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Big Jungle

This is a variant of the old Indian game Jungle, expanded by two extra columns (the game board is 9x9) and two new pieces - a monkey and a snake.
The summary of differences between classic and big version of the game follows:
  • The game board is bigger (9x9 squares) and new pieces are placed to the first and last column - see the image of a start position:
  • The monkey is stronger than a cat, weaker than a wolf and moves like a chess king - one space in any direction.
  • The snake is stronger than a dog, weaker than a leopard and moves like a shogi silver general - one space diagonally or forward.
  • To compensate for the larger board two water squares are added - one at each end of the 5th rank (A5 and I5 on the 9x9 board).

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