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white7374 (71.58 %)
black2620 (25.43 %)
Draws307 (2.98 %)

Horde Chess

This chess variation differs from the other variations at the first glance. White plays with the normal set of chess pieces, black has only a horde of 32 pawns located exactly as shown at the following picture.

The rules are the same as for normal chess with these differences:
  • White wins if he/she captures all black pieces. Black wins if he/she checkmates the white king.
  • If no black piece can make a valid move, the game is a draw (stalemate).
  • Black pawns can be promoted to a black queen, rook, bishop or knight if they reach the last row (from black's point of view).
  • Black pawns cannot move two spaces forward from any position except the second rank (from black's point of view).

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