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29. November 2015, 19:21:37
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Chaos: I will stop playing on BK completely. Or at least a long break. I still have around 10 games running, which I'm finishing.

24. November 2015, 15:59:10
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Chaos: Thanks. It's a pity that I now stop to play here

10. November 2015, 20:53:08
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Sandoz: (y)

18. August 2014, 18:50:29
Subject: Re: prize tourney
SL-Mark: Which book?

23. November 2012, 16:52:38
Subject: Re: System looses my position continously!?
Aganju: I had similair problem in one or two games recently.

27. November 2011, 18:14:02
Subject: Slowly play
I want to apologize everyone for my slow play for the moment. I am in to too many games, and to much work.

21. September 2010, 19:56:06
Subject: Re: New tournament
Mikong: I'm normally active at least twice a day. Morning and evening CET.

21. September 2010, 06:42:35
Subject: Re: New tournament
Mikong: I'm and in, if it is a fast tournament. Not one move each week.

30. March 2010, 08:20:15
Subject: Re: all espionage players

Nothingness: And so far 28 players has signed up.

Open Espionage League Brain prize Tourney

26. January 2010, 14:04:00
dAGGER: I can't send you an answer on your message, because you have me on your "blocklist"

26. January 2010, 13:40:11
Subject: Team Tournament - Espionage
Chaos and I trying to set up ateam in the upcomming Team tournament in Espionage. The tournamnet starts on the 31st of January. If you are intrested send me a message, and I will invite you to the fellowship "Espionage League". Just rember that you must be at least a "Rock"-meber to be able to be a member of a fellowship, and play in team-tournaments.

19. January 2010, 21:03:55
Subject: Open Fast Espionage - # 1- Final round
The final round of Open Fast Espionage - # 1 has started. It is "dmoresco" and "Thom27" who will fight for the victory.

18. January 2010, 19:10:11
Subject: Small Fast Espionage #2
It's less then 2 days before Small Fast Espionage #2 starts. So far 49 players, and more or less all top 10-players are in. But it's still space for more players, so sign-up!

14. January 2010, 12:06:53
Subject: Re: tournament
Chaos: I sent him a special invitation yesterday.

11. January 2010, 08:21:22
Subject: Re: Small Fast #2
Dark Prince: It will be the 20th of January. This is due to a little delay in setting up the tournament.

10. January 2010, 19:23:47

Already 30 players!!! in Small Fast Espionage #2

9. January 2010, 08:13:29

Here is "my" tournament Small Fast Espionage #2

Come on sign up!

3. January 2010, 19:46:31
Subject: Re: prize
Nothingness: I have only 10 brains, so I can not offer so big prize. So you can start it if you want.

3. January 2010, 13:22:43
Subject: Small Fast #2
I will set up the tournament today. 2 or 3 days + weekends? Start at 15 of January?

23. December 2009, 14:50:12
Nothingness: Do you want me in your team or should I try to get another team from "Espoinage League" including myself?

23. December 2009, 14:13:21
Subject: Re: teamtournament

dAGGER: You have to be a member of a fellowship first, which you can't if you are a pawn. :(

I think than that the boss/captain then pick up intrested players for his team.

23. December 2009, 14:00:37
Subject: Re: teamtournament
Chaos: I think a fellowship only can have one team in the tournament, it was due to that I mentioned "my" fellowship.. But I hope that Nothingness wants me in his team.

23. December 2009, 12:03:07
Subject: Re: teamtournament

Chaos: The boss of the team (Nothingless) has to but us up in the tournament, and then he has to deciede which team we should have.

If anyone are intrested, I have earlier created a fellowship called "Espionage League", but then I found out that you have to be a member, and not a pawn, I never started it up. I think also that this discussion board is working fine as a fellowship. But, if anyone wants to join that fellowship to be able to play in the team tournament I can hopefully fix that.

9. December 2009, 15:50:27
Subject: Re: Small Fast #2
Chaos: Yes, I will see if I can put up some "rules" today or tomorrow.

7. December 2009, 11:14:17
Subject: Re: Tournament winner
Chaos: Maybe we should ask Fencer for a possiblity in the set up of tournaments for choosing that option.

7. December 2009, 07:03:41
Subject: Tournament winner
Congratulations to Chaos for the win in the "Sabotage Leauge - Small Fast Espionage - #"

22. November 2009, 17:20:24
Subject: Poll 2

And a poll for the timelimits:

16. November 2009, 07:04:51
Subject: Re: Agenda
Chaos: You asked a week ago about the name, and I propose we change to Espionage League

16. November 2009, 07:03:05
Subject: "The Italian Disguise"-tournament

It seems like <span>"The Italian Disguise"-tournament will be a "Small Fast Espionage" with round robin. The mainpart so far have asked for two days + free weekend. But it also asked for four days + free weekends. Any more votes? Is it time to sign up? And with a start on 1st of December?

You can read more about the leauge on this webpage:

13. November 2009, 07:54:45
Subject: Re:new tournament
Styleone: In the Open Fast, two players didn't more or less even start their games, so these timeout I think is not due to the shorter time. Two players had problem during the games with time control, so I can not totally agree on that it is a lot of games timed out due to the shorter time. With two days instead of four, it will give a much faster tournament. I vote for two days. Is it possible to set up a poll here?

11. November 2009, 13:58:18
Subject: Re:
Celticjim: Chaos. She has won over all the players who can reach 3 points. So she will get the highest S-B. Or?

11. November 2009, 12:37:31
Subject: Re: new tournament
Chaos: And I think it already now is clear who wins the SF#1. So concrats!!!

10. November 2009, 21:09:01
Subject: Re: Webpage
SL-GentleKiller: I have got some input from SL-Mark and Resher about gramatic and spelling on the webpage. Thanks. Th corrections has to wait untill tomorrow due to business trip.

8. November 2009, 22:15:15
Subject: Webpage

I have made a simpel webpage The most discussions will be at this Board, but if we should run our own tournament, I think we need a place to put up the pairing etc. My English is maybe not the best, so if I spell wrong or you find any other mistakes place tell me that.

8. November 2009, 20:37:42
Subject: Re: Tournament
Chaos: I can be the adminsistrator for "The Italian Disguise"-tournament. It will be a tournament in the old IYT-standard. Which means we will not use BK-tournament-system, it will be with pairing and invitation. This will make a chance for the pawns to play and we can start as soon as we wants. Some questions about it. Should it be groups or eliminations? Should it be Open fast or Small Fast? Is it OK with 48 hours + weekends?

5. November 2009, 18:36:58
Subject: Re: Next Tournament?
Modified by SL-Bosse (6. November 2009, 11:46:11)

Chaos: It should have been  "I think it is to early to start up next "official" Sabotage Leauge-tournament"

It should be intresting to know how many players are reading this Board, and not writing anything. So everyone who is reading, but not writing. Just give a sign here or by an PM.

Following is active here:

  1. Chaos
  2. SL-Mark
  3. Styleone
  4. happy hermit
  5. daGGER
  6. CelticJim
  7. SL_GentleKiller
  8. Nothingness
  9. Sir Lance-a-lot
  10. SL-Bosse
  11. rod03801
  12. redfrog
  13. Dark Prince
  14. Pedro Martinez
  15. lukulus
  16. Vikings
  17. Sandoz
  18. Resher
  19. Tian-Xian
  20. </ol>

5. November 2009, 18:18:49
Subject: Re: The Italian Disguise

SL-Mark: I vote for that it is a bug, and should be fixed.

Is it anyone who knows how to put up a poll here?

5. November 2009, 17:47:29
Subject: Re: Next Tournament?

happy hermit: I don't think so. But it can be an good idea. But then we need someone to administrate it.

Just another question: As a "Pawn" you can not be member of a Fellowship? Or?


5. November 2009, 17:43:51
Subject: Re: The Italian Disguise
SL-Mark: We can start a nice "non-leauge" tournament called "The Italian Disguise"?

5. November 2009, 17:35:40
Subject: Re: Next Tournament?
dAGGER: But can you as a Pawn enter a new tournament before it is finished? Or is it only to ask Fencer to fix it if you are out from the tournament?

5. November 2009, 17:28:45
Subject: Next Tournament?

It's nice to see that it starts to be a discussion on this board. The level of the discussion is a nice mix of jokes, hints and other stuff. It's starts to look how it was in IYT in the old days.

I think it is to early to start up an "official" Sabotage Leauge-tournament. I think we should wait until January/February. Or at least the "Small Fast #1" should be finished. Or what do You think?

1. September 2009, 06:17:16
Subject: Sabotage Leauge - Open Fast Espionage - # 1
Modified by SL-Bosse (1. September 2009, 06:23:10)
After a small delay Sabotage Leauge - Open Fast Espionage - # 1 has started. One player hadn't enough of space for the tournament so it ends up with 25 players in 5 groups. Thanks to every one who signed up in the tournament and GOOD LUCK!!! 

27. August 2009, 12:58:19
Subject: Re: upcoming tourney!
dAGGER: I sent them an invitation earlier this week, but so far they are not in the tournament. Maybe it will help if some more players send them messages.

26. August 2009, 21:37:17
Subject: Re: upcoming tourney!
Nothingness: Ok, I did as you wrote. I has invited Tony and wrote about Sabotage Leauge and the tournament on that board. In beginning of the week I also sent invitations to 15-20 players, and a lot of them has now joined the tournament. Sabotage Leauge - Open Fast Espionage - # 1 I hope that some more people can try to invite players.

16. August 2009, 21:01:08
No, I have put a start date on the 1st of September, so I think it will not start before that date. Otherwise it should already started, because the minimum players is 4.

14. August 2009, 06:17:23
Subject: Re: Sabotage Leauge - Open Fast Espionage - #1
Modified by SL-Bosse (14. August 2009, 06:24:52)

SL-Bosse: Something went wrong... It has already started. The plan is as I wrote that it should starts on the 1st of September, but I must has made a mistake. I will try to change the name on that tournament to #0, and set up a new tournament with #1.

Here is the new tournament Sabotage Leauge - Open Fast Espionage - # 1

13. August 2009, 06:50:54
Subject: Sabotage Leauge - Open Fast Espionage - #1

I have now created a new tournament:

Sabotage Leauge - Open Fast Espionage - #1

It is with 2 days time and only weekends, so its without vacation days. Lets try how it works. It starts on 1st of September.

Good Luck

1. August 2009, 08:14:34
Subject: Re: Tournament
I will put it up as soon as possible.

31. July 2009, 16:41:22
Subject: Tournament
I propose a new tournament with star 1:st of September with 2 days + weekends. What do You think?

23. July 2009, 13:40:17
Subject: Time control
My proposal is maximum 3 days in next tournament, maybe even with 2 days + weekends

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