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The International Friendship Club
5 won tournaments

Old and new friends just having a laugh and a few games.
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260 members
Level Flag Name Rank
Marshmud  Big Boss
beach  Little Boss
 Mousetrap  manager
Geomomo  manager
rod03801  manager
Mélusine  manager
Baked Alaskan  manager
Dalmatiner  manager
dhaas70  manager
faith  member
ellieoop  member
MsDelete  member
Vikings  member
wekke  member
Jason  member
BElanna  member
goodfoods  member
TexasToest  member
Zurab  member
WhisperzQ  member
NightHawkEdward  member
Hannelore  member  member
SueQ  member
Jump This  member
Gone and exit  member
Clandestine 1  member
Beaupol  member
nstre  member
Antje  member
Foxy Lady  member
Rachelj  member
Markelle  member
netvenus  member
LightningBolt  member
Chimera  member
galilei  member
Nirvana  member
 iv2  member
Czuch  member
Klinsmann  member
R.A.D.Y.  member
patch  member
SMART ALX  member
529  member
Backoff  member
mgraca  member
Mad April Hare  member
Charlie IT  member
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Fellowship team tournaments
BKR: 1148
Reversi 8x8
3 players
Name BKR Team rank
 Geomomo 1799 captain
 Dalmatiner 1617 player
 Baked Alaskan 1328 player
(*) Each player can be a member of only one team of the same game type. You are already a member of Reversi 8x8 team of Noodleland fellowship.

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Fellowship Stairs
Name Match type Time control (?) Creator
5 Day StairsNormal game 5 daysMarshmud
3 Day StairsNormal game 3 daysMarshmud
1 Day StairsNormal game 1 dayMarshmud
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