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9. November 2015, 18:09:27
Subject: Espionage Masters I
Dear participants,

I'm happy to announce the finish of the first Espionage Masters Tournament. Hooray!

The challenge started on:
5. September 2011, 20:05:11

And the final move was made on:
19. October 2015, 20:05:03

Hence, it took us just around 4 years to finish this beast. :-))

My congrats to SL-Bosse for winning the Espionage tourney!

Nothingness, my congrats for your victory in the Small Espionage tourney!

And last but not least, congratulations to SL-Mark for actually winning 2 tourneys of the Espionage Masters I: Open Fast Espionage and Small Fast Espionage. You really kicked our a****!
However, in the Fast Espionage tourney you lost miserably.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this event.

Currently, I'm preparing for the Espionage Masters II.
So stay tuned guys ...!


And here is the link:
Espionage Masters I

10. November 2015, 20:53:08
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Sandoz: (y)

22. November 2015, 12:55:25
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Congratulations, Bosse. Quite an achievement! A treu master of Espionage!

24. November 2015, 15:59:10
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Chaos: Thanks. It's a pity that I now stop to play here

29. November 2015, 11:31:27
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
SL-Bosse: stop playing espionage or stop playing at BK completely? I've stopped playing espionage quite some time ago, but am still playing other games at BK.

29. November 2015, 19:21:37
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Chaos: I will stop playing on BK completely. Or at least a long break. I still have around 10 games running, which I'm finishing.

1. December 2015, 16:51:27
Subject: Players quitting BK
SL-Bosse: I'll miss the idea of you on BK, eventhough we didn't play or speak anymore ;) I miss the days there was an active sabotage community. I really enjoyed that! :)

29. November 2015, 11:36:24
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Modified by Chaos (29. November 2015, 11:39:21)
Sandoz: Dear Sandoz, since you seem to be the most active in the espionage community, maybe you should take over the role of moderator? I don't play the game anymore and sometimes it takes a few days before I even notice there's a new message on this board (yes, I feel ashamed). Would you like to be moderator of this messageboard? You can set a description and there are a few other possibilities.

13. December 2015, 21:48:58
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I

Thank you, Chaos, for proposing me as a moderator of this board. But, I'm by far not the most active member of this community. In fact, I quit playing here and I finished my last game a couple of month ago.

Dear sabotage fellows, I wish you all the best. Take care!

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