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Atomic Chess

Read our article about Atomic Chess.

Atomic Chess variation brings a "real battle" effect to this game. The rules are the same as for normal chess but there are several interesting extensions:
  • There is no check or checkmate.
  • Whenever a piece is captured, an explosion occurs on the regarding field. The explosion destroys
    • the capturing piece,
    • the captured piece,
    • all pieces on the immediate horizontal, vertical and diagonal neighbour fields, except pawns. The following pictures show a game situation before and after the black pawn captures the white pawn:


    All destroyed pieces are removed from the board.
  • The player who causes explosion of the opponent's king (see the previous rule), wins the game. The following pictures show a game situation before and after the black bishop blasts the white king:


  • Moves causing own king's explosion are not allowed. It means that no king can capture an enemy piece because it would blast itself as well. On the following picture the white knight cannot capture the black pawn above the white king because the white king would be destroyed too:

The result is that a strategy of this game is far different from the classic chess strategy and even a weak chess player can be successful in Atomic Chess. New players might be a little confused before they get used to the game rules.
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