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4. November 2002, 19:22:04
Subject: Re: extinction chess
Yeah, I need to learn this game strategy at last ;-)

10. November 2002, 17:10:53
ustica tnp 
Subject: Corner Chess
only the layout is the different of the regolar chess?

13. November 2002, 14:01:44
Subject: Re: Corner Chess
The starting position of the pieces is different. And it is randomly set when the game is defined. Read the rules for all differences.

1. December 2002, 07:04:07
Subject: Question ?????
What is Loop Chess? I've never heard of it before

1. December 2002, 07:06:47
Subject: Re: Question ?????
That's what the rules are for! lol
Basically, when you capture one of your opponent's pieces, it becomes yours and when it's your turn, instead of moving a piece you may place one of these pieces on any empty square. Other than that, just like chess! :-)

1. December 2002, 18:38:30
This is GREAT!! Ha ha! Anyone want to play? I prefer to play white, but I'll accept any invite! (providing I'm not up to my limit on games!)

1. December 2002, 18:47:16
I never won this game as black. Does anybody know a good strategy? ;-)

1. December 2002, 20:53:04
Subject: Re:
Fencer, I've always won when playing white, but right now I'm about to lose! The player kept shuffling the back pieces forward, so I never had a place to take a black piece without losing one of my own.
The end result, I have 2(?) pieces left, they have half a dozen pawns and a queen! Eek!! I'll let you know the outcome! But I'm not too confident about this game!!

1. December 2002, 21:01:42
Subject: Black's advantage
I have become aware of black's big advantage in this, and have been told that it will be changed. I think that even if you eliminate pawn promotions, there are still really no pieces white can take unless black gives them to white. The idea of having 2 Majarajah's for white wouldn't make a big difference either. Even if both had to be taken for the game to end, black could still force 2 extra queens (if white sacraficed one of their pieces).

I thought it might be a better idea to simply elimiate both of black's rooks. Even then i think black would have an advantage, but it wouldn't be near as big.

I also thought maybe giving white the row of pawns in addition to the maharajah (white has only the maharajah in the back row) it could be more fair.

2. December 2002, 07:01:15
Subject: Re: Black's advantage
The pawn row idea seems to be the most interesting to me. Maybe not all 8 pawns, what about 4 pawns on odd or even columns?

2. December 2002, 15:04:08
Subject: Re: Black's advantage
Whatever you think would help! :-)

Or what about files 1, 4, 5 and 8? Prevents Blacks' guaranteed queens without sacrificing white's pawns.

2. December 2002, 18:10:24
There will be no extra queens if I disable pawn promoting :-)

2. December 2002, 18:14:32
To put it bluntly, either white needs more pieces or black should have less!

3. December 2002, 06:49:38
The first change should be active, no pawns can promote on the last row.

6. December 2002, 12:31:53
Subject: it will not let me submit
my moves against volvat and pahtzerwannabe will not be submitted tried reloading and everything.

6. December 2002, 13:56:56
Please let me know the game IDs and the moves you want to do.

6. December 2002, 14:42:23
Forget it, I've already found the bug. It will be fixed within several hours :-)

6. December 2002, 17:54:36
Subject: fencer?
where on the site are the ratings for example:
for playing a non rating player to a rating one for lost or win? loop for instance!.I have notice when a non rating player wins he gets high score....but when a rating player wins a match against a low rank he/she loses just as much...

6. December 2002, 18:38:50
Everybody starts with BKR=1300 but it is shown when the player finishes at least 4 rated games.

6. December 2002, 18:44:02
The bug is fixed.

6. December 2002, 19:01:46
Subject: Re:
i guess I dont make myself clear on things sorry...just wondering how the rate goes for non players when a rated one wins or when a rated one loses to a non rated player?...after 4 games is completed......and thanx for fixing the *bug* oh and have to comment you on a wonderful site filip....its awesome!!!! and I would imagine many would say the same.....

6. December 2002, 19:05:47
sammeegirl: Since you are not the only one who asked about this BKR thing, I'll add it to FAQ :-)

6. December 2002, 19:06:58
Subject: Re:
o ok thanx...will ck* it out

6. December 2002, 19:08:16
Tomorrow, probably.

6. December 2002, 19:33:19
ok'ee do'kee

6. December 2002, 19:56:41
I'm finding this LOADS better now pawns can't promote!

6. December 2002, 22:15:30
So do I. I hope it will be enough to have both players' chances balanced.

7. December 2002, 11:10:30
I'd just like to give a public CONGRATULATIONS to rabbitoid, possibly the first player here to win Maharajah playing WHITE?
And yes, it was me he beat!! Nice one rabbitoid, I didn't think it could be done but you proved me wrong!!!

7. December 2002, 14:31:56
Hey, it is already included in FAQ! Read the article about unrated players.

8. December 2002, 07:09:04
Subject: FAQ's
. have and thanx....

10. December 2002, 13:48:43
Subject: Re:
thanks. no offence, but white still needs a LOT of help from black to win :)

10. December 2002, 15:41:07
Subject: Re:
Ha ha ha, point taken, I'm a really crap chess player!! LOL!!! But even a crap chess player needs a damn good player to lose when playing black in Maharajah!! But hey, no matter how bad I am, you've proved it can be done!!

10. December 2002, 17:48:05
Subject: Re:
Honestly your not as bad a i am.:)

10. December 2002, 19:00:17
Subject: Re:
Ian... care to prove that on the board?!

12. December 2002, 13:57:13
Subject: a rules question
not clear from the rules: what happens if no black pawn can move? is it a draw, like stalemate?
(or white for that matter, but I really don't see how that can happen)

12. December 2002, 13:59:17
Subject: Re: a rules question
apparently not, hrlqns won. good game!

12. December 2002, 18:46:48
Subject: Re: a rules question
You are right, I will add it to the rules.

26. December 2002, 00:39:08
Subject: Re:
between good players white always wins, i have played it on often on IYT, that is the reason I only accept 2 game matches

28. December 2002, 17:00:31
If a white pawn makes it to the other side (like THATS gonna happen!!) is it promoted as in normal chess? I'm sure it would be, but I cant see anything about it in the rules.

28. December 2002, 18:28:13
Yes, it is promoted. And it is hidden in this line of the rules:
The rules are the same as for normal chess with these differences: [and the list of extra horde chess features]

28. December 2002, 20:35:17
Ah! Thanks!!

3. January 2003, 00:34:04
Subject: stale mate
when you or your opponent can not move a piece is that a draw (stale mate)?

3. January 2003, 03:11:51
Subject: Re: stale mate
The game rules state:

Anti Chess
This rules of this game are the same as for normal Chess (starting position and piece movement) with the following differences:

-There is no check or checkmate.
-Who loses all pieces including the king or cannot make a legal move, wins the game.
-Capturing of the opponent's pieces is mandatory. The player can make a move only with a piece that can capture an opponent's piece, and he/she must capture this piece. Only if the player cannot capture any opponent piece, he/she can make a move with any piece.

3. January 2003, 12:55:59
Thanks Kevin, I missed "and can not make a legal move"

17. January 2003, 03:31:36
Subject: This may sound stupid...
But I have an idea to make this game more evenly balanced. When white takes a piece, allow him/her to place that piece back on the board anywhere as a white piece instead of a black piece. Perhaps it could be offered as a different variation altogether, like Loop Maharajah Chess. Then again, the designer of this site maybe a bit busy right now to do such a thing, or it just not might be that great of an idea. Regardless, I do enjoy this site and am grateful to have an opportunity to voice an opinion. Take care.

17. January 2003, 06:09:05
Subject: Re: This may sound stupid...
A loop variation.!!! That seems like a pretty decent idea actually. :)

17. January 2003, 20:01:21
Subject: suggestion
An indicator indicating how many times one has been in check by the player's name and captured pieces would be a nice feature.

18. January 2003, 19:37:12
Subject: RULES - stalemate
I have played this games on other sites, and always been awarded a draw when playing black, and all my pawns blocked from moving.
However, I was shocked that the rules on this site state a loss for this situation. This is what happened in my game against Swoosh, and it cost me my number 1 ranking!
I propose that the rules be changed so that it is a DRAW if black still has one or more pawns left and cannot move.

18. January 2003, 20:03:35
Subject: Re: Rules - stalemate
That could even things up a bit for the black player. It would certainly make it more difficult for the white player!

19. January 2003, 09:37:18
Subject: Re: RULES - stalemate
Hmmm, that's interesting idea. Okay, I'll change it.

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