78 Small Espionage Friday 4 player elimination #121
79 Spider Linetris Love Lines?
80 Battleboats Blazing fast games
81 Battleboats Plus Remembrance Tournament
82 Cylindric Chess Friday 4 player elimination #114
83 Tabult Friday 4 player elimination #161
84 Tank Battle Friday 4 player elimination #126
85 Thai Checkers Friday 4 Player Elimination #42
86 Triple Dice Poker quickie
87 Triple Dice Poker 6D 17000 :D
88 Backgammon brains tourney
89 Checkers Friday 4 player elimination #126
90 Czech checkers "GERRYS Frist 5 ALL GAMES
91 Gothic checkers Friday 4 player elimination #121
92 Hawaiian checkers 14000 :D
93 Turkish checkers Friday 4 player elimination #157
94 Italian checkers Friday 4 player elimination #121
95 Frog legs 15000 :D

15. January 2011, 09:38:13
Subject: Re: Win 1 public tournament in 100 games.
rod03801: 99%
Everyone can make mistakes;)

14. January 2011, 18:03:37
Subject: Re: Win 1 public tournament in 100 games.
aaru: You have played and won so many tournaments, it would be hard for most of us to double check for you!

I guess I would just ask, are you sure they were all "public tournaments". From my understanding, won "fellowship tournaments" would not count toward this total.

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