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Destructor (Dion Paull) - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 435 achievement points
Total score: 2828 wins, 91 draws, 2227 losses, 129 won tournaments

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ID:37436 (show previous names)
Membership:Brain Pawn
First login:22. December 2006, 06:19:18
Last action:21. February 2020, 11:18:10 - playing game Japanese Chess (dstn3422 vs. Destructor)
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Weekend days:Saturday and Sunday
Vacation days left:9 days 4 hours - using the automatic vacation

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Description:My favourite game is Shogi (Japanese Chess). If you are interested in the game I encourage you to join the SHOGI fellowship of which I am currently Big Boss.

Other favourites are Minishogi, Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), Chess, Go, all Lines games, Checkers, Battleboats, Halma & Jungle.

I prefer not to play many dice games but I will accept all challenges, except games with no days off. Please select random colour especially in games where the first move gives a distinct advantage.

Preferred time limit is 3 days.
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