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What 2017 Movie(s) Are you looking forward to seeing?

Which 2017 Movie(s) are you looking forward to seeing? You can pick more than 1 option
Option Votes Voters
xXx 3: Return of Xander Cage   9 (2.08 %) TheONLYPegasus, Ronin, Undertaker., soheylarabi, Ana Luiza, sha, tigar4o, Edglusian, Darteev
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter   13 (3.01 %) mal4inara, furbster, TheONLYPegasus, snaky, Edgar J S Junio, soheylarabi, Ana Luiza, sha, tigar4o, Edglusian, Xxchess, Avaz, grenvthompson
The LEGO Batman Movie   4 (0.92 %) AlterMann, Seravajan, imahotpapa, janusfan
Fifty Shades of Darker   8 (1.85 %) Doris, Sir Geoff, TheONLYPegasus, Ladybird68, dhaas70, Edglusian, Lena89, golubajaakula
The Great Wall   7 (1.62 %) Sir Geoff,, poet, Edglusian, Dorfan, DameSpielerin, grenvthompson
Logan (X-Men Wolverine Movie)   30 (6.96 %) Doris, AlterMann, Sir Geoff,, mal4inara, Mélusine, incognito, TheONLYPegasus, makny, imahotpapa, heyblue32, vz, luis rogerio, snaky, Sir_Zane, magduska, vorvaň, Edgar J S Junio, FlyingDutchman, soheylarabi, thrasybulus, Ana Luiza, sha, yurkin, Edglusian, Dorfan, smsgv, Avaz, Olinka1986, grenvthompson
Kong: Skull Island   5 (1.16 %) Jack, Radio-Scacchi, Edglusian, Avaz, grenvthompson
Beauty and the Beast   9 (2.08 %) ScarletRose, TheONLYPegasus, Ladybird68, makny, imahotpapa, wfroelich, trea941981, Avaz, DameSpielerin
CHiPS   3 (0.69 %) TheONLYPegasus, makny, imahotpapa
Power Rangers   4 (0.92 %) magduska, Ana Luiza, Nik66, Avaz
Ghost in the Shell   3 (0.69 %) aaru, Teniel, VVT
Smurfs: The Lost Village   4 (0.92 %), makny, Alhimik, DameSpielerin
The Fate of the Furious (Fast & Furious 8)   13 (3.01 %) Doris, ketchuplover, Universal Eyes, mal4inara, Mélusine, incognito, TheONLYPegasus, cd power, imahotpapa, Mustang John, wfroelich, Undertaker., Ana Luiza
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2   25 (5.80 %), ketchuplover, BigBen, mal4inara, makny, imahotpapa, heyblue32, wfroelich, Teniel, MauroVal, Sir_Zane, lylou, happyjuggler0, Edgar J S Junio, FlyingDutchman, soheylarabi, thrasybulus, Ana Luiza, sha, Dorfan, VVT, Avaz, jarda11, Raxmadudr, grenvthompson
Alien: Convenant   12 (2.78 %) Fencer, BElanna, mal4inara, imahotpapa, PaoloRus, vorvaň, soheylarabi, Ana Luiza, sha, Radio-Scacchi, VVT, grenvthompson
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul 1 (0.23 %) Doris
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales   23 (5.33 %) Fencer,, mal4inara, furbster, TheONLYPegasus, Ladybird68, imahotpapa, heyblue32, wfroelich, janusfan, Bullets9mm, Sir_Zane, lylou, McMahon, trea941981, soheylarabi, sha, Edglusian, Dorfan, Student89, LulinPipov, Avaz, grenvthompson
Baywatch   4 (0.92 %) TheONLYPegasus, imahotpapa, Undertaker., Edglusian
Wonder Woman   14 (3.24 %) Jack, ketchuplover, TheONLYPegasus, makny, imahotpapa, wfroelich, magduska, soheylarabi, sha, Fractalchez, Edglusian, Dorfan, Avaz, grenvthompson
Captain Underpants 1 (0.23 %) Edglusian
The Mummy   4 (0.92 %) TheONLYPegasus, imahotpapa, soheylarabi, sha
Cars 3   7 (1.62 %) ScarletRose, phlorix, Orlandu, imahotpapa, soheylarabi, Fractalchez, DameSpielerin
Transformers: The Last Knight   10 (2.32 %), ketchuplover, TheONLYPegasus, imahotpapa, wfroelich, PaoloRus, soheylarabi, sha, tigar4o, Dorfan
Despicable Me 3   12 (2.78 %), ScarletRose, Orlandu, imahotpapa, wfroelich, Teniel, Gabriel Almeida, soheylarabi, Wolfikjr, sha, Fractalchez, DameSpielerin
Spider-Man: Homecoming   15 (3.48 %) ketchuplover, BigBen, TheONLYPegasus, heyblue32, Undertaker., PaoloRus, mxyloreda, FlyingDutchman, soheylarabi, Ana Luiza, sha, Dorfan, LulinPipov, DameSpielerin, grenvthompson
War for the Planet of the Apes   20 (4.64 %) BElanna, Doris,, ketchuplover, mal4inara, TheONLYPegasus, imahotpapa, wfroelich, Gabriel Almeida, PaoloRus, lylou, McMahon, mxyloreda, FlyingDutchman, trea941981, soheylarabi, sha, Dorfan, DameSpielerin, grenvthompson
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets   4 (0.92 %) FlyingDutchman, VVT, DameSpielerin, grenvthompson
The Emoji Movie 2 (0.46 %) imahotpapa, Alhimik
Blade Runner 2049   17 (3.94 %) Fencer, Doris, ScreaminMime, aaru, TheONLYPegasus, imahotpapa, wfroelich, Gabriel Almeida, dezinho, MauroVal, mxyloreda, FlyingDutchman, soheylarabi, sha, alchirodo, VVT, grenvthompson
Kingsman: The Golden Circle   5 (1.16 %) Fencer, imahotpapa, wfroelich, Ana Luiza, VVT
Friday the 13th   4 (0.92 %), Orlandu, furbster, TheONLYPegasus
Cloverfield 2017   4 (0.92 %) ketchuplover, soheylarabi, sha, VVT
Saw: Legacy   3 (0.69 %) ketchuplover, furbster, TheONLYPegasus
God Particle   5 (1.16 %) mxyloreda, lucky137, Wolfikjr, Edglusian, grenvthompson
Thor: Ragnorak   15 (3.48 %), mal4inara, TheONLYPegasus, imahotpapa, heyblue32, wfroelich, Gabriel Almeida, MauroVal, Edgar J S Junio, FlyingDutchman, soheylarabi, Ana Luiza, sha, Dorfan, LulinPipov
Red Sparrow 0 (0 %)  
Justice League   8 (1.85 %), BigBen, TheONLYPegasus, Edgar J S Junio, soheylarabi, Ana Luiza, sha, Fractalchez
Murder on the Orient Express   7 (1.62 %) furbster, TheONLYPegasus, Ladybird68, Undertaker., mxyloreda, flagstaff, grenvthompson
Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi   35 (8.12 %) Fencer, BElanna, whikki, MrDelete,, ScarletRose, BigBen, mal4inara, phlorix, Orlandu, incognito, imahotpapa, heyblue32, Mustang John, wfroelich, dhaas70, Gabriel Almeida, earldrake1, PaoloRus, Worker, Bullets9mm, MauroVal, Sir_Zane, mxyloreda, vorvaň, happyjuggler0, FlyingDutchman, trea941981, soheylarabi, Aganju, sha, tigar4o, Edglusian, Dorfan, grenvthompson
Pitch Perfect 3   8 (1.85 %) Doris, Sir Geoff, ketchuplover, makny, imahotpapa, wfroelich, soheylarabi, sha
Jumanji   14 (3.24 %), ScarletRose, furbster, Mélusine, TheONLYPegasus, Ladybird68, imahotpapa, Mustang John, mxyloreda, soheylarabi, sha, tigar4o, Edglusian, DameSpielerin
---- Another Movie Not Listed Here   20 (4.64 %) iv2, NanaT, Dr Gideon Fell, Mélusine, El Cid, Teniel, Gabriel Almeida, PaoloRus, takjas, mxyloreda, thisbeme, universe, thrasybulus, Wolfikjr, tikanuk2, Fractalchez, Dorfan, sorim1, Chosuliatko, grenvthompson
---- None of those movies interest me   8 (1.85 %) mickeymouse, rod03801, tyson28103, starzone, Erik, Lepus, spavacz, Jimbone
---- I Do Not Watch Movies   12 (2.78 %) Beaupol, Charlie IT, DeaD man WalkiN, fra, Stormerne, Alhimik, hopsak, Agt the Walker, Mithridate, LisaBear, Bujhm1965, MariLorien

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