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2018 Movies - Which do you want to see?

Listing some of the "top" 2018 movies, which movie(s) are you most wanting to see (or have seen already) - CAN PICK MORE THAN ONE
Option Votes Voters
Maze Runner: The Death Cure   7 (1.90 %) furbster, theloneranger, Ladybird68, soheylarabi, Wolfikjr, sha, smsgv
The 15:17 to Paris   3 (0.81 %) rod03801, Scottygr8, Mélusine
Fifty Shades Freed 0 (0 %)  
Black Panther   26 (7.06 %) BElanna,, Scottygr8, starzone, Universal Eyes, mal4inara, theloneranger, Mélusine, MTC, heyblue32, Mustang John, Bullets9mm, MauroVal, Sir_Zane, lylou, magduska, soheylarabi, sha, yurkin, Radio-Scacchi, winterangels, Dorfan, golubajaakula, KKGK, aipom, [deleted]
Red Sparrow   10 (2.71 %) Universal Eyes, furbster, JiZde, tyrkytus, happyjuggler0, soheylarabi, Aganju, sha, Radio-Scacchi, knightmoves
Tomb Raider   16 (4.34 %) iv2, Mélusine, spavacz, Undertaker., Bullets9mm, snaky, lylou, takjas, tyrkytus, soheylarabi, sha, yurkin, Student89, Sabri0o, SanibelBelle, LarryOfNevada
Pacific Rim: Uprising   7 (1.90 %) Scottygr8, theloneranger, Bullets9mm, MauroVal, soheylarabi, sha, SanibelBelle
Sherlock Gnomes   2 (0.54 %) Abron, poiu
Ready Player One   18 (4.89 %) Sir Geoff,, rod03801, ScreaminMime, ketchuplover, BigBen, Universal Eyes, furbster, MTC, Varazslo, Bullets9mm, mxyloreda, ariánko, Fractalchez, mitosh, Lena89, knightmoves, Udchan
Blockers   3 (0.81 %) ArnieTxx,, Ladybird68
Super Troopers 2   2 (0.54 %) ArnieTxx, ChEmIsT
The Avengers: Infinity War   20 (5.43 %), oliottavio, BigBen, mal4inara, Abron, theloneranger, MTC, heyblue32, Mustang John, Bullets9mm, Sir_Zane, tyrkytus, Marfi, soheylarabi, thrasybulus, sha, Arrows, Dorfan, aipom, [deleted]
Deadpool 2   21 (5.70 %), oliottavio, BigBen, Dr Gideon Fell, mal4inara, theloneranger, chessik, MTC, dr. martanek, MauroVal, Sir_Zane, soheylarabi, Wolfikjr, Pachof, sha, yurkin, ariánko, mitosh, winterangels, Dorfan, SanibelBelle
Solo: A Star Wars Story   21 (5.70 %) whikki, Sir Geoff,, BigBen, mal4inara, Milioi, theloneranger, MTC, dr. martanek, Bullets9mm, snaky, Sir_Zane, pedestrian, ChEmIsT, tyrkytus, vorvaň, soheylarabi, sha, mrava, Chosuliatko, [deleted]
Ocean's 8   10 (2.71 %) Scottygr8, Erik, jkhsquonk, Mustang John, Sir_Zane, lylou, soheylarabi, Darteev, Avaz, [deleted]
The Incredibles 2   9 (2.44 %), ketchuplover, Erik, NanaT, Orlandu, Sir_Zane, soheylarabi, sha, Fractalchez
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom   20 (5.43 %) BElanna,, BigBen, mal4inara, Abron, theloneranger, chessik, Ladybird68, Varazslo, Destructor, Bullets9mm, lylou, magduska, tyrkytus, vorvaň, soheylarabi, sha, flagstaff, Avaz, knightmoves
The First Purge 1 (0.27 %) theloneranger
Ant-Man and the Wasp   15 (4.07 %), mal4inara, MTC, MauroVal, Sir_Zane, vorvaň, soheylarabi, thrasybulus, Pachof, sha, Dorfan, Avaz, knightmoves, Pianist1, [deleted]
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation   6 (1.63 %) aaru, Fazol, ChEmIsT, soheylarabi, Wolfikjr, sha
Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!   9 (2.44 %) mal4inara, theloneranger, Ladybird68, Varazslo, Bullets9mm, McMahon, soheylarabi, Wolfikjr, sha
Mission: Impossible 6   12 (3.26 %) MrDelete, ketchuplover, Erik, theloneranger, Mélusine, crosseyed_uk, Mustang John, tyrkytus, lucky137, soheylarabi, Pachof, sha
Team Titans Go! To The Movies   3 (0.81 %) ScreaminMime, Fractalchez, Dorfan
Christopher Robin   4 (1.08 %), ChEmIsT, Wolfikjr, mitosh
Slenderman   2 (0.54 %) furbster, chessik
The Nun 0 (0 %)  
The Predator   6 (1.63 %) Scottygr8, PaoloRus, McMahon, tyrkytus, knightmoves, SanibelBelle
Johnny English 3   7 (1.90 %) whikki, Undertaker., Bullets9mm, magduska, soheylarabi, Pachof, sha
Venom   2 (0.54 %) mitosh, Avaz
Goosebumps 2   2 (0.54 %) DeaD man WalkiN, winterangels
Halloween (2018) 1 (0.27 %) theloneranger
Dr. Seuss' The Grinch   2 (0.54 %) soheylarabi, sha
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald   10 (2.71 %) BElanna,, MTC, ChEmIsT, soheylarabi, Wolfikjr, sha, mitosh, Dorfan, Avaz
Creed 2   2 (0.54 %) Scottygr8, Universal Eyes
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2   5 (1.35 %), sha, Fractalchez, mitosh, [deleted]
Robin Hood   6 (1.63 %) Scottygr8, ChEmIsT, McMahon, magduska, great above, Wolfikjr
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse   8 (2.17 %), theloneranger, Undertaker., Sir_Zane, tyrkytus, soheylarabi, sha, Dorfan
Aquaman   6 (1.63 %) ketchuplover, Undertaker., soheylarabi, sha, yurkin, Dorfan
Bumblebee 1 (0.27 %)
Mary Poppins Returns   4 (1.08 %) Ladybird68, soheylarabi, Wolfikjr, sha
BrainKing vs. GoldToken: Checkmate the Movie   39 (10.59 %) Fencer, AlterMann, whikki, Sir Geoff,, ScreaminMime, ketchuplover, Universal Eyes, Dr Gideon Fell, Milioi, furbster, Seravajan, PaoloRus, Pigeon, Destructor, Alhimik, MauroVal, Sir_Zane, pedestrian, lylou, ChEmIsT, magduska, peongota, tyrkytus, vorvaň, kazoa, trea941981, wanton2, Aganju, tuh, emo mancala, yurkin, Madris, Reles, Dorfan, golubajaakula, sorim1, Raxmadudr, knightmoves
-- Whatever I can find to download for free, I'm cheap   5 (1.35 %) ScreaminMime, dhaas70, PaoloRus, pedestrian, Pachof
-- No Answer, I Don't watch movies   15 (4.07 %) sheilajoy, Beaupol, Lepus, cd power, vz, Jimbone, Alhimik, hopsak, luis rogerio, Agt the Walker, realeclipse, emo mancala, Mithridate, RamaWolf, artykom

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