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Backgammon and variants.

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23. May 2005, 21:18:42
Subject: Backgammon Links
Modified by playBunny (22. August 2006, 03:27:55)

For beginners

Paul Money has written four articles.
Backbacker Backgammon has an tutorial. (Click the purple button at the top)
Interesting BrainKing games

Examples of strategy and tactics have been added to this message.
The Opening Moves.
Rollouts of the opening moves.

Backgammon Galore - Hugely informative.
Peter Max Friis Jensen's Backgammon pages. A previous Danish champion, some pages are very technical.
Greg Cattenach's Backgammon pages including a question-and-answer forum.
Ric Gerace's Backgammon pages. Plenty of links.
Douglas Zare's Backgammon pages including an article on Luck
Mind Sports. And old site but has some interesting articles. Sponsored by Gammon Empire.
Matches - Expert Matches
Backgammon Galore - Kit Woolsey vs. Jeremy Bagai
GammOnLine - World Cup Match #1 and other stuff

Backgammon Blunder of the Week
Ed's Backgammon Problems
Webby's Backgammon Quiz
Danish BG Fed Forum Quiz
Backgammon Brainbusters
Backgammon Problems

Play online, right now, against Motif, a decent robot. (Java applet)
GnuBg - FREE, world class, comprehensive feature list
BGBlitz - World class, limited version free

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