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Frog Finder

This is a nice variant of the well known game of Minesweeper (which is included in MS Windows) for two players, created by Michael Coan in 2006.

Start position and game object

The game is played on 12 x 12 square board. Each player (red and blue) has five frogs which are randomly placed on the board before the game starts. Only one frog can occupy the same square. Players can see only their own frogs, the opponent ones are invisible until revealed (which will be explained in the next sections). The following picture shows an example of the start position from the red player's point of view:

The object of the game is to find all opponent's frogs and get as many points as possible. The player with more points wins the game.

How to make moves

A player, who is to make a move, decides, whether he wants to shoot an empty square or make a guess on an empty square. This is done by clicking the selected link below the game board.
  • Shoot - the shoot action reveals how many frogs (of any color) are surrounding the shot square. When the shot is done, the number of frogs which are adjacent to the square is displayed. The next picture displays a position after the red player's shot:

    The "2" indicates that two frogs are located next to this square. And since one of them is the red frog on I9 square, the second one must be blue.
    If a player shoots at a square which contains an opponent's frog, he loses 5 points and the opponent gets 5 points (shooting a cute froggie is bad and costly). The dead frog is displayed upside down and on a black background.
  • Guess - if a player believes to know where an opponent's frog is located, he can make a guess at this square. He gets 5 points for a correct guess (and the revealed frog is displayed on a golden background) or loses 3 points for a wrong guess (and the square remains unchanged and can be used for another guess or shoot action later). The next picture shows a dead frog on G9 and a correctly guessed frog on A1:

How to finish the game

The game ends when all frogs of one player are revealed on the board (no matter if they were shot or guessed). The other player gets a bonus of 2 points and 1 point for each own frog which was not found by the opponent.
After the bonus points are added, the player with more points wins the game. If both players have the same amount of points, the game is a draw.
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