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Profile: CaoZ

CaoZ (Carlos Ortiz) - Brain Pawn, 50 Brains, 95 achievement points
Total score: 1685 wins, 49 draws, 288 losses, 133 won tournaments

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Membership:Brain Pawn
First login:10. March 2003, 20:01:38
Last action:10. July 2010, 05:13:33 - viewing profile (CaoZ)
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Weekend days:Friday and Saturday
Vacation days left:10 days - using the automatic vacation

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Description: *************************************************

i'm playing only fast quick games online and (1) day limit

Tournaments Won: Participate in 80 Diferentes pente and won 75 of them. (93.76%)Ef.

Keyro Pente (32)IYT

Pro Pente (16)IYT

Pente (22)IYT

Pente (5)Mexico on Real Board



I am a Monkey island fan , my friends call me pentemaniac. Monkey Island A Fan site of the game.

Im a Studing always about tactics,moves and history of Renju and Keyro/Pente;

I Wrote a Book of Tactics and Moves on Keyro/Pente and Renju (spanish)version.(NO Rights ANYMORE)

Im the Posible mexican contact in to the International Renju Federation "RIF".

I Enjoy Game Analisis....

Some links about Keyro/Pente and more :

Dweebo Stone Games Play Keyro/Pente in real time

Play pente Oficial pente page of the World Pente Players Ferderation.

Mark Mammel Page A good Friend an excelent Pente Player

Nosovsky page A good friend and one of the Best Russians Pente,Gomoku and Renju players in the world , Vice president of RIF.



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