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Start position and game object

Amazons is a modern game that came from Argentina in 1992. The game is played on a "big" chessboard (10 x 10 squares) and each player has four Amazons, displayed by chess queen symbols. The following image shows an initial game position:

The object of this game is to block (immobilize) all opponent's Amazons. The player who cannot make a legal move, loses the game.

Movement of pieces

An Amazon moves like a chess queen - any number of spaces horizontally, vertically or diagonally. A move consists of two parts - an Amazon makes its move and from its destination square shoots an arrow to another square. Shooting an arrow follows the same rules as for an Amazon's movement. When an arrow is shot, it remains on its place to the end of a game. The next picture displays a white Amazon's move (before and after):


There are no captures in Amazons. All movements are blocked by other pieces on the board, no jumping nor staying of more pieces on one square is allowed.

How to finish the game

The game is finished when one player cannot make a legal move. It means that all his/her Amazons are immobilized by arrows and other Amazons. This player loses the game.
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