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27. July 2023, 10:53:55
Subject: Re: Autopass
Modified by pgt (27. July 2023, 10:55:37)
AlliumCepa: You poor soul. If you think the comments I previously made were "cruel comments", you are so wrong. I made light-hearted comments which I am assuming were interpreted as such by more intelligent followers of this discussion thread. Look back to 2008 (I think), when I first made comments about the inadequacy of the auto-pass feature installed on Brainking. I actually don't give a (xxxx) what's implemented on other sites - this discussion board is about what's implemented on BRAINKING. So keep to the point. What's implemented on Brainking is inadequate, has been for at least 15 years, and we all know that it's not going to change. But we stay here because most of us like this site, and the friendliness of (most of) our intelligent opponents, like moistfinger and Dice Cheater
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