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white3022 (33.79 %)
black5547 (62.02 %)
Draws374 (4.18 %)


Cheversi, as the name suggests, is an interesting territory game, created by Andy Lewicki. The rules are easy to understand and the games always have exactly 8 moves, it is fast to play and finish.

Start position and game object

Cheversi is played on a standard 64 square chess board. Each player has 8 pieces - 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops and 2 knights - and the game starts with an empty board:

The object of this game is to have more points than the opponent when all pieces are placed on the board. The rules of gaining points will be described at the next section.

How to place pieces and get points

White player starts the game and each player places one piece per move on any empty square of the board. The pieces never move, they are just placed, but they "attack" other squares according the classic Chess rules - a king attacks all adjacent squares in any direction, a rook attacks all squares horizontally or vertically, etc. There are no checks, so it is allowed to place a king to a square which is attacked by opponent's pieces, even next to the opponent's king.
In order to eliminate an advantage of black player, additional rules are applied:
  • White starts with a King anywhere on the board.
  • Black responds with any piece with the exception of a King. Black piece HAS to touch White piece either diagonally, horizontally or vertically .The game continues in this manner when pieces are touching either color pieces and can never be separate from other pieces. Black King has to be played as a last piece in the game.
  • Bishops have to take alternative colors, like in chess.
  • Players can CALL for opponent's Queen anytime during the game which simply works like this: If a player A puts his Queen on the board, the opponent B has to play his Queen immediately after this move by A. For Black, unless the Queen wasn't CALLED earlier, the 7th move is mandatory to play a Queen. (remember, the 8th Black move has to be a King, so a Queen cannot be played beyond the 7th move)
  • Black King finishes the game and must touch the last placed White piece put on the board. It also means that the last White move cannot be done the way that Black King cannot touch it in the last move.
The following picture shows a game after several moves and squares attacked by the white player are highlighted:

A player gets 1 point for every empty square which is attacked by his/her own pieces. If a square is attacked by more pieces at once, the player gets a point for every attacking piece separately.

How to finish the game

The game is finished when all 16 pieces (8 white and 8 black) are placed on the board. The player with more points wins the game. If both players get the same points, the game is a draw.
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