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Border C Rule - Brain Pawn, 50 Brains, 115 achievement points
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My hope is for close games regardless who wins. I will always offer a greeting at the start of a game and believe those who don't return my greeting are not nice and show a low sporting ethos. So nice works best. Unlike the majority of the human race I don't claim to be perfect.

I have a huge dislike for cheating on any level. I have pointed this out with regard to Hazza who has two accounts (Peach Wine and heavenrose) and Charity who has had numerous accounts over the years (currently Cool1cat and rose78), and also enabled hazza to cheat by giving him the heavenrose account.

Since my comments i now find I have antagonized another person who has created another Peach Wine account (pawn at present) and a copy of my account (currently called Nice Works) complete with the first paragraph of my profile. I changed my name to Nice Works Best to distinguish between myself and the cheat.

This person now has at least four accounts comprising of (Peach Wine {pawn edition) Nice Works, BrainKingPolice Interrestingly established in 2013), and one other. While i have narrowed it down to one of two people, i'm not sure which (or care for that matter), but in addition they also spent money to sponsor hazza and charitys four accounts all on the same day lol (more money than sense, but obviously condoning cheating on this site)

to verify look at the dates these accounts commenced.

I do feel sorry for this person who is obviously become very bitter and twisted with me for some reason. I would prefer they show some backbone and explain their issue with me ...... but that is their choice if they don't continue with cowardice and deceit aa a way of life.

Saying that, while the attention is both flattering and undeserved, their belief cheating is ok on this site due to not being policed, is unfortunate and will no doubt continue.

As stated, while far form perfect, i am happy with my actions and will openly explain them and admire those with the courage to do the same .

Take care, human nature is a fickle thing.
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