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9. June 2020, 21:06:49
Subject: Re: Am I missing something?
Aganju: Thank you, I missed the part of needing to play the highest if both can't be used. Been playing for years and missed that totally! duh!

9. June 2020, 18:07:41
Subject: Am I missing something?
Hi foks,

In this game I'd like to play the 3 but I'm unable to switch dice, I'm only allowed to play the 5 - any ideas?

Backgammon (Slavka vs. Anjil)

Thank you

1. August 2011, 12:11:01
Subject: Anoyne else get Déjà vu feeling dice rolls?
I've just made opening move on 11 games,Why do I get the same opening dice rolls across multiple games?

I've noticed this before but now it's really bugging me

My opening dice for the 11 games were as follows:

3 games (5/4)
3 games (5/3)
2 games (5/2)
2 games (6/2)
1 game (6/1)

Lots of same opening dice numbers, this doesn't seem very random to me

Anyone else seeing similar or just my luck?

Games links below:

Backgammon (Rainbow Days vs. Anjil) (5/4)

Backgammon (Anjil vs. Rainbow Days) (5/4)

Backgammon (Slavek vs. Anjil) (5/4)

Backgammon (lenkacz vs. Anjil) (5/2)

Backgammon (Anjil vs. Slavek) (5/2)

Backgammon (Slavek vs. Anjil) (5/3)

Backgammon (Anjil vs. Thom27) (5/3)

Backgammon (Anjil vs. Thom27) (5/3)

Backgammon (Anjil vs. slon4e) (6/1)

Backgammon (Anjil vs. Magrata) (6/2)

Backgammon (Anjil vs. AlterMann) (6/2)

27. April 2009, 03:04:22
Subject: Re: Why no extra points?
Vikings: Thanks for clearing that up! I, for some reason, misunderstood a backgammon as being when the other player still had pieces outside of their home base before you got all your off. That aside, the scoring did initally give me one point but that later chenged to 2. Thanks folks for helping out!!

27. April 2009, 02:22:34
Subject: Re: Why no extra points?
alanback: Oh!! .. is this a bug with the scoring?

27. April 2009, 01:10:07
Hi skipinnz, I see two points now too, it only showed 1 point before, my apponent saw the same thing, 1 point before and now 2 - at least it's correct now - thanks for your response!!

27. April 2009, 00:59:38
Subject: Why no extra points?
Hi folks, does anyone understand why I only got 1 pont for this match with doubling cube? I got a backgammon so was expecting more.. Am I being dim and not understood something with the rules? :)

Would be very much appreciated if somone could explain...

Backgammon (Anjil vs. SentineL)

29. April 2005, 17:44:30
JH, he won't win any games through forfeiting on the games he's not moving on unless the other person resigns the game.
Although I'm not impressed by the way he's 'playing' the BKR system I have to agree with Chessmaster1000 in that it's up to him how he plays his games. I guess the only disspointment is that it's not playing in the 'spirit' of gamesmanship.
BigBadWolf makes a good point, I only hope that I get my 8 points for each win and not 1 point because his BKR has fallen so low from all the losses he'll have taken by the time he finishes his games
Shouldn't really single him out as many people do this but this is the first time I've played anyone who's so obviously working the system, I guess he's on a mission of some sorts

29. April 2005, 16:35:05
Subject: Re: Wow
alanback: Yes I noticed that too after finding he'd stopped making moves on the games he was loosing aginst me then I saw all his unfinished games and realised what he was doing. Sheeeeesh! it's v. annoying.

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