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13. February 2024, 18:57:35
Subject: Re: Ice chess
oh I see, that makes sense, ty

13. February 2024, 01:24:02
Subject: Re: Ice chess
kortyxx: it already was an ice cube before the Ice Age came. Probably a left-over from previous Ice Ages.

12. February 2024, 22:05:24
Subject: Ice chess
Hello, do you happen to know why in this position (after move 40 of black) Ledové šachy (VereNice vs. kortyxx)
is the square c6 an ice cube?

5. August 2022, 10:56:47
Subject: 18th superchess tournament in Voorhout, Netherlands

Saturday 27th August you can play in the 18th Superchess tournament

Location:  De Speleweij, Breughelhof 8, 2215 AB VOORHOUT (Near Leiden, Haarlem, Schiphol)
Date and time:  August 27th  11:30
Format:  6 or 7 rounds, 20 minutes per game per person.
Prizes:  yes,  superchess pieces and money, TBA, Special prize for the best youth player.
Fee:  10 euro adults, 5 euro kids under 18 year. 

Extra pieces (4 of  these 6) :   
Empress (moves as Rook or Knight)
Princess ( moves as Bishop or Knight)
Amazone (moves as Queen or Knight)
Veteran ( moves as King or Knight)
Counselor ( moves as King or Bishop)
Femme Fatale (moves as King of Knight, makes nearby pieces inmobile)

If you want to play contact:

20. August 2021, 14:49:25
Subject: 17 th superchess tournament

11 september we play the 17th Superchess tournament in The Wijckertoren  Beverwijk (nearby Amsterdam),  The Netherlands . <o:p></o:p>

We play with extra pieces

The Amazone (Queen or Knight)


The Empress (Rook or Knight)<o:p></o:p>

The Princess (Bisshop or Knight)<o:p></o:p>

The Veteran (King or Knight, cannot be in check)<o:p></o:p>

For advanced players also:<o:p></o:p>

The Counselor
(King or Bisshop, cannot be in check)<o:p></o:p>

The  Femme Fatale
(prevents enemy pieces from capturing,  The Ff cannot capture).   If  everybody is ok we also can play on a 10x10 board.<o:p></o:p>

If you want to play please contact tangram

7. March 2021, 06:37:45
Subject: Re: Atomic chess
tufflips: the tournament creator defines it. Unless he defines 'random' and then it is ... kind of random.

Maybe it was '2-games-each'? And you got all your black moves on a row, against all opponents?

7. March 2021, 05:33:22
Subject: Atomic chess
Is it random who is white and black in tournament games or is the highest rated player white? I've had 12-13 games straight where I'm black

9. June 2019, 18:44:08
Subject: Re: 16th Superchess 8x8 tournament

Hope it exceeded everyone's expectations :)

26. May 2019, 12:49:21
Subject: 16th Superchess 8x8 tournament
8 June the 16th Superchess tournament is played
Time 11:30
Place "De Kern", overtoom 15 in Castricum, the netherlands. Castricum is a few kilometres above Amsterdam.
Pieces:  Normal chess pieces, 4 pairs will be replaced by the following pieces 
- the amazone (queen or knight)
- the princess (bishop or knight)
- the Empress (rook or knight)
- the advisor ( bishop or king)
- the veteran ( knight or king)
- the Femme Fatale (prevents enemy pieces from capturing)

We play 6 or 7 rounds with 20-25 minutes pp.
Costs 4 euro
Defending Champion: Jop Delemarre 
At least 4 brainking players Will participate.
Prizes: cash or superchess sets ( for the non winners).
If you want to play contact tangram.

18. September 2018, 03:52:56
Subject: Re: Superchess tournament 22 september

best wishes to all combatants

17. September 2018, 03:24:18
Subject: Ambiguous rule.
In the rules for knightmate chess this is written: following standard castling rules [ ] no square between the knight and the rook may be attacked by an opponent's piece).
But this is not standard. The standard rule is that castling is legal if b1 or b8 is attacked. Is this contravened in knightmate chess?

10. September 2018, 23:11:52
Subject: Superchess tournament 22 september
we invité you for a superchess tournament in Castricum the netherlands on 22 september 2018.
start 10:30
Ends 17:30
Venue dorpshuis De Kern, verlegde overtoom 15 Castricum (10 minutes walk from train station)
6 rounds. You can play 1-6 rounds
You can play with 2-10 superchess pieces depending on your opponent.
You can play on a 8x8 board but depending on your opponent also 10x10.
Superchess pieces: the princess, Empress, advisor, dutchess, femme fatale, magician, angel, amazone, joker, veteran or bring your own piece ( please explain the way of that piece Some days before to us).
At least 5 players of brainking Will play!

More informatie : tangram

27. May 2018, 00:05:53
Modified by tangram (27. May 2018, 00:09:07)
Jop Delemarre won with 7/7. Rob Stolzenbach ( Superbutch on brainking) 5 1/2,
Evert Jan Karman ( EvertVB on brainking ) 4 1/2 . Jeroen van Eijk ( karel123 also played.

Interesting play with interesting pieces and players.

13. May 2018, 02:17:58
best luck to all combatants

12. May 2018, 15:25:12
Subject: Re: 15 th superchess championship
tangram:so far we have 8 players. You can stil join the tournament.
Please contact me if you want to play. Several hotels in the Area. 
We play in Leiderdorp, kastanjelaan 6 ( kindcentrum De Brink). 

3. May 2018, 20:09:19
Subject: 15 th superchess championship
on 19 th may the 15th superchess tournament is played in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. IT is not far from Leiden.

We play 11:30 approximate 7 rounds with Veteran, Empress, Princess, Counselor, and Femme Fatale. Last winner Jop Delemarre depends his title.

Contact tangram if you want to play. You are welcome.

31. August 2017, 21:37:03
Subject: Re: Multi chess tournament August 26th Zaandam the Netherlands
tangram: How many western and eastern variants are there? tyia

28. August 2017, 18:47:21
Subject: Re: Multi chess tournament August 26th Zaandam the Netherlands
tangram: we had 12 players and 19 variants! Winner was Edwin Poels and hè also won the prize of the best player in western variants. Joint second Fred Kok and Peter Blommers. Peter also won the prize for the best player in eastern variants.

6. August 2017, 15:16:01
Subject: Re: Beautiful Mate in 4
IMHO true smothered mate is when the king is totally surrounded by their own army. I call your game a case of semi-smothered mate. Have a breathful day

6. August 2017, 03:42:32
Subject: Re: Beautiful Mate in 4
ketchuplover: yep, that's it - smothered mate.

5. August 2017, 16:36:16
Subject: Re: Beautiful Mate in 4

The future of loop chess lies in the hands of this boy. I think the pattern is smothered mate. If not please clarify asap. Thank ye very much.

5. August 2017, 07:29:23
Subject: Re: Beautiful Mate in 4
Aganju: I can't say I recognise the combination, even replacing the drops by move-from,, but it's certainly a very good one!

5. August 2017, 00:39:48
Subject: Beautiful Mate in 4
For chess players: although this is Loop Chess, I think this is the most beautiful mate in 4 I ever played. If you know your chess, you will of course recognize the famous pattern.
Starting here: Loop Chess (Aganju vs. Geomomo)

10. July 2017, 23:48:30
Subject: Re: Multi chess tournament August 26th Zaandam the Netherlands
tangram: I wish I could come! Sounds like a lot of fun. But travelling ~10000 km... I'll have to pass.

10. July 2017, 23:36:31
Subject: Multi chess tournament August 26th Zaandam the Netherlands
hello all

I invité you all for a multi chess tournament on 26 / 8 11:00 in Zaandam ( near Amsterdam) we play 5 rounds: chess , fischerrandom, Grandchess, 10x10 superchess, 8x8 superchess, Khan chess ( Serbest style), grashopperchess, triplets, khet, Ploy, Hive, shogi, mini shogi, xiangqi, janggi, makruk, jungle. More chess variants can be added if players are Interested.

you choose which games and how many rounds. Prizes for : the best multi player, the best Western chess games player and the best Eastern chess games player Contact tangram for more information about the tournament, the conditions or hotels.

10. July 2017, 23:21:52
Subject: Re: Super chess tournament
tangram:results Open Dutch championship 2017
 Jop Delemarre regained the title. 2nd David schelhaas, 3rd Evert jan Karman 4th Fred Kok, 8 players

30. May 2017, 05:51:58
Subject: May all combatants...
have a super time

7. May 2017, 18:30:39
Subject: Super chess tournament
open Dutch championship superchess 2017 will be played on June 10th 11:00
Shelter church Zaandam, the Netherlands .

Everybody can play.

26. June 2016, 19:37:43
Subject: Re: Open dutch championship superchess 14 may 2016
tangram: new Champion superchess is H.G. Muller with a maximum score. Dutch Champion J.Delemarre became second.

22. April 2016, 22:16:12
Subject: Open dutch championship superchess 14 may 2016
In 2015 chess master Jop Delemarre won the superchess tournament. But 2016 is a different year.
Some smart player from brainking may kick him from his throne!

14 may in Zaandam, the Netherlands  the Open Dutch championship Will be held. You can play too. We play with the same pieces as in 2015.
Contact tangram 

19. September 2015, 19:59:16
Subject: open Dutch championship Superchess 17/10
17 october Leiden Open Dutch Championship Superchess
Defending champion: International chess master Jop Delemarre.

extra pieces:
Emperess (rook or knight)
Princess (bisschop or knight)
Veteran (king or knight)
Counselor (king or bishop)
Femme Fatale (inmobilizes opponent pieces)

See also
Or contact tangram on this site.

17. June 2015, 04:15:58
Subject: Cheshire cat chess
What happens if one side runs out of moves, but the other side doesn't? Does the latter side win, or is it a draw? Thanks.

16. March 2015, 10:10:58
Subject: best wishes...
to all combatants!

15. March 2015, 13:04:38
Subject: Superchess tournament april 18th
A new superchess tournament Will be played on april18th 11:00 in Zaandam, near Amsterdam.
5 rounds 3 prizes.

We play with extra chess pieces:
amazone ( queen and knight )
Princess ( bishop and knight)
Magician ( freezes pieces)
joker ( imitates the last piece of your opponent)

9. July 2014, 22:48:50
Subject: Re: Racing kings
Thom27: thank you

9. July 2014, 20:37:35
Subject: Re: Racing kings

1. July 2014, 21:55:23
Subject: Racing kings
Does anyone know if stalemate applies in racing kings? I assume so but am not clear from the rules.

5. June 2014, 09:42:54
Subject: Re: Three checks
Justaminute: thanks for the quote! it explains it nicely for classic chess indeed!
i am trying to find a position in classic chess in which my king would be in check, but i would still be able to capture the king of my oppenent, but i fear that is not possible in classic chess :)

i will pay more attention next time, and try to remember this game :)


4. June 2014, 16:54:56
Subject: Re: Three checks
Article 3.9 of the Fide rules of chess say:

The king is said to be 'in check' if it is attacked by one or more of the opponent's pieces, even if such pieces are constrained from moving to that square because they would then leave or place their own king in check. No piece can be moved that will either expose the king of the same colour to check or leave that king in check.

Your movement of the knight would leave your king in check, contravening the rules of chess. Hence I believe Brainking is applying the rules of chess and hence three check chess correctly.

4. June 2014, 14:56:27
Subject: Re: Three checks
Justaminute: i always understood that in classic check you had to get out of chess otherwise your king would be captured on the next move and you would lose the game anyhow .. the same for a check-mate position .. there is no way to get out of it and win the game, so the game could end right away

in this case i have a way to get out of the check position by winning the game (and thereby preventing any future actions of my opponent) ?

i guess the rules of classic chess are really rules, and not just logical statements :)

3. June 2014, 17:03:17
Subject: Re: Three checks
The first line says
"This game adds one extra rule to the classic chess."
It is a rule of classic chess that when in check you have to move out of it. Hence resolving your king's check takes priority over moving the knight.

3. June 2014, 16:48:15
Subject: Three checks
In the following game : Drieschaaks Schaken (gambler104 - Hrqls)

I can end the game by moving my knight from F2 to H3 ... the site doesn't allow this though as my king is in check (by my opponents queen)

I can't find it in the rules though that I should solve a check position if I can finish a game before my opponent actually manages to capture my king?

28. March 2014, 20:30:32
Subject: Re:
andreas: Even better would be to have Bughouse, which is very popular and fun chess variant.

28. March 2014, 20:28:58
Subject: Re:
Energizer: Shatranj is rather slow game. I would prefer Double Move Chess or Progressive Chess.

28. March 2014, 10:36:40
I want shatranj on the site!

1. January 2014, 13:14:25
Subject: 10th Dutch championship superchess
The 10 th superchess championship of the netherlands was held on 28th december in Leiden.
David Schelhaas won the tournament with 6,5 out of 7 games. Brainking players who played: tangram 5,5 (2nd)  schuli 5,0 (3rd), superbutch 3,0, Karel12 1,0

We played with amazone (q+n), emperess (r+n), princess (b+n), veteran (k+n) and 2 t pawns. T pawns play 1 or 2 steps orthogonal and can jump! T pawns capture horizontal.

22 march (test) tournament freestyle superchess in Zaandam
7 june 2014 open dutch championship superchess (pieces same as above, Maybe also the magician, a piece which freezes the opponent,s pieces) in leiden.
28 june 2014 world championship freestyle superchess  in Amsterdam.

6. December 2013, 15:41:00
Subject: Prize tourney
The Chess Club (1. December 2013, 12:42:24)
If you´re not a member of my fellowship already, just ask me.

22. October 2013, 10:30:04
Subject: Re: Superchess tournament the netherlands 19th oktober
tangram:surprise winner of 5th superchess freestyle tournament. Robin Wooter "schuli" on brainking won the tournament. Favorite Edwin Poels lost the forst round against Coen Leentvaar "lambik" on brainking and couldnt fill the gap.

Karel12, superbutch and tangram also played in this face-to-face tournament in Zaandam, netherlands but didnt played well.

12. October 2013, 19:38:26
Subject: Superchess tournament the netherlands 19th oktober
Modified by tangram (12. October 2013, 19:41:33)
Another superchess tournament!

Place: Papenpad 12 Zaandam the netherlands
Date: 19 oktober 12:30
Played with:
Amazone (moves like q or n)
Emperess (moves like r or n)
Princess (moves like b or n)
Veteran (moves like k or n)
Magician ( moves 2 steps, Cannot capture but Freezes nearby pièces

Or other pièces you woud like (bring them with you). Current topplayer Edwin poels Will also play. And superbutch, schuili, karel123, tangram, lambik Will make thinking difficult for him.

Played on a 8 by 8 or 10 by 10 board.
Players who are familiar with amazone chess,janus chess or capablanca random chess schold have little problems to play. See also
If you want to play contact me!

10. August 2013, 19:51:49
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: Chess tournaments, London, August 2013
rabbitoid: It could be played on real boards. It'd be a hassle, but it isn't unprecedented. That is how Kriegspiel was and is done. Kriegspiel is a game that is over one hundred years old. It is very similar to Dark Chess, but uses checks and checkmates and does not allow moves that are illegal in regular Chess, such as moving into check or castling through check, or moving a piece over a piece.

I have read that the opponents would typically sit in different rooms and require the services of three people to play a game of it. Each would have their own board and pieces, but would put them where they thought the opponent's pieces were. One of the people helping with the game would keep his own Chess board with the actual position on it that neither player could see. Unlike Dark Chess, the players have no way of seeing where their pieces attack or capture except to try the move and learn from what happens. One of the people helping with the game is given the role of referee or arbitrator. He announces if a move is legal or not. A player that makes an illegal move, must take the move back and try another. This is not how Dark Chess is played. It certainly would use the same skills to play as Dark Chess, but you'd have to gain a lot of your information just by what moves are allowed and also choose those moves that might be illegal on purpose to gain such information.

I imagine nowadays someone might have programmed a computer to play Kriegspiel. It seems this game has a following. I read it was used in training to help officers of the Prussian military learn about thinking with incomplete information.

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