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Triple Dice Poker

Triple Dice Poker uses the same scoring rules and dice roll system as the classic Dice Poker, but also adds several interesting improvements to the game strategy:
  • Each player has three columns to score points, not just one. The points at the second column are multiplied by two and the third column multiplies the points by three. For example, a small straight would be for 30 points at the first column, 60 points at the second one and 90 points at the third one.
  • The game ends when all table cells are filled. It means that the game always has 39 moves.
  • If a player gets at least 63 total points in the first 6 rows of the table (above the Bonus row) of a column, he will be given a bonus of 35 points for this column. The bonus values are displayed automatically when this condition is fulfilled.
    Important! The 63 points limit is valid before the multiplying by 2 or 3. Or we can say that a player must get at least 63 total points in the first column or 126 total points in the second column or 189 total points in the third column, regarding the first six rows.

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