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9. January 2003, 23:58:19
Mike UK 
Subject: Backgammon Boards
Help! The Backgammon boards are upside down. I can't stand on my head long enough to play a game!

10. January 2003, 00:39:09
Subject: Re: Backgammon Boards
Hopefully i'll win then lol

10. January 2003, 04:44:12
Subject: Re: Backgammon Boards
Same here! Can any of you who've been here a bit longer tell me if there's a way to reverse the board?

10. January 2003, 09:37:58
Subject: backgammon
yeah its too confusing barring off to the left instead of the right, i feel lost here and i know how to play the game.

10. January 2003, 11:40:59
Subject: backgammon
ack! confusing and too small pieces in this game!!!

10. January 2003, 14:23:32
Subject: backgammon
im on a webtv and the pieces are flying all over the board and I cant make legal moves!!!

10. January 2003, 16:25:06
Opal Lady 
Subject: Re: Backgammon Boards
Same here!!!!

10. January 2003, 18:51:48
Subject: Re: backgammon
its all backwards for me... needs to be set up like the boards set up at gt... lol

10. January 2003, 19:29:15
Please be patient, I cannot do everything at once.

11. January 2003, 02:17:58
Subject: dice
THANKS FOR BACKGAMMON. While your fixing things, bigger dice please.

11. January 2003, 03:29:17
Subject: More than meets the eye...
Reversing the boards would be nice...but for Nackgammon, the board is bearing in the wrong direction no matter how the board is playing.
In the starting setup, the four pips in spaces 1 and 2, and 23 and 24 should have to move around the whole board before they are at "home". They are currently set up so that they are ready to be "beared" off.

11. January 2003, 04:01:48
Back Soon 
Subject: The boards.....
I actually really like the colour of the boards & dont have a problem with seeing the black counters, it is confusing playing upside down though, but after having a couple of games Im actually getting used to it! lol Fencer thanks so much for installing backgammon & I know you'll sort the minor details in time! :o) lol

11. January 2003, 04:10:21
Subject: Re: dice
how about swapping dice order?

11. January 2003, 04:12:15
Subject: Re: The boards.....
I see black men on a purple pip, no problem

11. January 2003, 08:48:52
About Nackgammon - it is pretty possible, I've just got a start position picture somewhere and maybe it is not correct. I'll fix it.
Dice swapping - click on "Swap dice" link under the board.
Lobster: Hey, I didn't know about this rule! Thanks. I'll fix it.

11. January 2003, 15:09:41
Mike UK 
Subject: Re: Nackgammon
Stingeroni is right. The start position is correct but the men go the wrong way. It's hilarious!

12. January 2003, 11:03:21
Subject: Backgammon Dice
I can't see The Backgammon Dice they are too Small?

12. January 2003, 16:01:46
Subject: thanks
Thanks,Fencer for fixing the Nackgammon

12. January 2003, 22:32:12
White Wolf 
Subject: bugs ?
just started a game of backgammon race. Made 1 move & lost the game ??? whats happening here ?

12. January 2003, 23:30:31
Subject: Re: bugs ?
I just passed my first turn, and won.

13. January 2003, 00:49:41
Opal Lady 
Subject: Re: doubles on first move
You are right....if doubles are thrown when each player throws one die to determine who goes first.....the die is rolled again by each player.
Doubles should never be the first roll.

13. January 2003, 02:49:59
Subject: same thing
We didn't even move yet and said other opponent won.

13. January 2003, 03:12:16
Subject: board backwards
this is soo confusing. also sometimes I have a 5 and 3 and it will give me a 4 and a 2 --- bugs"??

13. January 2003, 03:33:29
Subject: Re: doubles on first move
I have been playing Back & Nack for 2 months & its not a rule i have heard of.! - Thanks for raising this issue, i shall be watching for this happening.:)

13. January 2003, 16:03:11
Opal Lady 
Subject: Re: doubles on first move
I learned to play Backgammon on an actual board I do know that it is infact a rule.
Thanx lobster for the back up. LOL

13. January 2003, 19:21:21
Subject: Re: why me...
LOL...with an attitude like yours lobster, I think we'll all gladly roll out the red carpet...right out the front door. :)

14. January 2003, 03:09:13
Subject: Enlarging Dice
Is there anyway that I can make those darn dice bigger? I'm using a webtv not a Computer :)

16. January 2003, 03:09:30
Subject: Random rolls
l play backgammon on a lot of sites and ld like to say that this site actually has true random rolls, its the first site lve seen that does, wtg fencer, l love it

16. January 2003, 14:48:20
Subject: hello
I just want to say hello to all players,and I'm glad to see that there is Backgammon and Anti-Backgammon to this site too.I'm open to all invitations

17. January 2003, 12:31:45
Subject: Pip Count
Is Pip count available and I don't know how to display it or is it not yet a feature ?

17. January 2003, 14:36:58
Mike UK 
Subject: Re: Pip Count
On my games, it is just below the board. It says Points: XX

18. January 2003, 01:39:39
Subject: are we going to get a cube
I started a 5pt game expecting to see the doubling cube...ahhhhhh now I find I have to play 5 games instead (too late to delete) I also would like to know if a gammon is going to count in a 5pt game? LOL or do I just have to play and find out?

18. January 2003, 12:58:04
Mike UK 
Subject: Re: are we going to get a cube
I think it is safe to assume you are playing 5 single point games - no cube, no gammons.

19. January 2003, 20:04:02
Subject: Stingeroni Classic Backgammon Tourney I
I have also started a backgammon tourney. No limit to the number of players. Anyone from Brain Pawn membership and up can play. It starts tomorrow (20th), so hurry and sign in if you'd like to play. This will be a regular tournament, with a new one starting at regular intervals (to be determined yet).

19. January 2003, 20:05:25
Subject: Stingeroni Classic Backgammon Tourney I
I have started a backgammon tourney. No limit to the number of players. Anyone from Brain Pawn membership and up can play. It starts tomorrow (20th), so hurry and sign in if you'd like to play. This will be a regular tournament, with a new one starting at regular intervals (to be determined yet).

Click on the Tournament link on the left hand side of the page, and click on my tournament name to join.

19. January 2003, 20:41:28
It should be fixed. Sorry.

21. January 2003, 01:14:56
Subject: boards
Fencer, Thanks for getting the boards "right".
Now, how about the dice size?

21. January 2003, 11:22:12
Will be done. Soon :-)

21. January 2003, 11:33:57
Mike UK 
Subject: Re: Dice
While you're at it. :o)
You always roll your dice onto your right-hand half of the board, which means your opponent's dice are always on the left.

22. January 2003, 17:54:30
Subject: Nackgammon Tournament
I started a nackgamon tournament with 3 days time out, and nobody has signed up :(
This is my first one, and hopefully not my last. So if you like nackgammon, or backgammon and want to try something a lil different, please come play. Sign ups end on the 27th..everyone is welcome :):)

23. January 2003, 00:07:03
Wizard from Oz 
Subject: Re: Nackgammon Tournament
I might be away for a short time but will be looking to join in with that when I come back.

23. January 2003, 23:44:09
Joseph S 
if the points at the bottom of the anti game is supposed to be the number of pips's not right....i had a game that i hit a players piece and instead of the piece adding 5 points to their score it added mean that's 2 full boards of pips....i don't usually play by the points anyway but i just noticed it...kinda gave me a good chuckle...:)

24. January 2003, 00:01:45
Mike UK 
Subject: Pip Count
There seems to be a bug in the pip count when there is a man on the bar. It looks like he is counted twice giving a count 25 too high.

24. January 2003, 09:37:20
I would like to know how I should count the points correctly, can you help me? :-)

24. January 2003, 09:38:35
And what is the correct value for a man on the bar?

24. January 2003, 17:20:16
Mike UK 
Subject: Re: Pip Count
Each man on the bar should add 25 to the pip count.

24. January 2003, 22:27:41
is there any way to lighten the background? i can hardly see the black tiles, and the dice are hard to see. thx. for fixing the direction of the boards.

25. January 2003, 10:51:55
Later. Working on 10 features at the same time [including this one].

25. January 2003, 21:06:27
Jays Girl 
Subject: Backgammon Opponents
If you are looking for a new opponent for
Backgammon, please send me an invite.

25. January 2003, 21:22:27
Subject: Re:
okay, thx. Fencer.

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