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15. September 2010, 22:35:35
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Justaminute: thank you at last someone sees it for what it really was personal

has for your post Paully read the rules on ponds and see why i was sticking up for Tenuki nothing to do with being important

11. September 2010, 21:16:57
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
paully: I’ve spent the last hour reading all the posts on this subject with a growing sadness.

Pedestrian- Regarding your post that you don’t like it here anymore and you’re finished. Don’t forget the vast majority of members just play their games, don’t take them too seriously and never make a post. Don’t let the vitriol of a small minority disillusion you.

I like to think Fencer’s remarked were written in haste and he regrets them. It is a shame he didn’t issue a quick apology rather than letting things run.

Paully, it’s funny how two people can read something so completely different. I’ve never played either Pedro or Tenuki but Tenuki’s ratings over a large number of games speak for themselves. While Pedro clearly things Tenuki has cheated it is also clear to me that much of this is personal and rather unpleasant.

6. September 2010, 13:44:48
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Pedro Martínez: its not surprising Pedro.
No need to fight anymore, it is obvious he was cheating, he is now banned, the right outcome has been achieved.
It is funny how some people defend an obvious cheat just so they can feel important LOL

6. September 2010, 06:32:57
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
tenuki: Editing your own post so nobody can see you were wrong? :) OK, it doesn't surprise me at all.

6. September 2010, 05:37:41
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
tenuki: By Tanein.

You can't sign up for any ponds. You say you can? OK, sign up for some and post the pond here so we can see.

I was accused many times and by many people. Always by inept people who don't know how ponds are played though. YOU have now accused me of cheating. I want you to provide more information. Where did I cheat?

6. September 2010, 05:33:09
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Modified by tenuki (6. September 2010, 13:49:00)
Pedro Martínez:
Well, I will stop this nonsense right now. I don´t want to talk anymore with Pedro. PERIOD.
You know you were accused before and NOT by me!

6. September 2010, 05:30:51
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
tenuki: Be specific and elaborate on your own accusations or shut up.

6. September 2010, 05:29:53
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Snoopy: Right. He now shows his real nature.
Deviating other´s attention away from his own conduct here.
You know some people needs to degrade others to upgrade themselves.

6. September 2010, 05:26:09
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Snoopy: Why? Tenuki is banned from ponds, that's I wanted from the very beginning. Im my view, it still is rather a moderate sanction…

6. September 2010, 05:24:22
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Pedro Martínez: thats a really sad statement on your part
tells me so much

6. September 2010, 05:17:47
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
tenuki: Do whatever you want, my misson has been accomplished.

6. September 2010, 05:10:05
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Modified by tenuki (6. September 2010, 05:36:43)
Pedro Martínez: I never claimed my formula to be perfect, efficient, accurate, good or even fair...just a formula as many players have.
I will answer privately any message from all the players who I don´t hate, which are almost all except for the one making false accusations.

6. September 2010, 04:11:21
Subject: Re: thank you
tenuki: its always good to hear both sides of a story
then its up to the rest of us on who we choose to believe

6. September 2010, 00:56:32
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
tenuki: Finaly something I can agree with you upon. Your fomula loses credibility. Or actually, I'm sorry, I can't agree there either… it has never had any.

6. September 2010, 00:27:36
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Modified by tenuki (6. September 2010, 00:50:53)
I´m glad you didn´t even got close to my explanation, regarding the example you mention due to the totally unexpected timing out by pauloaguia in *9, my formula loses credibility, added to the fact of so much disparity in the previous round´s bets, so you must rely only on the previous sum, as was pointed in my explanation when I said: ¨..., which uses last 3 bets (or 2 when the 3rd one is unavailable because of timing out)...¨
Sometimes on such a situation I try to make an educated ¨guess¨ as I failed frequently in the past (and my student also failed in this one, as a prove!), but this time knowing she would use the formula as stated I took profit.

5. September 2010, 23:23:42
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
Modified by Pedro Martínez (5. September 2010, 23:58:13)
tenuki: Nice story, and it even has a happy ending.
Too bad that it is not based on a true one. The point is that if you used the “security number given by a proportion of the gap amongst the player who felt and the one who was saved”, the two bets in Round 22 and 21 in this pond would be DIFFERENT. 1700 is not the same as 2709, therefore your “security number” would not be the same either.

5. September 2010, 21:13:52
Subject: Re: message from tenuki
tenuki: Thanks for sharing your version of the story. The way you describe things, it was clearly not a case of team play. I think you did the right thing by not joining any more ponds when you knew you would have this advantage. I don't know what you could have done instead, except perhaps not sharing your formula in the first place - but I guess it would have been difficult to see all this coming at that point.

To me, this entire incident is mainly a result of unclear rules and/or rules that are in place but not implemented. It's still unclear whether team play is actually allowed in ponds although it seems like we're all against it. And everybody knows that multinicks, although outruled, are neglected and allowed in practice. All this creates an environment where it's easy to speculate about all kinds of cheating. (Which is why I think this subject should have stayed on the board - like Gabriel Almeida said, "this is not about ponds, but about BK politics")

5. September 2010, 20:33:16
Subject: message from tenuki
Subject: other side of the moon
Hi friends (and the others )
As I promised to some of you, as long as I had some idle time (had a lot of work last days) I will clarify the issue.
1) it´s funny to be accused by someone who was previously accused of collusion himself (I can remember a comment Pedro made public on a pond after rabbitoid congratulate him for a nice work peeking a probable inactive player. Pedro answered something like: ¨thanks rabbitoid, at least I´m not accused of colluding this time)
2) nauars is one of my online (she lives on another country) Bridge students, and as she started playing backgammon I recommended her to join BK; she did and she liked the site.
3) After some BG games, she asked me about ponds as she read the rules and was interested in playing the game, so I encouraged her to start playing ponds and sent her the formula I deviced, which uses last 3 bets (or 2 when the 3rd one is unavailable because of timing out) plus a ¨security number¨ given by a proportion of the gap amongst the player who felt and the one who was saved (not counting your own if you are the saved one)
4) as times went by it was unavoidable we would meet on some ponds and, except for first two rounds (when my formula can´t be applied, and that explains WHY ON SOME OF THOSE PONDS SHE HAD MORE POINTS LEFT THAN ME! interesting that nobody noted it...) it was easy for me to use my own formula and add ONE
5) Having noticed she enjoyed playing ponds (even more than backgammon!) I refrained to starting NEW ONES, (you can check that I do not sign in any more ponds since. Only those I had already signed in, mostly those named like 12.12.12 organized by R.A.D.Y. which i signed in several months in advance) so as not to have such advantage anymore, but what do you think I should have done on those games we met? should I have bet 0 to fall or just go on? I think half of you would think I should have left while the other half would agree to use the advantage as Pedro himself did on that good bet peeking if an inactive player would connect seconds before deadline. I checked the pond´s rules and saw nothing wrong in using that advantage, so I did, but refused to have it on porpouse in the future and stopped staring new ones.
6) For those still in doubt I can draw your attention on this:, where it shows I already managed to ocupy first place on all 3 kind of ponds long before my student started playing ponds herself.
7) I had seen other players making really ODD bets to benefit a friend (those were generally of the same country and had SIMILAR NICKNAMES!!)
8) I had also read out there that someone suggested nauars and me being a ¨multiple account¨... I had to laugh, as she mostly love to play the games I usually dislike: dice games!
I hope to have enlighted the issue. Thanks to those who believed and defended me, even without knowing the whole story.
And, I hope the rest of you who think I should have acted differently, will at least change your mind from ¨cheating¨ to ¨using unfair advantage¨ (if they think I´m still guilty) and I apologize for that (even when I still think it was NOT unfair)
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14. July 2010, 07:55:50
Subject: The dead season is here
Vacations, heat, lost interest... whatever. Ponds have a hard time filling. Unfortunately I've started a lot, so I've rescheduled mine to start once a week, instead of twice a week. 2 are already late starting, one needs only 1 player.

29. June 2010, 07:32:13
Subject: Congratulations

10 :P Ritr 10 brains going to -> martadip
10 :P Ritd 10 brains going to -> Pedro Martinez
10 :P Ratp 10 brains going to -> sacha

18. May 2010, 00:33:18 
I really like 3 day, 12 hour ponds - and I was ready to sign up for a couple more ponds... but did not see any I liked, so I created a new batch of 3 ponds for 16-20 people:

►► - First 16 to sign - Pond #93 ◄◄
►► - First 16 to sign - Dark Pond#35
►► - First 16 to sign - Rain Pond#17

Good Luck to all!

16. April 2010, 20:37:33
Subject: prize pond
9 months brain rook to winner

prize pond

27. January 2010, 14:14:35
joshi tm 
Subject: Pond variation
Hey BK's

How about this, I havent a name for it but it will make rain ponds better I think...

Instead of 500 bonus points for the player with the second highest bid, that player earns a "life" of "life vest", which, of course, could be used once in later rounds to stay dry instead of falling in the pond. The player with the highest bid without life vests falls in, as so the lowest without a life vest, and all players with lifevest who has lower or higher bids use those. Of course, if a life vest is used, the player cannot earn another in that round. The number of life vests is always shown in another collumn.

13. December 2009, 16:22:27

29. October 2009, 08:13:21
Subject: Probably the bigest PONDS!
3 PONDS - Please sign up. 10 brains for winner

10 :P Ratp - 120 players now
10 :P Rind - 110
10 :P Rinr - 111

Maybe you want NEW achievements? PLEASE SIGN UP.

21. October 2009, 09:32:52

4. October 2009, 20:50:16
OK, so every 2 days is too much. try twice a week.

30. September 2009, 20:14:32
Subject: Re: OK, let's try a faster pace
alexlee: I'm too lazy even for that. The names are by the courtesy of nonsense-0.6, which does just what it's name indicates :)

30. September 2009, 17:49:48
Subject: Re: OK, let's try a faster pace
Only signed up for two, did not see all the rest of them. Had to move my wrist and my finger and thats just SO much work. Looks like you were doing some elbow exercises as well with those pond names

30. September 2009, 17:35:03
Subject: Re: OK, let's try a faster pace
alexlee: stop grinning, you signed up for them

30. September 2009, 17:23:06
Subject: Re: OK, let's try a faster pace
Where's the link

30. September 2009, 07:14:49
Subject: Re: OK, let's try a faster pace
rabbitoid: Result:

26. September 2009, 18:44:48
Subject: OK, let's try a faster pace
A bunch of 2-dayers at your disposal

25. September 2009, 19:02:13
Subject: Re: why is this over?
rod03801: I just checked my message splash notice to this pond, sassy got the same message and also showed several left, and got my curiosity up.
if it would have sent me a splash notice...we wouldnt be having this conversation.

25. September 2009, 18:55:46
Subject: Re: why is this over?
Bwild: Only thing I can think of is maybe somehow you had gone to a past round of it.

25. September 2009, 18:53:22
Subject: Re: why is this over?
rod03801: thats strange....when I posted this question there where still people left....also I just got this message:Pond is finished Igra4ka 25. September 2009, 10:05:15

25. September 2009, 18:33:33
Subject: Re: why is this over?
Bwild: Why shouldn't it be? All the others have fallen in the pond, and one person is left, and they won.

25. September 2009, 18:31:13
Subject: why is this over?

4. June 2009, 03:26:58
Subject: Need One Player
These Two Ponds Need Only One Player To Start

runnin 'n' runnin

stagno #3

30. May 2009, 06:53:49
Subject: Just One Player
only one person needed to start this pond

Hi there

30. April 2009, 04:00:36
Subject: Starts tommarrow
6 people needed to start this pond


28. April 2009, 08:38:42
Subject: Only One Player
needed to start this pond

One wave short of a shipwreck.

27. April 2009, 06:03:31
Subject: new pond

26. April 2009, 02:50:50
Subject: some ponds

16. April 2009, 22:30:46
Subject: Re: Achievment Pond
rabbitoid: that only took about 5 months, lol

16. April 2009, 19:36:43
Subject: Re: Achievment Pond
pauloaguia: or Viking's long delayed Another, How About Another Big Pond
The required number has been reached, the pond will start soon.

16. April 2009, 19:14:50
Subject: Achievment Pond
If you want to try and go for one of those "win a pond with more than xxx players" achievments, then this is the way to start: Charco para Façanha

5. April 2009, 21:43:41
Subject: A few ponds to sing up for

21. March 2009, 21:55:26
Subject: Some New Ponds

25. February 2009, 18:56:02
david upshaw 
I think it should be that way too.

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