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Welcome to the Diet Board. This is the place for anyone wanting advice, support or just to meet other people trying to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight too!

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18. July 2022, 21:35:59
Subject: Re:

18. July 2022, 20:38:36
I recommend a spam free diet

26. November 2017, 14:40:25
Subject: Re:

My what a big eye you have

25. November 2017, 18:55:12
Subject: Re:
Modified by ketchuplover (26. November 2017, 14:37:54)

Not everyone

4. February 2014, 00:26:46
what type of diet are you going to go on I went on a really good diet previously given to me by a the heart doctor.  It worked really well

3. February 2014, 21:47:04
Subject: Re: Weight loss
You go girl !! and belated happy 9th anniversary here

3. February 2014, 18:26:05
Subject: Re: Weight loss
crosseyed: that is great I really wish I could do that,

28. August 2012, 15:05:13
Subject: Re: Weight loss
Amandakmg365:   zumba is very popular here, you really get a work out from it

24. August 2012, 20:03:02
Subject: Weight loss
An internet friend lost at least 100 pounds doing Zumba. Has anyone here tried it yet?

24. August 2012, 20:02:07
Subject: Supplement
Has anyone in here tried using raspberry ketones yet? They claim that it works very well. They also say that if you use the pure form that there is no side effects from it unless you are allergic to raspberries. I heard about it from watching the Dr. Oz show.

13. October 2010, 02:08:35
The Col 
Subject: Re:

6. October 2010, 00:31:13
The Col 
Anybody hear use, or heard of PGX DAILY?

3. January 2010, 20:25:58
Modified by Celticjim (3. January 2010, 20:28:45)

the most popular online weight loss program bar none.Has helped thousands lose weight

*you were right GTCharlie,I had to edit it .Oh my,you were quick LOL

3. January 2010, 20:22:09
Subject: Re:
Celticjim: the link doesn't work

1. March 2009, 15:13:36
Any one heard anything about this plan?

20. October 2008, 07:31:51
Foxy Lady 
Subject: Free Recipes From South Beach Diet
Modified by Foxy Lady (27. October 2008, 11:39:36)
these are free just print or copy them

22. June 2008, 02:40:31
Subject: Re: Anyone suggest a diet to go along with it
srnity: Thanks

22. June 2008, 02:13:40
Subject: Re: Anyone suggest a diet to go along with it
paully: No junk food, no fast food, very little high-fructose corn syrup (processed foods mostly & soda), lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and real fruit juices...and throw in some dairy (men need calcium too) I'm envious, always wanted a bowflex

21. June 2008, 01:52:10
Subject: Bowflex anyone?
I just bought one and am going to try and start getting in shape.
Does anyone own one here
If so, any thoughts on their effectiveness and some hints for best effects
Anyone suggest a diet to go along with it

22. May 2007, 07:21:16
NOT a floosie 
Ohhhh, that sounds good!

18. February 2007, 05:04:40

A Twist On Grand Papa's Pizza Crust

1 cup soy flour
1/2 cup flaxseed meal
3 eggs
3/4 cup cream
1/3 cup club soda
1/4 cup finely grated parmesan cheese
1/4 cup finely grated Romano cheese
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon salt
Water as needed
1-2 tablespoons olive oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Combine all ingredients, except water, in a mixing bowl. Combine until a thick dough forms, adding water as needed. (I use a Kitchenaid mixer and dough hook for best results). Divide dough in two parts. Brush two 12 inch pizza pans with olive oil. Spread dough evenly on the pizza pans. Place crusts on center racks of oven and bake for 12 to 15 minutes, until lightly golden and firm. Remove crusts from oven, cool, and top with Mama Bardelli’s Marinara Sauce, mozzarella and Italian cheeses, and other desired low carbohydrate ingredients such as sausage, pepperoni, olives, etc. Serves 10-16. 9 grams carbohydrates per slice.

Tip: Use imported Pecorino Romano (Pecorino al Basilico is excellent and eliminates the need for dried basil) and Parmagiano Reggiano cheeses for best flavor results. Both are available from and Costco.

Text reference

29. January 2007, 23:47:07
Dusting off the door knob in here..

Anyone know of a Bob Harpers low fat Taco pizza. I heard about it today an would like to try the recipe at home.. Thanks!

12. December 2006, 13:24:12
Subject: Re:
rednaz23: That drink is a tequila sunrise if you add Tequila. I used to drink it quite a bit in my younger days. They pack a wallop but you dont feel drunk!

12. December 2006, 10:18:50
Adaptable Ali 
Modified by Adaptable Ali (12. December 2006, 10:19:02)
ah ha i remember it now, add tequila, then you have a Tequila Sunrise.

12. December 2006, 09:03:17
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re:
rednaz23: Ah yes, the drink, we have a name for it over here, but i can for the life of me remember what it is called.

Glad u both had a lovley dinner

12. December 2006, 01:57:44
Subject: Re:
xmas is soon: My Dinner for me and Sarah was excellent. Porkchops, green beans, baked potatoes, a salad... Mmmm!!! So tasty! It turned out quite well.

I also made Sarah a drink which is her 'special' tasty drink. OJ and 7up with a little grenadine. It makes the bottom half red, and the top half orange. Try it out! It is really good!

12. December 2006, 00:40:31
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re:
rednaz23: Dont cut into them to much, otherwise the meat will end up dry

12. December 2006, 00:16:51
I'm just going to watch them and cut into them to check every once in a while. Thank you!

12. December 2006, 00:15:25
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: pork chops
rednaz23: Do u have a grill, pork chops iare better grilled. As they are a very fatty meat, if you grill them then the fat can drain off. Pork does cook quite quickly, so just 3-4 minutes each side

12. December 2006, 00:13:45
Subject: pork chops
half inch porkchops... how long do they take to cook in a pan on the stove? xx minutes one side, flip and xx minutes on the other side. Any ideas? Thanks!

15. October 2006, 19:48:52
Subject: Re: I wanted to add some hints of what I am learning
ScarletRose: I never got headaches but I feel more tired and dumpy than without at least a little caffeine.  The sodas that I do drink are diet sodas.

22. September 2006, 19:12:49
I went and worked out today.. with mom and another friend of ours.. I feel gggRRreeeaaATtt!!! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.. :)

21. September 2006, 16:55:18
Subject: I wanted to add some hints of what I am learning

I am now a member of First Place which is a support group for weight loss. I also am going to be working out at the club down the street. The membie fees aren't too bad.

I am doing this for myself. I have a grandbaby on the way so I want to be around to see him grow up.

About the caffeine.. I agree with Rose about weaning off. You have to be strong willed to go Cold Turkey on it and due to the withdrawal symptoms of headaches would encourage more to give in. You would be surprised how much weight comes off when you omit soda from your diet. Most teens today in the US struggle with weight issues, and most of their problems come from the soda they are drinking. The shops around here advertise these huge fountain drinks (soda) for small costs. What they don't put on those cups is how many calories, how much sugar, or even caffeine count is expected in that drink. When I learned a jumbo soda had the same calories in that one drink as some peeps calorie intake permitted in one day.. 1200 calories..

It really makes you stop and think how our companies really aren't caring about their consumers health.. but, more on getting us addicted to their product.

Good Luck in gaining your health back..

20. September 2006, 14:04:43
Subject: Re: salad
nightmagic: Thanks for the tips!

20. September 2006, 05:47:29
Subject: fish
very good diet meat,rice as side.

20. September 2006, 05:33:01
Subject: Re: salad
bouncybouncy: yes, and eating small salad before helps cut food intake.less cal' right,lol

20. September 2006, 05:28:17
Subject: Re: salad
Modified by nightmagic (20. September 2006, 05:29:45)
Rose: by back meats i mean white meat chichen, shoulder roast, center cut pork, all with no fat, cut all fat off, brown in olive oil not reg. oil, tinny bit oil, or bake, no fry.

18. September 2006, 14:55:34
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: salad
Modified by Adaptable Ali (18. September 2006, 14:59:50)
Rose: i think the "back" meat, is where there is no fat or grissle and is also the leanest.

18. September 2006, 13:36:59
Subject: Re: salad
nightmagic: What do you mean by 'back' mean? Not familiar with that term

18. September 2006, 05:36:19
Subject: salad
Modified by nightmagic (18. September 2006, 05:37:48)
with any and every meal, cuts your hunger in 1/2. eat small salad before any meal, cut meat portion into 4ths, eat 1/4 and cut starch in 1/2. as a dinner, for a lunch, a lean cousine tray and a fruit. I lost 2 plus pounds a week. Only back meats. no butter, no bread, no suger anything.

11. August 2006, 02:29:55
Subject: Re: i would love some advice
imsoaddicted: I wanted to raise "soda-free" kids so I gave it up a few years ago...I went to drinking tea (with caffeine), then just made it weaker every couple days, and in probably about two weeks started to drink de-caffeinated...I also tried every juice and flavored water out there till I found a few that I really liked that weren't too high in sugar - try to stay away from sugar-substitutes, I know a few people who blame that for migraines/headaches...just a thought if Rose's ideas aren't kicking it fully

10. August 2006, 22:14:28
Subject: Re: i would love some advice
Czuch Czuckers: As usual you are always the first to point out everyones flaws. Some things never change

10. August 2006, 21:05:11
Subject: Re: i would love some advice
Rose: the rest is a pie of cake

Isnt it "a piece of cake"? Just had your mind on pies and cakes I guess.... LOL

10. August 2006, 13:43:48
Subject: Re: i would love some advice
Rose: from what im reading on the label it dosnt mention caffeine but then against it could
be under another name but i will try from tomorrow to drink just one litre aday and half it again next week

10. August 2006, 13:33:32
Subject: Re: i would love some advice
Modified by Rose (10. August 2006, 13:34:24)
imsoaddicted: I take it the pop you are referring to has caffeine in it? I had the same problem about 4 years ago and was told to get off the pop. I was drinking diet coke and about 3 litres ormore a day. the headaches lasted about 2 weeks ( withdrawl from the caffeine) Once you get through that the rest is a pie of cake ( bad pun for the diet board)
The difference once you ween off caffeine is amazing. I was getting migraines, huge pains in my neck and legs nearly every week. I no longer get migraines on a regular basis now that Im off it.
Hope that helps!

*to ween off, go from 2 litres to just 1 for about a week or so. Then cut that in half for another week. Unless you wanna go cold turkey like I did, but the other way the headaches may not be as bad.

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