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 Run around the Pond

Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game)

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25. October 2007, 13:00:42
Subject: stranger and stranger
concerning Kunoichi's Strange Test Pond...
have you noted that the BKR's posted are the ones for chess? aaaargh, I hope mine doesn't suffer too much when I go splash in this thing

25. October 2007, 12:54:45
Subject: Re: only 195 more players needed to start
Vikings: very funny. I don't know why I even bother

25. October 2007, 12:51:32
Subject: only 195 more players needed to start
I think this pond will need a little advertising
Large Pond

23. October 2007, 11:14:06
Subject: Re:
Kunoichi: weird. how did you define a "pond type: chess"? the definition page still offers only the 3 usual types run, dark and rain.

23. October 2007, 02:18:39
Subject: Re:
Modified by Czuch (23. October 2007, 02:19:23)
Kunoichi: what are the rules and how are they implimented?

want to talk about this in the ponds fellowship?

23. October 2007, 02:07:13
Kunoichi's Strange Test Pond...

Started a chess pond... probably not supposed to be possible, so I wonder what would happen if we tried it.

18. October 2007, 16:30:46

17. October 2007, 12:33:11
Subject: Congratulations
Modified by MadMonkey (17. October 2007, 12:34:19)

14. October 2007, 02:07:20 
Subject: Re: wah
Kunoichi: It happens.

My personal opinion - for the first few rounds, to possible save 10-20 points - there is no point in bidding too low. That is if I think the low bids will be between 70-80, I will bid probable closer to 100. Again, 10-20 points in my opinion is not that important. Much more important to be around at the end. (That is in later rounds, there will be bids with over 1,000 between them - so what is 10-20 points? not much)

For new users, some general tips (everyone plays different so feel free to follow or ignore):

Check recent ponds - see what bids fell in the first few rounds - make sure you are higher then that.

Keep an eye out for players whose membership drops to pawn status. After they chance to a pawn, they can no longer bid - so their last bid will continue until they fall.

Keep an eye out for the lowest player. If they only have 1 point left, it is funny to still see people bid 1,000+, since they would just need to bid 2 to stay in.

The 500 point bonus can be good - BUT if you have to bid more then 500 points higher then what you normally bid - they it is not really very good. (Except for the times when your goal is to keep others from getting it.)

14. October 2007, 01:34:23
Subject: wah
Modified by Kunoichi (14. October 2007, 01:35:14)
my first pond game that I try, in round one I pick 79 and I fall out of the pond when 3 others pick 80...
And then there were none...

I feel dumb... : (
Or does this usually happen to people on their first try?

11. October 2007, 21:46:10
Subject: Re: Reversal of removal of a player from a pond?
rod03801: Only me.

11. October 2007, 18:59:07
Subject: Reversal of removal of a player from a pond?
I somehow removed a player from one of my fellowship ponds. (Had to be a clicking mistake of some sort, because it was definitely not intentional.. I have to BEG people to sign up for the pond, lol) They tried to sign back up to the pond, but it won't let them. Does anyone know how I can let that person back into the Pond? Or is this something only Fencer can do?

11. October 2007, 12:29:33
Subject: New Feature
Everyone should check out the new feature that Fencer just implemented on the pond page, you might just be sup prized to see how many fellowship ponds are over due to start due to lack of players, I found one that only needed one player to start but was 586 days over due

10. October 2007, 07:15:56
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Join the pond!

10. October 2007, 07:10:11
Papa Zoom 
congratulations to Bernice for winning the Save The Whale pond!!!  woooo hooooo

26. September 2007, 23:19:40
Any pond player interested in a ponds fellowship, here is your chance.....

To entice new members, we have a 6 month rook membership on the line in a fellowship pond.

Come join us before its too late!


25. September 2007, 20:39:48
Papa Zoom 
Subject: New pond 1 day moves :)

22. September 2007, 13:59:27
lol, an unrated pawns wins a pond, lol

22. September 2007, 04:59:09
Subject: Re: this is BS
BadBoy7: my advice is to pay attention to who those people are, learn their habits and then use that information to your benefit

22. September 2007, 02:57:13 
Subject: Re: this is BS
BadBoy7: The higher you end up, the most ratings you will win. So if someone signs up, and then falls in by either not playing or something, the higher you end up and the better you do. Sometimes there is a tie and there is no winner - happens a lot with Rain Ponds, but rarely in the others.

22. September 2007, 02:54:00
Subject: this is BS
players sign up for ponds then dont make moves or finish them and I lose points....cause it ends up no winner

29. August 2007, 00:42:39
Subject: Re: Gotta love rain ponds!
Vikings: Yeah, after round 2 I figured something of the sort would happen. I really didn't think it would be a 17 way tie though! LOL

29. August 2007, 00:31:55
Subject: Re: Gotta love rain ponds!
rod03801: you could see that coming in the previous round, it is probably a record

29. August 2007, 00:29:49
Subject: Gotta love rain ponds!
LOL The Champs Run in the rain (BKR >=2000) had a 17 way tie for first place!

I guess all the top rated players play about the same.

27. August 2007, 01:46:08
Subject: Re: calling all players
Vikings: now only 5 more are needed
Ponds Plus Open Large Pond

25. August 2007, 15:25:16

25. August 2007, 01:21:50
Subject: calling all players
we need 19 players to start this pond
Ponds Plus Open Large Pond

17. August 2007, 11:18:18

14. August 2007, 09:04:23
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: oops
rabbitoid: That does not matter, one day, two days, will still be fast enough.

13. August 2007, 16:41:22
Subject: oops
I've just noticed that I've made a slight mistake
all my onedayponds have been defined as 2 days per turn
I tried to edit, but the system won't let me modify this parameter. so I did what I could... the next bunch, until end of September, are now labelled as twodaypond. Oh well

18. July 2007, 11:14:27
Subject: be quick

12. July 2007, 07:06:28
congratulation will go to Codypup for winning my $100 AUS pond....the money will be in the post on Monday (my time)

8. July 2007, 07:22:28
Subject: Re:
Codypup: that's a given

8. July 2007, 05:00:21

7. July 2007, 10:29:57
Subject: interesting :)
Modified by Bernice (7. July 2007, 10:30:43)
who is going to win the $100

Im taking bets lOLOL
$100 cash - AUS...conditions apply

28. June 2007, 21:02:17
Subject: We need just 6 more peeps

to play!

Mineral Bath..

if you fall in.. the minerals give you endless life..  ~

☼‡☼ Lost In Time ☼‡☼

Run in the dark!

23. June 2007, 10:22:54

12. June 2007, 22:19:25
Subject: Re:
"Snoopy": ok....well then it looks as tho it will have to be closed.....I wish Fencer would take the minimum 16 off it....

12. June 2007, 13:14:31
Subject: Re:
its a fellowship pond so only members of your fellowship can sign for it

12. June 2007, 01:45:46
^i^ IRONHORSE SALOON ^i^ (8. June 2007, 13:36:25)

anyone interested in this pond....
please sign up

1. June 2007, 22:42:34
I have already deleted 2 people from the tourney because no address has been supplied...I will be checking this regularly...

$100 AUS = $83.23 at todays rate.

1. June 2007, 16:46:08
Subject: Re: the BIGGEST pond available to members on here $100
Vikings: Maybe she meant to say biggest PRIZE?
I wonder what $100 Australian is in US dollars... I'm too lazy to go look. lol

1. June 2007, 12:00:54
Subject: Re: the BIGGEST pond available to members on here $100
Bernice: just 2 things, 1st, here's a link to your pond $100 cash...conditions apply
2nd it will only be as big as 16 players because of the limits

1. June 2007, 11:14:46
Subject: the BIGGEST pond available to members on here $100
Modified by Bernice (1. June 2007, 11:16:04)
let see how many people we get to enter this pond???

there a 2 conditions...1st...your address and name must be supplied before the competition starts...;

2nd have to be a player in my competition.....

26. May 2007, 23:19:02

23. May 2007, 10:57:32
Subject: feature suggetion
How about a way for players to simply drop out of the pond.

The system would probably have to send all the remaining players a message saying who dropped out.

I suppose it wold be unfair to have players drop out last minute right before the end of a round, so maybe limit it so that players can only drop out when more than 25% of the time per turn is remaining. This would be way better than the way it is now!

16. May 2007, 03:35:29
Subject: Re:
Modified by Bernice (16. May 2007, 03:40:08)
rod03801: thanks ROd...didnt know how to do that :)

******** but I do now *********** hehehe

16. May 2007, 03:22:45
Subject: Re:
Here is a link to that pond. :-)

On Golden Pond #3

15. May 2007, 22:22:02
anyone interested in winning an Australian t-shirt, then sign up for my pond ;)

8. May 2007, 15:51:32
joshi tm 
Subject: Re:
Universal ♫Eyes: Excuse me, but wouldn't you please put fellowships tournaments on public boards anymore?

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