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13. December 2015, 21:48:58
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I

Thank you, Chaos, for proposing me as a moderator of this board. But, I'm by far not the most active member of this community. In fact, I quit playing here and I finished my last game a couple of month ago.

Dear sabotage fellows, I wish you all the best. Take care!

9. November 2015, 18:09:27
Subject: Espionage Masters I
Dear participants,

I'm happy to announce the finish of the first Espionage Masters Tournament. Hooray!

The challenge started on:
5. September 2011, 20:05:11

And the final move was made on:
19. October 2015, 20:05:03

Hence, it took us just around 4 years to finish this beast. :-))

My congrats to SL-Bosse for winning the Espionage tourney!

Nothingness, my congrats for your victory in the Small Espionage tourney!

And last but not least, congratulations to SL-Mark for actually winning 2 tourneys of the Espionage Masters I: Open Fast Espionage and Small Fast Espionage. You really kicked our a****!
However, in the Fast Espionage tourney you lost miserably.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this event.

Currently, I'm preparing for the Espionage Masters II.
So stay tuned guys ...!


And here is the link:
Espionage Masters I

9. September 2014, 23:13:44
Subject: Re: Retirement Tournament
An incredible idea, Mark!

And a great way to complete an impressive sabotage career.

Do I have to become a member again to join the Retirement Tournament?

9. September 2014, 17:08:06
Subject: Re:
thank you, Rod. But, the tournament I was talking about started in 2011 or 2012, hehe

9. September 2014, 11:39:30
Subject: Re:
Don't know if it's possible to change the game speed after a tournament started but I doubt it.

Anyway, I make a move at least once per day

13. August 2014, 19:55:55
Subject: Re: prize tourney
Even without reading the book, I managed to win my latest Championship game against Mark.
Is Mark on the downgrade?
And more importantly: who received the book?

17. July 2012, 08:32:40
Subject: IYT
Well, I came here because most of you league guys switched to bk due to the deactivation of the discussion boards on IYT. Since then it has become very "unchallenging" on IYT. It took me some time to ease into the purely technical interface here, as well.
Meanwhile, I see no reason to switch back anymore neither to play on both sites.

That said, let's see IYT as kind of a bootcamp!
And if a new talent is ready to challenge the 20 world champs, BK is the place to be. ;-)

16. July 2012, 20:27:30
Subject: Re: IYT competition?
What are you taking about? The real world championship in espionage is over.
And the world champ has already been determined:

BrainKing World All Games Champion Ship Tournament


23. June 2012, 10:54:12
Subject: Re: Very good or better Espionage Players
Well, that corresponds to the speed of some espionage games. :-))

5. June 2012, 01:02:19
Subject: Re: Question
Great. Thank you Rod!

4. June 2012, 12:23:34
Subject: Question
Currently I play 12 games in about 5 to 6 different tournaments. What happens if my memberships runs out in a couple of days? Will most of the tournament games be considered as a loss? Due to the fact that as a non-paying menber I'm not allowed to play more than one tournament at a time. Or will I be able to finish those tournament games as a non-paying member? Does anyone know? Thanks for your replies.

16. May 2012, 22:56:41
Subject: Re:
soon you will know.

What about moonhippie? Is he playing here as well?

14. May 2012, 19:45:56
Subject: Re:
SL-Mark: hahaha. If you've bluffed me with your last move in our current game I'll put you on my red list, man!

14. May 2012, 19:43:14
Subject: Re:
Chaos: Oh yes, that's right. Nice that you remember my stone old nick. We had quite a good time over there. :-) But, after my sabotage break I used to play as Sandoz a couple of years on iyt as well.
I don't think that I will go back to iyt for moonhippie's tourney, though.

14. May 2012, 13:02:23
Subject: Re: june open toury on IYT
Celticjim: no

2. September 2011, 19:16:34
Subject: Espionage Masters I
Last call for players:
Only 3 days left to sign up for a big Espionage-Battle!
Many players already signed up:

Espionage: 7 players
Small Espionage: 11 players
Fast Espionage: 10 players
Open Fast Espionage: 15 players
Small Fast Espionage: 12 players

Espionage Masters I

28. August 2011, 12:43:29
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Celticjim: Howdy, that's great! :-)

26. August 2011, 15:37:41
Subject: Espionage Masters I
Only 10 days left to sign up for a big Espionage-Battle! All variants covered! Many great players taking part.

Espionage Masters I

18. August 2011, 16:02:56
Subject: Re: DRAW RULE
I agree with your proposal on the draw rule.

18. August 2011, 13:01:58
Subject: Espionage Masters I
Only 19 days left to sign up for a big Espionage-Battle! Now, all variants covered!

Espionage Masters I

12. August 2011, 12:03:04
Subject: Re: Tournament

What a pity!

I've just become a paying member.

Giddy up, Jim! ;-)

12. August 2011, 11:00:45
Subject: Tournament
Modified by Sandoz (12. August 2011, 11:02:21)
I've just discovered a cool tournament. ;-)

Espionage Masters I

12. April 2011, 18:04:52
Subject: Draw
I promise to accept every draw offer after 50 moves without capturing any piece on the big board - and after 35 moves on the small board respectively.

7. February 2011, 13:25:10
Subject: Re: Retracing
cookie monster:

I promise the same. :-)

23. September 2010, 11:36:19
Subject: Re: New Tournament

Absolutely true ;-)

22. September 2010, 19:40:57
Subject: Re: New Tournament
Hi Mikong,

good to see a new member in the espionage community!

I'm currently taking part in an older tourney: the SL-SFE#2, where, thanks to Mark, I LOST MY FIRST GAME in the second round! Grmpf***§$F#!!!! ... well, that's another topic.

Thus, as a non-member I won't be able to join a second one.

But, as a warm-up I'm happy to send you an invite for small espionage ...

cheers, Sandoz

6. July 2010, 13:10:24
Subject: Re: team tournaments
Chaos: Maybe with the new espionage players who joined the beginner's tournament and with players like you signing up for a paid membership we could get a good tournament going! (/quote)

=> yep, that's the background of my question: Is it worth becoming a paying member? At the moment, I see no reason.
Playing more games simultaneously? Not really
Joining more tournaments simultaneously? Hmm, there aren't many interesting espionage tournaments
Playing other games than espionage? Hmm, for battleboats, poker etc. I would prefer realtime-versions
Perhaps, cool espionage team-tournaments ... :-)

6. July 2010, 08:58:00
Subject: team tournaments
are you guys playing a lot of espionage team tournaments?
Is there anything going on?

8. April 2010, 08:35:26
Subject: Re: new version
I am looking forward to your proposal.
Didn't know that the SL commitee still exists :-)

8. April 2010, 08:33:50
Subject: new version
Just want to come back to our poll, which I haven't forgotten, of course. I think 8 weeks is a proper poll-period for guys who play games and tournaments which often last months or even years. ;-)

Well, according to our poll the most preferred variant is extinction espionage. 4 out of 6 participants voted for this.

For the results in detail please have a look here:

10. March 2010, 15:12:38
Subject: Re: happy hermit
Chaos: ah okay, thanks.
I saw that as well including his huge amount of vacation days shrinking to zero. and now he's close to timing out in at least 150 games including our little espionage battle :-(

9. March 2010, 21:02:44
Subject: happy hermit
What happened to happy hermit?
Any information?

3. February 2010, 15:36:22
Subject: Re: 3-game-match
yep, it might not be easy to implement this variant.
But, on the other hand it's "just" the implementation of the three-round-logic and the pieces-logic. As the rules of the game itself remain basically unchanged. But, I'm not a programmer.

The economical decision whether it's worth developing this game/variant in terms of potenzial no. of players etc. ... that has to be made by brainking. May be, Fencer strives this board and could simply leave a statement like "forget it guys,. Never ever!" or "great idea guys, please go ahead with the concept!".

Well, I wouldn't mind if we first start with the atomic or extinction version. But, honestly, if I understood the rules right, I'm not sure if this would fit with the basic concept behind the game espionage. In other words: these two variants won't have much in common with the original game dynamics/concepts. Feels more like a quick-shoot-version. This does not mean that I won't like it, ;-)

3. February 2010, 11:16:02
Subject: 3-game-match
Here comes my proposal for the 3-game-match-variant:

The Winner:
The winner of the match is the player who first wins two games. Thus, the match lasts 3 games max.

Number of pieces:
Each player has a total of 39 pieces for all of the 2-3 games. A headquarter will be added for each game.

Size of the board:

The mechanic:

First round: White places at least 10 pieces (plus hq) out of the 39 pieces on the board. Then black places at least 10 pieces out of his 39 pieces on the board. The number of pieces set on the board does not have to be equal. I think, this gives this variant an extra strategic edge.

Second round: Colours change, White places again at least 10 pieces on the board. Then black decides on at least ten pieces, ... see above

Third round:
All remaining pieces have to be placed on the board.

A headquarter is added with each round/game.

The pieces in detail:
- 4x5er
- 4x4er
- 4x3er
- 7xrecon
- 6xsab
- 4x2er
- 4x1er
- 6xbomb
plus the hq, which will be added with each round.

I guees this variant offers a whole new range for strategic thinking.

What do you think about this?

3. February 2010, 01:54:02
Subject: Atomic and Extinction
For Espionage, when it says "There is no check or checkmate", does that mean in this variants we play without headquaters?

3. February 2010, 00:42:01
Subject: Re: New variant
SL-Mark: grinch! this is how my dictionary translates the German word "Spielverderber" ;-)
not every system is meant to become crushed, if you know what I mean. well, but I see, things aren't that easy, lol.
I suggest, we then change the rule in that way, that everyone may choose more than one favorite. But no multiple identities, Mark!

Alternatively, we switch to a site with a radio-button-poll-tool.

Or, we discuss the whole thing here at the board.

How does the Atomic and the Extinction thing work, anyway?

3. February 2010, 00:11:10
Subject: Re: New variant
SL-Mark: hehe, in that case your vote would not influence the outcome pretty much ;-)

2. February 2010, 23:44:14
Subject: Re: New variant
Nothingness: yes, you are right. I'll come up with an explanation of the 3-game-match idea, soon

2. February 2010, 21:47:27
Subject: New variant
Heck, (I like this word :-)
to keep things going I've set up a poll.
May be we can first figure out, on which variant to put our further focus. And then we bring up a concrete proposal to those guys running this platform.

Here comes the link:

25. January 2010, 22:24:57
Subject: Re: food for thought
SL-Mark: yes, and don't waste all your big guys in the first round! :)

25. January 2010, 14:20:52
Subject: Re: food for thought
SL-Mark: in that case, it should allways be a 2-game-match. This makes it more interesting from the choosing-point of view.

Different idea: how about a 3-games-match with a fixed set of pieces you choose from in game no 1 and no 2. The third game then is an all-in game (all remaining pieces have to be placed on the board) ?

25. January 2010, 12:58:51
Subject: Re: food for thought
SL-Mark: I would simply try to trade one of my 4 + sab against one of your 5ers. And then: I'm king of the board!

25. January 2010, 12:49:08
Subject: Re: food for thought
SL-Mark: well, with your setup you would probabely loose our game, hehe

25. January 2010, 12:40:05
Subject: food for thought
okay, Mark, here comes my real choice:
- hq
- 2xbomb
- 1xrecon
- 2x5er
- 2x4er
- 1x3er
- 1xsab

total: 10

25. January 2010, 11:12:50
Subject: Re: food for thought:
To me this sounds like an interesting idea, Mark!
We first should check out if there will be a greater strategic variety for choosing pieces. It should not end up everybody choosing 2x5, 2x4, 2x3 and so on plus the hq as a default

19. January 2010, 21:39:45
Subject: Re: bug zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Celticjim: undoubtedly this is a BIG BUG

19. January 2010, 17:53:41
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
slight correction: this should of course only work if you move your piece between your own bombs and not if you move a piece between your oppenent's bombs.

And now I stop spamming ... :-)

19. January 2010, 17:48:07
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
Celticjim: on the other hand, I know realize that I probabely could have beaten you by this cheap trick, lol

19. January 2010, 17:45:17
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
and as you know from our latest game, the whole forced movement thing sucks at all!! ;-)

19. January 2010, 17:39:48
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
As far as I know from iyt, it works like this:
If you have less than 6 moveable pieces on a board of open fast espionage (i.e. excl. hq and bombs) and you move one of them between two bombs of your opponent placed on the bottom line, then, within the next turn, you should be able to move your piece back to field it came from. For example: your opponent has a bomb/or hq on b10 and on d10 and you move your piece from c9 to c10. In that case, due to the forced movement thing, you should be able to move your piece back to c9 in your next turn.

Unfortunately, I can't have a look at your posted game in the bug list, as it's obviously still running.
But, in the bug reported by pauloaguia it seems to be the case like I desribed above.

Hope that helps.
Greets, Michael

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