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Tank Battle

Start position and game object

Tank Battle is a modern Polish game that is played on a square board 11x11 fields. Both players command an army of 14 tanks - 13 normal ones and one commander tank which is strong enough to move through area contamined by chemical weapons. At the start position, commander tanks are located at down-right corner (from each player's point of view) and the normal tanks occupy the remaining fields of the base (blue squares for a white player and green ones for a black player):

The object is to occupy the enemy base by as many own tanks as possible. The player who earns more points is a winner. The number of points corresponds to the game events and will be described at the final section of this article.

Movement of pieces

Each player can move with one piece per move. Tanks can move any spaces vertically, horizontally or diagonally with these restrictions:
  • A tank cannot move to black squares (mines).
  • A tank cannot jump over the player's or opponent's tanks.
  • Only the commander tank can move to red squares (into or through) at the center of the board (contamined area).
  • Commander tanks cannot capture each other at the center red contamined area.
  • The tank that reached the opponent's base (green or blue squares) cannot leave this base till the end of the game.

How to capture opponent's pieces

A tank captures (destroys) an opponent's tank (normal or commander) if it moves to the opponent's tank position according to the movement rules. The destroyed tank will be removed from the board and appears at "Captured pieces" section. The following picture shows all possibilities of the white tank moves (including two black tank captures).

How to finish the game

The game is finished if one player moves all his/her non-destroyed tanks to the opponent's base. At this moment, the final score is calculated and the player with more points wins. In case of even points of both players the game is a draw.
The points are counted by the following way:
  • 3 points for the commander tank that stands on the starting position of the opponent's commander tank (the circle-marked field).
  • 2 points for the commander tank that stands on any other field of the opponent's base.
  • 2 points for a normal tank that stands on any field of the opponent's base.
  • 1 point for any tank (normal or commander) that remains on the battle field and is not destroyed. always displays the current score which can help players to evaluate the situation after each move. This picture shows an example of the final game position.

The white player has 2 points for the commander tank at the black's base and 2 x 1 point for two tanks at the battle field, the result is 4 points. The black player earned 3 points for the commander tank at the starting position of the white commander tank and 2 x 2 points for two tanks at the opponent's base, the result is 7 points. The black is a winner.
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