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Description:If a player has a bare king at most variants of normal chess (with the odd exception eg dice/behemoth chess) it is impossible to win and fide laws do not award the win to a player who can't deliver checkmate. ICC, playchess etc all recognise timeout without possibility of mate as a draw, this serious bug must be acknowledged as so and fixed or the game should not be called chess.

Why am I told I have lost the initial dice roll at backgammon?
Why not tell me I'm black at chess and make me click to acknowledge?

If there are no legal moves or one legal move don't waste my time having to make a move or pass.

Hope you enjoy the games, if I don't reply to a message, I probably have clicked move too quickly.

Mostly here for LOA/chess variants, will play other games if I get enough free slots.

Like chess and it's variants that don't involve behemoth, dice and ice cubes.

Like any word game that involves fast anagramming.

Have won offline tournament of various strengths for a variety of games.
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