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4. January 2023, 12:15:30
monty bridge 
A proposes a double
B declines 1-0
B accepts, A wins 2-0
B accepts, B wins 0-2
B accepts, draw 0-2
B accepts and redoubles, A wins 4-0
B accepts and redoubles, B wins 0-4
B accepts and redoubles, draw 2-2

4. January 2023, 12:07:07
monty bridge 
Subject: Logik ... with a cube
Apologies if something like this has been suggested: logik but with a backgammon doubling cube.

Players play to a certain number of points - a point a game.
Either player (say player A) has the option of doubling before a move.
If accepted points are doubled, but player B also wins the points if it's a draw.
If player B accepts (and is confident!) he can immediately redouble but in this case points are shared if it's a draw


18. November 2022, 10:48:22
Subject: Re: Duck Chess
yes but it has to move each time.
This gives an incredible boost of strategic and tactic possibilities, and since at every turn there are more than 600 different moves (regular move + duck move combined), it's quite impossible to make a decent competitive engine.

18. November 2022, 10:40:56
Subject: Re: Duck Chess
It jumps freely to any empty square, but it cannot stay on the same square after each move.

17. November 2022, 19:20:48
Subject: Re: Duck Chess
My understanding is you move the Duck yourself to any original & empty square

17. November 2022, 18:16:10
Subject: Re: Duck Chess
ScaryMonster: Thank you. But how does the duck move? Can it jump to any empty square?

17. November 2022, 16:59:39
Subject: Re: Duck Chess

The duck is a brick - pieces cannot move through the square occupied by the duck. However, knights can jump over the duck. Each player’s turn has 2 steps: After moving a piece, the duck must be moved to a different and empty square. There is no check or checkmate. Capture the opponent’s king to win. (Invented by Dr Tim Paulden.)

17. November 2022, 15:28:27
Subject: Re: Duck Chess
ScaryMonster: I can't find the rules for duck chess.

16. November 2022, 22:58:51
Subject: Duck Chess
This new variant is going viral on, I think this game is very deep, fun and simple at the same time, as just one brick piece "the duck" has to be added and moved every turn, to standard chess.
I'd like to see it in Brainking too!

6. November 2022, 13:42:50
Добрый день! Кому обратиться на счет статуса?

14. October 2022, 15:49:16
Subject: Re:
Modified by Aganju (14. October 2022, 15:50:39)
pgt: not sure if the definition of 'unrated' includes 'provisional ratings' - could be be unrated means 'not even provisional rating'. Anyway, here are some options:
- the player might have had a higher rating when they signed up (most probable)
- there are bugs in the code that allow people to bypass the limitations if they care to hack it
- when you explicitly invite players, that could override the limittations

14. October 2022, 09:24:26
How is it that I set up game with "Include unrated players" un-ticked, and I specify >2200 rating points, that I can get an unrated player with a provisional rating of 2015 accepting the invitation.
Is there another place where I should put this?

11. October 2022, 15:44:03
Subject: The way draws are offered now sucks
People who don't check their events aren't even going to know one was offered and the person offering it has to constantly ignore the game every time they log on.

17. June 2022, 11:30:23
Modified by pgt (18. June 2022, 00:31:45)
Border C Rule: I propose that anybody who has had to changed their identity on Brainking should be banned from posting - although I'm SURE it won't happen (worse luck!).

They should also be banned from sending pathetic personal messages.

16. June 2022, 14:46:45
Border C Rule 

although it wont happen i second th proposal

a perfect solution

15. June 2022, 18:12:14
that a minimum games played limit be set before you can post on the forums. Thanx

24. December 2021, 14:18:54
Subject: Auto move
I think, it'd be great, if we had such feature for whenever there is a forced move. We have auto pass for backgammon and it works fine. Why not extend it?

16. September 2021, 06:01:56
Subject: Computer analysis
I am hopeful that there will computer analysis of games so that one may learn where one went wrong.I don't trust my own analysis or that of any man or woman.We live in the age of machines.

16. March 2021, 01:06:44

Turns out I am correct. an (X) number of games match is the total number of games ...IMHO the match should end when one player can no longer win or tie the match. SO THERE!

7. March 2021, 21:49:59

I now see the errors of my ways. Thanx.

7. March 2021, 06:43:30
ketchuplover: in a 10-point match, NO. You need ten points to win a 10-point match.

In a 10-games match, YES, agreed.

I found game 8638385, which is a 10-point match. Which one is going wrong?

6. March 2021, 21:27:11
In a 10 point or 10 game match the match should end as soon as one side scores at least 5.5 points or doesn't occur in my matches

6. March 2021, 17:43:06
Subject: Pawns Rule Chess Variant
Should be easy to implemnt:

1) Pawns have a 3 square first rule option and can move two or attack 2 thereafter.

2) Upon reaching the other side they can promote regularly, become a Reverse Pawn and move the opposite way down the board, or become a second King.

3) If a player has a second King they can move either on into check if desired or move another piece while in check.

6. March 2021, 05:12:26
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (6. March 2021, 05:14:18)
Aganju: I'm not the biggest proponent for auto pass for Ludo, but I think it has been shown that this argument isn't huge. We already have it for backgammon, and it seems to work well. So it seems like it might be appropriate for Ludo too.

I agree with what you point out though.

5. March 2021, 22:38:44
ketchuplover: can you explain that what you mean? As far as I understand, that is implemented.

5. March 2021, 19:39:36
the match should conclude when one player can no longer win or tie the match. Please implement asap tyvm

5. March 2021, 01:26:19
Subject: Re:
Carnie: i think this was asked before (I'm all for it!)
One of the issues that was brought up was that you might come back to a game that you don't recognize because it could have moved twenty or thirty times (while you were trying for a roll you can move).

4. March 2021, 20:15:21
Subject: Re:
So let it be posted. So let it be done

30. September 2020, 20:12:01
Subject: Re: Seirawn Chess?
cpaul_d2004: - I see rules. Interesting, but Fencer have finished to develop this site.

30. September 2020, 18:37:48
Subject: Seirawn Chess?
Could you please add Seirawan Chess? It's a great game, played on an 8 by 8 board but adding an Archbishop and Marshall.

6. February 2020, 13:47:42
Subject: Re:
P-G: That sounds very interesting. I for one would like to try that..:}

5. February 2020, 17:37:51
I dream  for an «embassy loop» and a «Grand chess loop» respecting the Shogi drop rule. That say not droping a pawn if that doubles the pawn on a column.

I think we then will reach the highest complexity in chess.

5. February 2020, 05:04:45
Subject: Re:
Aganju: I wish I had known that. Thanks for the info!

5. February 2020, 00:58:51
Subject: Re:
pgt: you can always resign them, even if it is not your turn. If less than two moves were played, they do not count for rating.

4. February 2020, 22:59:53
I put up 6 invitations to play Backgammon, with the message "Please do not accept more than 2 games" (I like to play a variety of opponents, who might have different active time-of-day). One player then accepted all 6 games, despite my message. Is there some way to cancel some of these games? The player in question does not reply to any messages, not even to apologise for accepting all 6 games, even when I have translated the messages to his own language. (Needless to say he/she has now been added to my "blocked user" list, so it won't happen again, but I'd love to be able to just delete the unwanted games.)

19. January 2020, 15:39:26
Hi again ketchuplover.

Filip as comfirmed "sound" doesn't work, except maybe in Poker.

By the way I could not ùy login Brainking nor in Google nor in Microsoft Edge.

19. January 2020, 10:07:24
Thank you ketchuplover for your suggestions, I will try to use Google after I retrieve my password for Brainking.

18. January 2020, 19:41:39
Subject: Re: Sound.

1. Make sure your device's volume is high enough
2. Try other browsers if you can
3. Update your sound driver/card
4. good luck

18. January 2020, 17:03:02
Subject: Sound.
I had check on the "sound" for a while but never hear it. Exist it a solution?
Paul aka P-G.

7. January 2020, 12:44:58
Subject: Is it a "sandbag" board?
I wish to make test move (like thinking with my fingers) when seeing my positions.
I would be a little surprised, if it don't exist but I can't find out even if I try the all menu on the left hand.

Could someone help me, please?

21. November 2019, 12:36:34
I am playing in a tournament where one section is finished, and the other section, where there is already a winner, has two games which looks like they could take another year or more to finish at the current rate. Now I might not live that long, which will drag out the tournament another three years as everybody waits for ME to move. Is there SOME way to get a tournament moving when the players who are holding it up have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF MOVING TO THE NEXT ROUND! This is sooooooo frustrating and totally unnecessary!

14. July 2019, 23:55:46
Subject: relay chess
We do have knight relay chess I see but not relay chess.
That is any piece inclu. the king that is protected by another piece
can move either as the piece protecting it or use it own moves.

small example from the beginning position the knights both can move as rooks or as knights.

9. June 2019, 08:30:56
Subject: About scoring rule of Go.
There are two general types of scoring system of Go.

Area scoring (including Chinese): A player's score is the number of stones that the player has on the board, plus the number of empty intersections surrounded by that player's stones.
Territory scoring (including Japanese and Korean): In the course of the game, each player retains the stones they capture, termed prisoners. Any dead stones removed at the end of the game become prisoners. The score is the number of empty points enclosed by a player's stones, plus the number of prisoners captured by that player.


I want to use Area scoring in
Because area scoring is understandable for beginners.

If there is disagreement about which stones are dead, then under area scoring rules, the players simply resume play to resolve the matter. The score is computed using the position after the next time the players pass consecutively. Under territory scoring, the rules are considerably more complex.

Please take into consideration.

18. May 2019, 11:48:14
Subject: Re: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.

I guess a divorce might be a more certain way.

18. May 2019, 11:40:03
Subject: Re: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.
ughaibu: Probably not a bad idea if that would improve your concentration

18. May 2019, 11:35:57
Subject: Re: Confirmation for accepting rejecting doubles.

Perhaps I should request that brain rooks can be traded for several brain knight memberships.

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