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Knight Fight

Knight Fight is an original game invented by Andy Lewicki. It is an interesting mix of ideas inspired by score counting and territory games.

Start position and game object

The game of Knight Fight is played on a 10x10 board. 100 squares are assigned, in a randomly fashion, numbers running from 00 to 99 (00, 01, 02, ..., 97, 98, 99). The following picture shows an example of such initial position:

The goal is to collect more points than the opponent, using a chess knight. Each player has one knight of different color.

How to make moves and get points
  • The game starts by placing a white knight on any chosen square of the first row (A1-J1) of the board. If the chosen square is numbered with two different digits, let's say 57, then, as a consequence a mirrored number 75 is erased from the board making this square unusable for further game, which means, no knight may land on it till the end of the game.
  • If a knight lands on a "double" number, let's say 66, then any other "double" number can be erased and the player decides which one depending on his/her strategy. After a player leaves a square to jump on another the square, the square he/she resided so far, becomes unusable for further game.
  • The first move (placing the white knight) is followed by placing a black knight on any available square of the last (10th) row (A10-J10) of the board. A corresponding mirrored number is erased as well.
  • When both knights are placed, all next moves are performed by jumping the particular knight (using standard chess rules for a knight, i.e. L-shaped jumps) to another square. A knight cannot land on an empty (unusable) square and also cannot land on a square which is under direct attack of the opponent's knight.
  • A player gets points for every square visited by his knight (including the first move placement). The points are collected only from visited squares, not the mirrored numbers.
How to finish the game

The game ends when one player cannot make a legal move. When it happens, the player with a higher score is the winner. If both players have the same score, the game is a draw.

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