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Behemoth Chess

Behemoth Chess is a chess variant invented by Donald Seagraves and adds a random factor to the classic chess rules - a Behemoth, which destroys everything in its path. The following picture shows the initial game position:

As you can see, the Behemoth is shown as a dragon symbol and occupies one of the central squares - D4. There are two reason why this field is chosen: 1) No king is endangered at the first move. 2) It is closer to the white king because a white player starts the game. After every move of any player, the Behemoth moves as well. It can move 1-4 spaces (randomly determined) in any direction (randomly chosen). If the move would take the piece off the board, it reappears at the opposite side (similar to Sphere Froglet rules). The Behemoth move destroys all pieces in the move path, regardless their color. The next picture shows a sample situation after the first move of the white player:

The Behemoth has moves 4 spaces diagonally to the bottom-right direction and destroyed white pawn on F2, white knight on G1 and black rook on H8.

Other important rules
  • The Behemoth cannot be captured by any player. It is completely indestructible.
  • There is no check or checkmate, kings can be captured by any other pieces. The player, who loses his king (either captured by the opponent or destroyed by the Behemoth), loses the game.
  • If the Behemoth destroys both kings at the same time, the game is a draw.

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