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 Run around the Pond

Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game)

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25. February 2009, 07:13:34
Subject: Re: question
Vikings: Very good proposal

24. February 2009, 23:38:40
Subject: Re: question
david upshaw: It doesn't matter, they will both tie for 1st place.
I have suggested that the rules be changed to let the person with the highest points left be declared the winner in tiebreakers

24. February 2009, 17:19:12
david upshaw 
Subject: question
I have questions with a Run in the Rain.

When there are two players left is it an automatic draw? Because someone will have to be high and the other will be low. Both fall?

Would points be the deciding factor?

Should the person with the most points go low to save his total points?

28. November 2008, 15:11:23
joshi tm 
How about allowing non-paying members to join (just one) pond? Ponds will be filled better that way.

4. November 2008, 01:15:39
three people needed to start these ponds
Kysucké moře uno
Kysucké moře uno

1. November 2008, 15:36:50
only 2 people needed to start this pond
Kysucké moře uno

26. October 2008, 05:40:11
Subject: Re:
Vikings: I wish you'd do it more often :)

26. October 2008, 00:51:02
like that move did you?

26. October 2008, 00:23:00
Subject: Re:
Vikings: Now that was an interesting way to commit suicide, going from a safe 92 to 91

15. October 2008, 00:02:21

14. October 2008, 23:58:28
only 2 people needed to start this pond
První rybník

4. October 2008, 23:53:27
Subject: JUST 4 PEOPLE
we're down to only needing 4 people to start this BIG pond
How about another Big pond

1. October 2008, 13:55:27
Subject: one more player needed
come on, I haven't got all day!
how about a oneday?

23. August 2008, 01:30:24
Modified by Vikings (23. August 2008, 14:22:56)
only 2 players needed for this to start

Love My Spouse

20. August 2008, 15:32:20
Subject: Re: for pond statisticians Yes, but this player shows a certain touch of class. Personally I like the style :)

20. August 2008, 15:18:54 
Subject: Re: for pond statisticians
rabbitoid: I would say the first pond with 51 falling in the first round will always hold the record....... since most did not understand how to play yet.

The very first run

20. August 2008, 10:54:31
Subject: for pond statisticians
Modified by rabbitoid (20. August 2008, 10:54:59)
I haven't been following the records for 1st turn bets lately. Is this a Guinness candidate? Fast Fast Turtles Beware !!!

18. August 2008, 04:52:34
and of course there is only 19 more needed to start this pond
How about another Big pond

18. August 2008, 04:45:22
5 players needed to start this 12 hour pond
Fast Fast Turtles Beware !!!

18. August 2008, 01:25:46
Modified by Vikings (18. August 2008, 04:43:45)
Just 1 more player needed to start this pond
Single Rotation

17. August 2008, 00:31:29
Modified by Vikings (17. August 2008, 04:45:49)
only 1 more player needed to start this pond
2000 and up, keep out of the water,there's lightin

but don't let the title fool you, lol

1. August 2008, 11:13:26
Baked Alaskan 
Bunch of new ones  Here... 

29. July 2008, 12:45:32
Subject: pond needs 5 more players at least

22. July 2008, 04:25:11
ALL we need is 26 more players to start this one
How about another Big pond

22. July 2008, 04:21:56
This pond can start as soon as one more player signs up
scared of the DARK???

18. July 2008, 04:45:22
Only 1 player needed for this quick pond
Paully 1 Day Limit Pond # 1

12. July 2008, 01:05:27
only 2 players needed to start this pond
Bude sváteční neděla, tož běhejme dokola

11. July 2008, 14:09:47
Subject: new pond

25. June 2008, 02:27:38
Subject: Re: ????

I see now, that explains it... he must have placed a bid before his status changed and when I made my move it was after the change...
Thanks for the help understanding it...

24. June 2008, 12:28:53
Subject: Re: ????
LionsLair: based on these ponds, I would assume that as of 5 a.m. central time,he has made a move in any pond that has a 4+ day time limit until the next round

24. June 2008, 05:25:22 
Subject: Re: ????
LionsLair: I wish profiles would say when the persons membership ran out - but the only way I know of it possible happening is the the round started, he made his move and his membership ran out after he made the move.

Usually when others bring it up - we will continue to watch it and the pawn will time out the next time - but I've seen if a few times before when people bid just above a pawns last bid - but it was a "new" pawn who had time to make a last bid and mess up that strategy.

24. June 2008, 04:24:48
Subject: Re: ????
nope, move was made as a pawn unless they were a pawn then a rook then a pawn again all in 1 day...
nope, this game...
Area 51 #3
I purposely made my move thinking that a pawn could not make a move and yet they did somehow...
is it a bug?

24. June 2008, 00:25:17
Subject: Re: ????
LionsLair: Is this what you are talking about?
Fathers Day 2008

23. June 2008, 19:15:07 
Subject: Re: ????
LionsLair: They should not be able to - which pond?

Maybe the user just recently dropped to pawn status (made move as rook - and dropped to pawn after bid was made)

23. June 2008, 19:01:39
Subject: ????
I didn't think pawns could play in ponds! Have the rules changed?

21. June 2008, 02:40:06
Subject: Re:
paully: I'd suggest that you join this fellowship
In the meantime, I'll post your pond in there for you

21. June 2008, 02:31:42
I just created my first pond
For anyone wanting a quick moving pond, I made it a fast one.
New Member first Pond Creation

4. June 2008, 03:56:51
better hurry up, only 47 more people needed to start this pond
How about another Big pond

22. May 2008, 05:15:59
Only 1 player needed for this to start

and 2 needed for this to start

18. May 2008, 06:37:29
These ponds need only 3 players to start
Area 51
Area 51

18. May 2008, 06:35:35
this pond needs only one more player to start
Area 51

15. May 2008, 23:44:06
Just 3 people needed to start this pond

14. May 2008, 05:09:28
Just 2 people are needed for this pond
big lake

10. May 2008, 00:30:59
4 players needed to start this pond
big lake

7. May 2008, 02:13:27
We need 5 people to sign up for these to start
Sort-Of-A-Quick Start Dark Pond
Sort-of-quick start rain pond

6. May 2008, 04:03:18
4 people needed to get this one started
Quick start pond

6. May 2008, 03:28:14
Modified by Vikings (6. May 2008, 04:00:27)
Only 1 person needed to start this pond
Pojďme si zase zaplavat

5. May 2008, 09:17:33
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: New Ponds
We were running low so I made some more,
A couple start soon (Like Mothers Day Pond)  so all that are interested, please sign up Here  


1. May 2008, 11:54:05
Subject: Re: Notes Brilliant; thank you very much; I have already made use of them.

29. April 2008, 21:25:41 
Subject: Re: Notes
tonyh: you ask.... and you receive.

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