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Description:I am 60 and am a retired Library Director formerly working at least up to January 1, 2019 in a small town in western Ohio. I am married and have one son.. My son, Alex, learned to play chess and even Grand Chess at the young age of five, although has always been much more interested in other types of computer games than the old game, chess. He now is studying Engineering and has one year of University studies behind him. He never became interested in competitive chess. Maybe just as well!

I like a variety of strategy games including historical and science fiction simulations, and chess variants. My favorite strategy games include such board games as "Star Fleet Battles", and "Ironclads" or some version "Civilization" on the computer.

When I was active in competitions, I was a chess master both in over-the-board competitions and old fashioned correspondence chess. My main claim to fame in chess may have been having the move sequence 1.e4 Nc6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nd7 designated the "Vehre variant" in the 1996 German book "1...Sc6 aus allen Lagen". I had a bit of luck with it for a few years in correspondence chess competitions. I guess I can also brag about being one of the Grand Chess Cyber World Champions as well. Although after I won it they must have decided to throw away the mold. There have not been any further competitions since 2001-2.

I continue to like to play the big chess variants and have tried my hand at Grand Chess, Janus Chess, and Embassy Chess here. I always liked correspondence chess the best, especially after starting a career. Most recently I have enjoyed playing gated variants like Seirawan Chess and Musketeer Chess. Unfortunately for regular correspondence chess, Fritz and the like have pretty much taken the human drama out of the game, even more so now than when I wrote some of this 12 years ago!. It is nice, at least as long as it lasts to be able to play the large chess variants without that much computer interference.

If my game load isn't too bad and the rating differential not too great, I would be happy to accept challenges with the Janus, Embassy, and Grand chess variants. I also like Shogi and would attempt Chinese Chess as well although am not particularly good at either of those oriental variants.
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