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2018 FIFA World Cup 3rd Place

Our original poll results were:
1st - Germany (22 votes) - OUT
2nd - Spain (11 votes) - OUT
2nd - Brazil (11 votes) - OUT
4th - France (7 votes) - STILL IN
5th - Russia (6 votes) - OUT
6th - England (5 votes) - STILL IN
7th - Belgium (4 votes) - STILL IN
7th - Iran & Portugal (4 votes)
.... everyone else
last - Croatia (NO VOTES) - STILL IN

Final Four poll results:
1st - Belgium (30 votes) (lost)
2nd - France (16 votes) (won)
3rd (tied) - England (12 votes) (lost)
3rd (tied) - Croatia (12 votes) (won)

So who will win 3rd Place?
Option Votes Voters
Belgium   36 (60.0 %) AlterMann, Beaupol, iv2, Charlie IT, NanaT, Milioi, Seravajan, cd power, MTC, heyblue32, spavacz, vz, Undertaker., Bullets9mm, luis rogerio, snaky, lylou, mxyloreda, magduska, tyrkytus, vorvaň, korwin, trea941981, soheylarabi, Aganju, tuh, sha, Student89, Darteev, smsgv, Chosuliatko, VVT, Avaz, Raxmadudr, LarryOfNevada, Fearglic
England   24 (40.0 %) Fencer, BElanna, MrDelete,, rod03801, BigBen, Dr Gideon Fell, aaru, Lepus, mal4inara, furbster, Mélusine, dhaas70, PCfromKNM, Jimbone, PaoloRus, ChEmIsT, Marfi, happyjuggler0, sagagossard, Dorfan, palko007, Lena89, PeterKNM

Number of voters: 60
Poll status: closed
Voting type: select just one option
Privacy level: public (every option is shown with users who voted for it)
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