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Serious Pente Players
4 won tournaments

Fellow Pente Players,

This fellowship was one of the first pente fellowships founded. We wanted to attract Pente players who really love the game above what would be considered normal and are serious about playing a solid set with other players who feel the same. All players and skill levels are welcome to join, the only requirement being that you love playing pente and always strive to improve your game. I really want this fellowship to be a place where pente players can learn to play better. I'd also like to think of SPP as an oasis in the BK desert where your questions and comments about the game can be shared with others who also love pente as much as you do. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, and you are a serious player, please consider joining! -Brf & Snut

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49 members
Level Flag Name Rank
Brf  Big Boss
Snut  Little Boss
Dmitri King  manager
nosovs  manager
mmammel  manager
Richard III  manager
tenuki  manager
s3v3n  manager
dein  manager
aaru  manager
spavacz  manager
lanser  manager
turnberry1  manager
happyjuggler0  manager
aleph_1  manager
lupulo  manager
czeckmaght  member
Pioneer54  member
Gary Barnes  member
Arne Blom  member
dweebo  member
kmbailey  member
jayhawklov  member
brain008  member
Serenello  member
homebrew  member
Chaosu  member
arpa  member
Codypup  member
Hrqls  member
Cheri  member
ChromaticRanger  member
dalkelly  member
 Borowitz  member
sidtxval  member
Undertaker.  member
Viсtoria  member
karlw  member
tarcellius  member
Jozso  member
zoeyk  member
Resher  member
Karol G.  member
Crescent City  member
novatis  member
poet  member
goseji  member
be_water  member
gamo467467  member

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BKR: 1921
2 players
Name BKR Team rank
 Brf 2379 captain
 turnberry1 1954 player

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 Serious Pente Players - 825 messages

 Game Analysis - 21 messages
 Team Pente - 188 messages
 SPP Stairs - 24 messages
 Tourneys\Challenge - 27 messages

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Name Match type Time control (?) Creator
SPP Te' Stairs, 3 day moves, RATED2 games match 3 daysBrf
SPP Te' Stairs, Min of 5 people, 4 day moves, NR2 games match 4 daysBrf
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