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The Gothic Chess Ladder: Enter the Vortex
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Welcome to the GC: ETV. We compete head-to-head and look at where our games can improve. We are pleasant opponents to one another and keep up with our games. The battles are tough here, and we welcome healthy competition. Get to the top 5, and challenge the Champion! "In order to be the man, you have to beat the man! Whoo!"--"Nature Boy" Ric Flair
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Nasmichael  Big Boss
drgnrdr  member
Jumper  member
clean4today  member
JAGR  member
cardinal  member
spocko  member
Grim Reaper  member
matthewhall  member
Pawnchucker  member
nstre  member
NOMOEO  member
strydor  member
HerculesBeast  member
Lythande  member
tenuki  member
VikingX  member
WizardII  member
Greenknight  member
Chessmaster1000  member
taikoki  member
Mely  member
votacommunista  member
Dresden  member
Bwild  member
Chicago Bulls  member
panzerschiff  member

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