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Interview with speachless (15. February 2016)

If you were to be sorted into a Hogwarts house, which would it be and why?

oh, I needed to google this 'cause I didn't follow the Harry Potter Episodes...
I like to be challenged so maybe I would belong to the house of Ravenclaw BUT as I like to feel comfortable where I leave and not pushed or put in competitive context, I probably would choose the Hufflepuff house, 'cause there are the students living, who doesn't match to any other house... I probably would fit good in there, even if I would be choosen for the Ravenclaw house I would try to change the house to the Hufflepuff's. Just because there I have the best chances to can keep staying myself.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
this is a classic question I guess... to try to answer this without a google search I would say: ask a woodchuck that can chuck wood...

What do you think about Pente & other variants?
I don't like them

Play for fun or for victory?
play for fun. learning by loosing. win by experience and ability. to win against very good opponents is more fun as to win against a weaker one.

How old are you?
born 13th november 1974, with almost 42 i don't feel old :-)

What do you think about the ACHIEVEMENTS?
for me not interesting at all

What do you prefer: Fischer's clock, X days per move with vacations or X days per move without vacations & WHY?
Fischer's clock is interesting for me 'cause then I feel it comes to an end, even if the opponent has lots of vacation days. time without vacation days is too rigid to me.

What do you think about our BIG BOS -> Fencer?
As I don't know him personally, i think it is actually not relevant what i think about him....
But to give it a try, I think I understand his point of view when it comes to the question of upgrading brainking or focussing only on fixing single issues/bugs, instead of upgrading it with more games etc..... I read in the forum a lot about players that wishes constantly some upgrades... I understand also their point of view. But at the end of the day, it's always the owner desition what gonna be made or not :-)
So for me concerning upgrading this site and Fencers behavour about it is questionable but also understandable and he's honest, cause every one should know for what he pays for and Fencer offers exactly what we are paying for. If I rent a car instead of buying it, I don't pretend that the producer gonna install for the same amount of money constantly features he's developing after i rented one.

What I think concerning Fencer when it comes to my little daily issues with bugs in single games, well then I have a clear opinion, to 99% the problem is solved during 24 hours after the issue occurred, so there he does a very good job. I know exactly there are site-bugs who he doesn't have time to fix, but what he does is to solve the symptoms by correcting the single bugs in games, so it's OK to me with Fencer.

What I can say about him personally, is very nothing, cause I don't know him and it would be strange to me to make some sentences. But it seams obviously that he has temper and sometimes he gets pissed off in forum's by complaining player - which makes him human :-) i have no problem with temper :-) I have temper too

Do you have "Enemies list"? How long is it?
i don't feel like having enemies, but if someone is disrespectful to me than i block them from joining my games... I think I have 2 or 4 of them which i have blocked...

What makes you add someone to PUBLIC FRIENDS?
I usualy ad them to public friends, after i get a request too. I usually forget about this feature

You're without "Photo albums" in BK. Why? You don't like this option?
it's actually a nice feature, but i use BK more as playing platform without too much social interactions.
sometimes i send my facebook link to people which i enjoy playing since years, i.e. after they ask me about private infos.

What is your favourite sport?
playing and fooling around with children from family and friends at playgrounds or on the ground somewhere is a very challenging sport... they just don't get as soon tired as I do

I also enjoy my mountain bike which i upgraded to a city bike, with mountain bike features... as my atelier studio is only 5 minutes from home away I prefer to make a big circle while going with my bicycle to my studio... so then I try to go for 1 hour of bicycle a day.

In summer time i like to walk at big mountains in the south of my country. I live in Zurich switzerland, my parents were from south Italy.

Having sex with my husband is somehow a sport too, but an enjoyable one

How much time do you spend on BK?
at the beginning very often, some hours a day. now I try to get rid of my open games, so my goal is to have not more as 50 to 100 open games... there were a time when i had more as 1000 open games, all multiple win's and often with fischer's clock... then when i went to south serbia for a charity work the internet were so slow that i've lost more than 250 games by timing out... this was somehow hard...

when i had so many open games i had a very annoying job at an archive departement of a museum, so during the rendering of the files i was able to play during the whole working day on brainking, which made my working days less annoying.

at the time i have around 10 ongoing different projects running, so my time will be more restricted, which forces me to have less open games at a time, if i don't want them to run out of time.

In your opinion - who is the best player in BK?
i don't know actually, i didn't make such researches.
I can say when it comes to cloning backgammon than Darwin Koala is my hardest opponent.
If it comes to Crowding Backgammon it's clearly Swelle, but as he plays often only 1 techniques I'm still learning to get around with his abbilities.
At Backgammon race I think it is happy juggler.
Hyper Backgammon I think it's play bunny
At Fevga is clearly Oleg2008
At Backgammon happy juggler again.
At Plakoto Alliswell
At Backgammon again happy juggler

What is your favorite game?
Clearly Cloning Backgammon. There I can combine multible techniques to win.
There is no other Backgammon game which allows so many different techniques to play. And all can be used in only 1 game... amazing game! I just love it

Where do you live? What region / city in ...
zurich city in switzerland.
My parents come from South Italy.
I have 2 passports, but i live since i'm 4 in switzerland.

Do you not like ponds? What do you think about live pounds?
I'm not interested in live pounds, I even didn't try it out. I recognize that i like only those games to play online:
Backgammon Race
Hyper Backgammon
Crowded Backgammon
and the most: cloning backgammon.

I've tried out this year dice poker and Ludo, but I recognize that those games I like to play in real with friends but not online.

Your "Top activity": 3969 moves (31. January 2015). Where is your limit? & what do you think about 10000+ moves per day?
when i worked at a very annoying job, just to be able to pay my bills (archiving and digitalising museum works) it was OK to play more as thousand moves a day... today I think it's stressfull, more as 300 moves is too much for me, but still i'm trying to get rid of my open games... my goal: around 100 open games at a time.
When I played thos 3'969 moves I was the whole day at work and after I felt very tired, I would never again play so much moves a day.

10'000+ moves a day ...i question if this is possible... maybe it was someone that couldn't sleep and played 24 hours but I can't understand that...maybe they used some application that made the moves for them? I wouldn't do that, i like to play on my own, so i can learn from it and enjoy it...

What is your favourite book & why?
lord of the rings, I just love science fiction and i like mutiple good done episodes. I like to jump in different realities. Films that show the cruelty of humans, like reality based films makes me sad about our society, that's why i prefer science fiction.

I need to admit years ago my head was always behind any books, also Manga's, Comics, Science fiction, science, etc.

Today I don't have so much time left. But I like to look to TV series like: The walking dead, Z-Nations, Game of thrones, etc.

What game should be added to Brainking?
I'm happy how it is

What motivated you to volunteer for the interview?
i think because i'm playing since some years here I just tried to accomplish the wish of various player, which asked for an interview.
The second motivation was that like this I can support with all of their features, cause i really enjoy the time here and wanted to give something back to others and hope they enjoy the site too.

What's your favorite TV series?
Favourite: The walking dead, Z-Nations,
Others I'm addicted too: Game of thrones, Star Trek series (all of them), Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Dominion, True Blood, Mad Men, Being Human US, Shameless, Falling Skies, Death Valley, Defiance, Nashville, Hemlock Grove, Dead Set, Penny Dreadful, From Dusk Till Down, Dracula, The 100, Bitten, The Almighty Johnson, The Leftlovers, Wyward Pines, The Strain, Stitchers, Lucifer, Fear the walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy

Which real person (living or dead) would you like to meet in real?
Cleopatra or Charly Chaplin

Who should be the next one to be interviewed?
Darwin Koala

How did you learn cloning backgammon?
first by better opponents and at the end by playing a lot with multiple opponents.
with the time I learned that cloning backgammon makes it possible to combine a lot of different techniques based on the situation on the board. but now all of my regular opponents got better while playing with me and against others, so it's harder to keep staying in the top 3 ranking.

How did you learn cloning backgammon?
see above (same question)

How much time do you spend per day at Brainking?
at the moment around 2 hours, 1 year ago because of an annoying job around 8 hours a day.
my goal: 1 hour a day, but first i need to get rid of all my open games and minimizing the number to around 100 open games.

How long did you need to answer all these questions?
3 hours and 1 hour to correct the english answers. on german i could have done it in 1,5 hours all through.

What is the question that you would like to have gotten, but noone asked...?
If Fencer would ask me: "I want you to have for free, may I send you a gift confirmation now?"

Do you have any pets (animals)?
No, my husband doesn't like dogs, but i love them to death :-)
I'm a good leader of dog-packs, they are all very peaceful around me, doesn't matter how big or aggressiv they are... I would love to have 1 big dog. but the owner of my flat doesn't allow to have one too... maybe when I'm old (I'm 41, there is time for this wish to come true)

Other than playing on a computer, what do you like to do for fun?
spending time with my friends of the cultural and art scene.
spending time with friended dogs.
spending time with my love ones, especialy to go with my niece to the cinema can come out by laughing all the time loud out, even if we are out eating or just talking we have lots in common. She's 23.
When I make my political art or art activism there is always a performative side in it and i like sarcasm and black humor, so i put them in if I can... to work today often means fun to me, I think i'm blessed (even if i don't believe, I'm a strong agnosticism believer, something between atheist and agnosticist)
looking to Z-Nations is fun too.
sometimes but not often I smoke weed with my friends, it ends always up to eating a lot of sweet things and laughing.. (to the young people here on brainking: substance causing addiction is not FUN, choose sport and eat vegetables)

Do you like to travel?
yes. i have now some different jobs that allow me to travel.
lots of work needs to be done here in zurich, but when i'm with my volunteering charity work i'm on the fleeing balkan route in south serbija/presevo. when I'm working as president of the EXPERI-theater I can travel too, next date is in june in tschechoslowakei, where i need to represent our actor performer of the experi theater...

i have lots of jobs but not much money.... the question was money or fun, i've choosen fun for lower money.

If you could visit any country, which one would you like to visit?
I was once in Kiruna Sweeden... so I recognized that i love untouched nature a lot. I probably would choose to visit asian forests...
but i love the sea and the beach too, so maybe jamaica

What type of foods are your favorites?
a good piece of meet with pepper cream sauce and potatoes au gratin with some mixed salad and balsamico sauce. I love onion in the salad.

but i also love lasagne and pasta, i mean my parents were south italian, how could i miss it?

What type of food do you find disgusting?

I love fish but please cooked

Do you prefer cold weather or warm weather?
warm, but cold weather is necessary too... i love spring, summer and autumn a lot...winter too but it's just too long of a kind in a year

If you follow world politics, who do you think the USA should elect as the next President?
I don't like political systems with only 1 president on the top... it just turns always out that it goes from one extreme to the other... republic or democratic, etc... just too black or white... in switzerland we have 7 presidents... it makes the system less flexible but more fair and we have direct democracy which means lot of decision can't be made by politicals, they need to ask first us and then we decide on the urn.

You have never played a game of chess (or chess variant) on Brainking. In fact, you have only played gammon games here. Do you have any interest in the other non-gammon games?
since you asked this question I tried ludo and dice poker... it turns out i really only love gammon games (but not anti-backgammon and not grasshopper)...

the proportion between luck and dice in backgammon game makes more fun to me. but i don't know why i like them the most...

Have you ever met (in person) anyone from Brainking?
never, but sometimes I give my fb-account link to people who are more interested to my background... but i'm not that chatty person here.... I like to play here but sometimes, when i play with the same opponent a lot, it comes out some kind of interesting in each others life, then i give my fb-link out.

Do you have a job? What do you do to earn a living?
This is really hard to answer in 1 sentence, so I hope I can short it up a little, and also hard to answer in english, i hope i will be able to write it in english:

-I started after school with commercial executive. after 2 years I got annoyed and jumped in the IT technology as system administrator for Mac operating systems.
- 1994 I started at a company as IT sys admin, there were some Unix engineer working over there. As we got friends, they teached me every evening UNIX codes and System administrating of them (at the time there were special Unix CPU's from Sun Microsystems, which you were able to configurate by different unix code process.
- till 2001 I jobed around till i administrated big unix envirements at a private banc (storage system with multiple boards, cpus and harddrives but only for the operating system, no applications run on it
- then i got annoyed, no challenging anymore, so i jumped in the art scene and stopped working for money
- the first 3 years i learned different art disciplines (photo, film, sculpturing, painting, etc.) than i got annoyed
- I started with political art actions and art activism by networking with international artists like the developper of the streetart group of russia VOJNA
- so it came 2008 that i got an art studio to a place called basislager in zurich. 2012 the owner swisslife wanted to close down our cultureplace. so I made a media campaign to rescue the place. as no media were interested to our project, i decided to perform and lied about the motivation of our action. I told through a press release that we, the tenants are searching by our own for a new investor (around 10' millions francs to buy us). so media got involved and i could make pressure on our owner and on the "city political presidentship", after 6 months of volunteering fight through media I got the 2 parties on a round table and since 2012 we are saved to another place area in zurich. our 120 studio container got saved...
- this put me in the attention of media, so it came that i got co curator at CABARET VOLTAIRE, the birth place of DADA art scene (100 year old)
- since then i managed pussy riot and voinas in switzerland, but from the underground 'cause the voijna developper couple (koza natalia sokol and oleg worotnikov) are searched through interpol... I went on public with koza through Cabaret voltaire, we made a media press conference and told to the media that she gonna ask for asylum... well she is still in the underground but maybe she will ask for asylum, i'm not sure yet.
- since than i started a lot of political art, by choosing the media to spread my word in switzerland, to be able to start/trigger a public discussion about political and subversive themes
- last year i initiated a demonstration in zurich, since the refugee situation in europe is dramatic... over 3000 people went on the street
- 4 days later i developped with other 6 ladies the borderfree association of zurich, to mobilize people and money. so we invested in presevo south serbija a lot of money for refugee supply. i will go over there again in april
--> i make much more, but i can't explane all of my projects... some of them are not "too legal", but nothing that would make me afraid of police or similar... just silly street art things (no graffities, but yes I know banksy, but let's say banksy is a mythos)
--> at the moment i have around 10 ongoing projects in art, curating, culture managemant, charity work, coaching, press work, etc.
--> my name is sophie, but my art name is sonia bischoff.
yes some years ago i had an account here with part of my art name on it, but i stopped playing here 'cause there were some mobbing going on through 3 people... one girl called something like childgirl or babygirl i'm not sure... then a bearded guy who was somehow sick in his had and bombed me with strange chats, than i decided i got annoyed and stopped playing... but now here in brainking seams to be again good, so i decide to play again here and in longterm

what I also do is jazz singing since years, guitar finger style technique and djembe music. if possible i use those techniques for my artwork

Which charities are your favorite?
my own association that i developped with 7 other ladies:

we installed tents, containerkitchens, we manages around 50 volunteers a week, we manage emergency cases that got declined by big ngos etc. etc. etc.

even if in south serbija (on the fleeing route of refuges) there is UNHCR, msf, etc.... they come to us and ask us to support the camp with 2000 Euro a month for gazoline, to be able to warm up THEIR tents... it makes me think they have around 10'000 more money as we have collected since september 2015, so i think big ngo's are sometimes crap

Do you like hiking (outdoors)?
I love it... I go in the summer in south switzerland on the faboulouse ticino, there are lot of mountains... it's just so gorgeous to spend the whole day on the top and seeying down to the lakes

What did you do on New Year's Eve?
I worked for my charity association borderfree

Do you have a big family?
I stoped having contact to my original family in south italy. they wanted me to get married and have children with a stranger.
now i'm 41, married to a lovely swiss IT Unix Sys Admin guy and completely happy about my life.
but I have a few very very good friends. and i know a lot of interesting people.

Do you celebrate Christmas?
I usually work, so no, i'm not religious and my family is not so big.
but sometimes i spend christmas with friends of the art scene, than i really enjoy it too.
but i hate that at stores you can buy christmas products already from the beginning of september, it makes me gonna feel sick for our society

What are you looking forward to in 2016?
I try to go on with all of my projects.
political art
art activism
culture managemant
coaching of other artists
press work
fundraising work for my association
accounting for my association

Did I ask you too many questions? :)
no, it was OK :-) but it's a challenge to answer them all cause my english is learned auto didacted. i make lots of mistakes while trying to explane things in english... would be easier for me in german

Why did you chose the name "speachless" ?
i wanted first to choose speechless but the system didn't allow me to use it, maybe it was already used, i don't remember... so i thought i change the name to a NO-name... there is the word "speach" so why not "speachless" even if it doesn't exist... it's only a nick name so i thought everything is permitted :-)

my 2nd motivation to choose speechless was to send the signal that i prefer to play instead of chatting. today i chat with a lot of my opponents, which is good too, but at the beginning i only wanted to play instead of chatting, this now has changed a little bit, cause lots of opponents are very interesting and play regularly, so I meet their way of playing, which is nice.

I had a profile here which i gave up around 10 years ago, i think it was called art.sonia, because i recognised that 3 people spammed all the time all forums because of their private fight... i don't know, someone was called something like childgirl or babychild, i don't remember... i hate private fights and mobbing, so i stopped playing.
by choosing the nickname speachless i also tried to avoid getting involved in such stupid private fights...

but i'm happy now, this 3 or 4 people seams to stopped fighting. they maybe grew up in the meantime

Do you use the name "speachless" anywhere else?

You only seem to play gammon-type games. Why do you like them so much?
don't know, it's maybe the mix between luck and know how - ... don't know why, i just like them

Do you play any other boardgames, besides gammon-type games?
when i play with friends' children, i play what they like and i enjoy all of them (memory, ludo, 4 wins, etc. etc. etc. etc. ) but with children it is best to go playing at playgrounds, but they kill me there cause children have so much energy to spend on playing on playground and me feel tired fast :-)

You are currently ranked #1 in kloongammon while you are not in the top 10 of the other gammon-types. What, do you think, caused this?
I lost around 250+ backgammon games in september because of bad internet connection in serbia. Before of that i was in the top 10 of even more games (nackgammon, crowded backgammon and backgammon race).... there i lost the position... because of runing out of time i think i'm not anymore #1 at cloning backgammon, but to be in the top 3 is OK too :-)

Do you like clonegammon? Why?
cloning backgammon is the only BG game, where you still can win if your opponent has 1 piece on the board left and me around 200 or less, whatever...
then the game is so dynamic, that people can combine multiple techniques in 1 game...
i just got adicted to this game and it's my prefered one.
I learned the most from playing sometimes with Darwin Koala.

But with the time my opponents seams to learn from me, so it gets harder to win... and since my charity work i lost a lot of them by time out, so my 1st rank position of cloning backgammon got lost... shit happens.

You have a decent amount of games going on, but rarely timeout. Do you have specific times of the day at which you play games, or do play games all day long?
in september of last year i got time out at around 250 games. I was with my charity work in south serbia and the internet connection were really bad. I wanted to play the games before sleeping at the hotel, but instead of relaxing i got mad about the internet connection. so my first charity travel was harder then i thought.

i usually play in the afternoons, or evening... i go to bed very late, so sometimes till 2 or 3 a.m.

Do you use the brainking app for android? or do you play the games in a webbrowser?
I'm waiting for the brainking app for iphone :-)
so no, webbrowser is the only channel i'm using right now.

Did you have a good Christmas? Get up to anything fun!?
well I was working on accounting, press releases and company founding for my charity association.
This kind of job is based on volunteering. I do this since September 2015 next to my other "jobs", which means I work since then 4 days a week for free on borderfree association and was forced to do the same at christmas... but hey, what matches better as charity work for syrian refugees at christmas?

Is the glass half full, or half empty?
It depends on my mood, on the day, on the outer circumstances ... today the glass is half full, as I don't believe in black and white perspectives sometimes i think it's the water caged in a corset and if you put the glass of water under 3 miles of sea water it gets compressed, if the half full glass jumps in the universe it may explode and get's bigger?...

When did you first start playing backgammon?
it was in 1996. I had a little secret relation ship with an office team member, he teached me backgammon... I got very fast addicted to that kind of game. But it took me 2 years to win the first time against him, cause he was very strong playing.

Considering that we seem to live in a polarised, competitive dimension, do you think it would really be possible for humans to live in a peaceful state, where no conflict would ever exist?
no, i think it's an utopie/dogma... as long humans are individuals depending on their environment, and this seams to be a fact, there will never be peaceful state... a good start could be parents teaching their children to find out if a meaning they got is build by their own experiences or just a MEME that they took over.

Do you think that the World would have been a better place if only women were allowed to govern and vote?
no :-)
we had matriarchal societies in the antique, but if you take the example of cleopatra, well I don't think the world would be a better place... i only think it would make a little different

Do you think that being a woman is harder, easier or the same in our era, compared to the other known eras in human history?
I can't answer this with yes or no. I think it's always depending from which country you're living in, then in which environment, in which family you are born, in which job you got, with which team members.... this is always depending on different facts.

But for myself, if all other facts would be the same and I would compare with me being born maybe 50 years ago, then it's a clear YES, i think under this circumstances it's easier for me as woman to reach my goals... but if living would be in general easier, well I would question that, cause depending on many points...

What is your opinion on the state of family values in our era, compared to the past? Do you think that it is possible to "properly"(according to your own values) raise a family?
no, i think there are a lot of challenging points, that makes it even today hard to raise a family.
of course depending on the kind of relationships the parents have... what i don't like in my era there are a lot of young parents, that keeps their home proper like an operation room... which clearly is not ok for the imun system of their children.

I think again, there is not a yes or a no i can choose for your question. depending on too many facts.

What is your view of men in current society?
more salery as women
but outside of that i need to say i don't have a dogmatic view on men, there are individuals and i try to not polarize. there are as many men as male individuals, so i don't have "a" view of men in current society...

BUT i would like to see more powerful women on higher positions. in the business world and in the politics as well... i would like to see more companies carrying for time shared jobs also for men. lots of men are not allowed to take down their job-pensum. if men would find more easier 50% job pensum and women too, they could care together to their children... if women would get the same salery as men, it wouldn't be a need for men to work 100% because of the higher salery... etc.

Do you believe in life after death? If yes, in what form?
i'm a strong agnosticism believer... I think I will know when I'm dead... so I'm clueless by conviction.

There are many religions around the globe, some existing for as long as humans themselves, maybe longer. Do you think there is an actual "True" religion? If yes, which is it? What are the requirements a religion should fulfill in order to qualify as "True", according to your judgement?
I don't believe in ANY religion. But as strong agnosticism believer I'm wondering if there is "something" after the death... but a world WITHOUT any religions would be much more peaceful, cause some power abusing people couldn't hide anymore behind their religions.

Do you think that modern day science is presenting the actual facts to the public or is it influenced by industrial interests and alters the actual facts to serve them?
some indipendent studies may be real "indipendent" but some are clearly financed and manipulated by economy interests... sad but true

There are people that believe some Theoretical Scientific fields(like Mathematics and Theoretical Physics) have long surpassed the Scientific principles and have turned Science to Religion. There is also the impression that Scientific Theories are treated more like Gospels rather than opinions under constant testing. What do you think about it?
I think science doesn't give answers to everything. there is still the dark matter not being understood etc.
everything that turns into religion is bad to me. i don't like religions at all. I make a difference between religion and believing in god.
i personally don't believe, but keep staying curious if after my dead something new will come.

I think science shouldn't be taken as answer to everything but should be tested constantly under all different aspects of human living and changing in an evolutionary process.

Do you think that laws and their enforcement are really meant to protect the Weak or rather secure the position of the Strong?
both I guess. there will always be power abusing people, states and economy represents like lobbies

Do you think the value of life changes according to age and gender? Does the life of a 4-year old worth more than the life of a 30-year old? Does the life of a 20-year old female worth more than the life of a 20-year old male?
I have no answer to that. It depends maybe on the affecting radius of everyone.

but when i work in my charity association in south serbia for refugees on their fleeing route, we priories children and women, cause phisically they're weaker. but this is not a value of their living, not in my eyes.

we don't do it cause we value their living, we do it cause they are phisicaly weaker.

Do you think that the rest of the animals(animal=moving entity according to literal definition) are inferior in mental and emotional state than humans?
i think i have no answer to that. but clearly i think the human body has more tools for fine-mechanic. if you take the hands of a gorilla, he will maybe never be able to make a chirurgic intervention when it comes to fine-mechanic... so i think humans possibilities are much higher because of our physic.

i think if you would take the mental ability of a crow to a humans body, we would be very surprised :-) they would evolve too

Do you believe in fate Neo...ehhhh...Speachless? Is the life of a person a book already written that one goes through the pages reading it or does everyone write their own book? Does really "everything begins with a choice"?
I don't believe in fate Morpheus...ehhh...ThunderGr ;-)
I believe everyone has a book with white pages in it, when people die, they have a history

The existence of a "Soul" has been debaded since ancient times. Well known to us are the efforts of the famous Socrates that did his best arguing in favor of its existence and the properties that are bestowed to a person because of it. On the other hand, we have Castaneda and his "Don Huan" presenting a completely different perspective about a person's existence. What is your opinion?
I think this question is senseless. I believe that we are individuals, if there is a soul or not is not important. everyone has an own personality. There are people, that relates their soul to an existing god and a living after dead... for me you can have a soul even if there is nothing after dead and even if there is no god. if the soul dies with you, we'll see after our dead :-)

Please define "Freedom". Can a person be free in a society according to your definition?
If I take the example of Russia, there you can only have freedom if you adapt yourself to the russian authorities and laws... but even then people is able to trigger a revolution that gave them somehow the feeling of freedom.

If I take the USA as example it's the same old shit as everywhere else, it depends if you depend on money, on the family, on whatever...

so can people have freedom, I mean the totally freedom? I think only if you are an eremit without any contact to others... your freedom ends there where the life of your counterpart starts

Do you think there is an "Objective Truth" that is independent of the perception of living beings, or does each being have their own "Truth" and that is what defines the World in general(inevitably meaning the co-existance of unlimited number of Worlds at the same time, which are all equally "True")?
everyone has their own truth depending on time, room and environment their living in... there are as many truth as individuals are living

Do you think that imprisonment is a useful method of "delivering Justice" to "criminals" for society? Please state your reasoning as to why yes/no.
i think imprisonment is used to safe the rest of the population from criminals. To deliver justice to criminals is a double-edged thing... i.e. if someone kills your wife, there would be a law that defines for how many years this criminals should go to gale, but what your wife means to you can't be valued by a system....

there are laws for higher management people, if they take money out of their companies on criminal ways they get less punished as someone that maybe steals 50 cars over 10 years, cause he maybe is pre-judged and that makes the delivered justice more hardener....

I'm happy that some psychopaths can't leave gale, cause they are too dangerous for society... but sometimes i would like i.e. to see someone like putin or georg junior bush in gale, instead of someone that steals bread for their family to eat.

What is your opinion about "Ethics"? Are they immutable, eternal values? Do they depend on society and era? Something else?
ethic is depending on society, era and at the end of the day on every single individuals, which brings me to the answer, that ETHIC and MORAL values doesn't exist.... if there are so many ethics and morals as the amount of individuals, than it doesn't's like 1-1=0

It is a popular belief these days that there are non-human entities living in human societies, disguising themselves as humans, whose nature varies from supernatural beings of legend to underground native Earth inhabitants to alien spies and infiltratrors to extradimentional agents observing and meddling with human affairs. What is your opinion?
every single human has a body. some people are more intelligent then others or more stupid or totally crazy... i don't believe in aliens infiltrating our society..really not :-) we all are aliens :-)

but it is very possible that in other galaxies there are living humans or similar to us

It appears that after(apparently) "dominating" the Earth, humans are progressing rapidly towards colonization of other celestial bodies in our Solar System. Which do you think should be the next Celestial body humans should attempt to live in and why? Do you have any suggestions about the method that should be used to colonize said Celestial body?
I don't think we will be able to colonization of different planets :-) maybe we can put some stations to the mars or the moon or somewhere else but we will always be far away from colonization of different planets :-)

Along with everything else, it seems that synthetic "life" is already a reality. Just like it has been predicted in Sci-Fi movies, the first "robots" with several degrees of emotional and rational AI have been produced and are taking their place as workers, entertainers and even pshycological support units(like the one accompanying the Japanese astronaught of the IS orbital station). What do you think the impact of this will be in human societies in the not-so-far future?
in the not so far future it will not be a bigger impact... some japanese use little cute robo-dogs for old people that suffer lonelyness... i don't see any negative things on robotic technology as made by human hands :-)
don't forget, an application or technology can only be as good as the developer or programmer, or the scientist teams that build them up...
society changes with their possibilities, so I keep staying curious on what happens... but robots that take the power over the humanity will not happen, don't believe i.e. in that

Are you aware of the existence of the "Georgia Guidesones"? [If not, please take some time to read the wiki about it(]. What is your opinion about them? Do you agree or disagree with them? If it was you that was trying to leave some guidelines to post-apocalyptic human survivors, which would they be?
I didn't know about it... but i think I would write some jokes on it and put some photos of different cultures just saying welcome or hello :-)
such things and monuments are over valued. I would take it with humor and see it as an art-sculpture

"It is better to get hurt than to hurt others". What do you think about it? Please state your reasoning.
it is better to not get hurt and not hurt others... would be simple to see it like that. but we need to get to a society who is frustration-tollerant... children of new generations i.e. doesn't get any NO's (not all of course) they grew up like little dictators because of that, because they don't even get hurt when it comes to little daily needs and gets to everything a YES.

to get hurt is not comfortable but it teaches us our edges/borders, which has something good in it.
to learn about feeling hurt can bring us further... but i'm not the person that hurts others if not necessary

Given the choice, would you rather be a slave or a criminal? Please state your reasoning.
don't know, really not
if i'm a slave, then i would love the idea that i would be the one to trigger a revolution.
if I'm a criminal, then i would love to be somehow a robin hood that takes from the power abusing people and gives to the working society back

Do you believe there is an objective "Good" and "Evil"? If yes, please state a situation where "Good" and "Evil" are clearly defined for you. If no, do you think that human societies would be better off recognizing it or it is impossible for them to exist without arbitrary defining these concepts?
no, i think we have good and evil actions around, made by humans, nothing else
if there is a god, which i don't know yet, i will know when i'm dead, then he doesn't do anything good while we're living... but maybe he does by not influencing our actions.

Given the current state of affairs worldwide, what kind of future do you estimate that is in store for humanity?
the same as 100 years ago, only with better technology

on human right things, well depending where you live, in which era...

Do you believe in "Divine Retribution"?
no, only in a humor sense

Do you believe in Karma? If yes, how do you define it? Do you think your definition of Karma can be applied to a World without a reincarnation cycle? If you do not believe in Karma, does this mean you think that the effects of a person's actions are completely irrelevant to the effects a person receives from the actions of others, appart from direct reaction to them?

there are buddhist saying if a child experience dramatic things, than it's karma, he might had a living before, when he was maybe psychopathic... i think this is cynical.

i don't believe in karma, earth is not fair

if there is a god, then he might give a balance after we're dead, but i don't know if he she or whatever exists

What action you would take to show your appreciation to a beautiful flower?
i would smile, i would take care of my little garden, and i wouldn't cut it to bring it in my flat, i would just enjoy their smell and beauty :-)

Which would you appreciate mostly to a plant: Its appearance or its smell?
both and its ability to survive illness and time :-)

Do you like animals? Would you/do you keep a pet/pets? What do think about wild animals, especially predators?
i love every kind of animals... i would like to have a cat and a dog, but it's not possible, my husband doesn't think it's right to own an animal as a pet :-) but maybe sometimes i will have :-) i didn't give up yet ;-)

Do you hate me for asking this many and this kind of questions?
yes :-)

no, it's ok, you posed very interesting questions

How long have you been playing alternative kinds of chess and what types do you prefer?
i only tried cause someone asked here why i only play backgammon variants.

i realised cause i like them the most.

i don't like chess, too much thinking and no luck, no fun

Whats the meaning of life?
ask god :-)

my meaning is to get happy and to keep being happy and do senseful things that not only gives credit to me but that is useful to the society itself :-)

like my work for borderfree association which i developped with 7 ladies

How many three page essays did you write in response to ThunderGr's questions before you thought "Hold on, these are optional!"?
i waited very long to answer all of them, cause i thought: MEN this will give me lot of work and as my english is self learned autodidacted, it gave me lots of problems to write them down :-)

Why is the sky blue?
it is not always blue and it is depending on the particles and the radius how the sun shines into it
but i don't want to get too specific, it's a big science... :-)

How comes you are so strong in Cloning Backgammon?
I've learned by playing with hard knocked opponents :-)

What's your native language, schwyzerdütsch, français, or italiano? Or raetoromanisch?
first a very hard dialect: Italian from Calabry, which is only understood by Italians from Calabry. with 4 I came to Switzerland, than i got in touch with swiss german. at school i learned german from germany, then french... english came later learned autodidactevly through internet and by using it and looking to english spoken films

my mother speaks albanian as in calabry in 1'500 a.d. albanians fleeid over south italy because of war. in our native calabrian village they speak still albanian. so till 3 i spoke albanian and calabrian. but albanian i only understand a few words

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