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white41959 (52.35 %)
black36272 (45.25 %)
Draws1913 (2.38 %)


Froglet is based on old English game and its modern rules had been established in 1898 by Harold Murray, great English researcher of history of Chess and other board games.

Start position and game object

Although Murray's original board contains 18 x 18 squares, BrainKing variant is played on smaller 12 x 12 square field, otherwise games would be very long and repetitive. The game starts with full board, randomly filled with frogs of four colours - 66 green, 51 yellow, 21 red and 6 blue ones. The following picture shows an example of such initial position:

The goal of this game is to earn as many points as possible. Rules of getting points will be described in the next sections.

Movement of pieces

The player who starts a game picks any green frog and removes it from the board.


All next moves must be done by jumping, similar to pawns in Turkish Checkers. A player on turn must click on a frog which stands next to another frog (horizontally or vertically) and there is an empty space behind it. Multiple jumps are valid as well. The next picture shows a frog jumping over three other frogs:


All frogs which are "captured" by jumping moves are immediately removed from the board and the corresponding player gets points to his/her score.).

How to finish the game

The game is finished when no more jumping can be done. In such situation, the player who has more points, is the winner. In case of the same number of points, the game is a draw.
The points are counted in the following way:
  • 1 point for a green frog
  • 2 points for a yellow frog
  • 3 points for a red frog
  • 4 points for a blue frog

Other important rules

  • Multiple jumping is not mandatory. Like in Halma, a player can stop jumping before all possible jumps of a multi-jump are done, and submit the move.

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