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Ambiguous Chess

This game, created by Fabrice Liardet, is an original chess variant with simple rules but a deep strategy. The basic rules are identical with the classic Chess but there are several significant exceptions:
  • Instead of clicking on piece to move and then on a destination square, a player marks a destination square and submits this unfinished move.
  • Then it is up to the opponent to choose which player's piece will actually move to the marked square (of course, only the pieces which really can make a move to the destination square can be selected). When it is done and the move is completed, the opponent marks a square to move his/her own piece to, etc.
  • If only one piece can move to the marked square, the full move is performed immediately without waiting for the opponent's choice (because there is only one possibility).
  • If a pawn reaches the last row, it is the opponent who chooses which piece the pawn will be promoted to.
  • Castling is not possible.
  • There is no check or checkmate. The goal is, like in Dark Chess, to capture the opponent's king.

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