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13. June 2007, 04:41:33 
Subject: Re:
rednaz23: No (other then ask Fencer)

but like Vikings said, you can basically hide it.

Change it's name to something like " . "

Then change the read/write level to the highest, so no one can read or write to it. They could still click on the " . ", but they will not be able to see anything.

13. June 2007, 04:21:01
Subject: Re:
rednaz23: you can make them hidden from everyone which is essentially the same thing

13. June 2007, 04:14:07
Is there a way to delete secondary discussion boards in a fellowship?

4. June 2007, 08:29:25
Subject: everyone is welcome
to join
Game Addicts
a very friendly no nonsense fellowship

13. May 2007, 08:32:09
Papa Zoom 
Subject: You're invited.
Modified by Papa Zoom (13. May 2007, 08:59:06)
The Original Flame Pit invites you to join our growing group.  The fellowship has been around a long time and has some interesting post in the early days of BK.  The main board is for chat and is lightly moderated,  while the second board, The Steam Room, is for venting and the like and is only moderated in extreeme situations.  I've just added another room, The Smoke House, for bloviating, pontificating, and scintillating revilements.  In other words, for blowing smoke.    Hope you will join up and check it out.   Either way, good gaming to you!

12. May 2007, 08:13:45
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: Recycle Chess
emmett: Just beg Fencer for a team tournament:) Then the teams will come in :)

12. May 2007, 08:09:30
Subject: Recycle Chess
All fellowships that have a Recycle Chess team:
I am captain of the Recycle Chess team. There is no other team to challenge!

I am surprised, but then again, I am sure that if you are part of a fellowship that you can pass the word on and get some Recycle Chess team together, and challenge "Le" Club right away.

I wouldn't want to assume that we are the undisputed champions of Recycle Chess. Let's play!

10. May 2007, 20:06:51
Would like to know what F/S has a fairly strong team or at least a team which is filling up and needs a player for Frog Finder..

9. May 2007, 17:17:52
Always taking request's if anyone wants to join shanon n sandys place

1. May 2007, 22:53:20
Rose: Thanks very much that is nice of you to say so!

1. May 2007, 22:32:31
Subject: Re:
Mousetrap: Way kool rainbow flag on your FS page! Too bad we cant have animation on the flags. It would be neat to see it waving proudly!

1. May 2007, 16:38:57

30. April 2007, 02:47:51
Subject: Jump in for a laugh and a game. It's fun and friendly
It's the Pits!!!

We are growing fast and I have already set up two tournaments. (3 days and 9 days - 8 players max) I don't plan on having teams at the moment and no stairs but I plan to start ponds within the next week.

29. April 2007, 21:28:54
Thought I was in General Chat there for a minute!
Thanks to Rose and baddessi for taking care of things while I was not online!

29. April 2007, 21:01:44
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!

29. April 2007, 20:58:36
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
baddessi: Well don't hold your breath.

.. It's a funny old world.

29. April 2007, 20:46:09
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Jules: well a girl can hope right?

29. April 2007, 20:44:51
I agree..been asked and answered and now please drop it. Thanks

29. April 2007, 20:39:09
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re: Rose..
Jules:  The fellowship membership collectively decided that I should NOT delete previous posts.  But since it's a private fellowship, I don't see how it's a matter for public discussion.  I hope this matter will be dropped.  

29. April 2007, 20:38:04
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
baddessi: Then us mods would be out of a job


29. April 2007, 20:35:46
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Jules: point taken. Why don't we all refrain from carrying things on i public then...k?

29. April 2007, 20:34:59
Subject: Re: Rose..
Oceans Apart: Ah!

29. April 2007, 20:34:03
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Modified by (V) (29. April 2007, 20:37:09)
baddessi: I was just concerned that some may use it as an excuse to start things... or to carry things on in public.

29. April 2007, 20:33:50
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: Rose..
Jules: He obviously had a change of heart, which he is entitled to have.

29. April 2007, 20:28:42
Subject: Rose..
Modified by (V) (29. April 2007, 20:32:59)
Fellowships (Tigger, 2007-04-12 02:25:26) I tried to pm you about your mistake but you have me on block.

29. April 2007, 20:24:56
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Jules: just my opinion. I think people should be free to express opinions if it's done in a decent way.
When the main mod comes on I may have to stand corrected.

29. April 2007, 20:17:15
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
redfrog: You have not upset me, why would you think that? All I thought was that this board was not for what you did. Since then baddessi has said you can. So go ahead.

I left nooks as well. I just found that the atmosphere had changed and no longer wanted to be there.

29. April 2007, 19:22:43
ok, this discussion is getting a little away from what this board is about....
opinions about a fellowship in my opinion are ok as long as they aren't completely baiting. I don't see a problem with someone reporting a negative experience in a f/s to warn others.
As far as people on here asking personal questions about why someone is or isn't in a f/s or like it, well, that's better left to PMs..ok? thanks

29. April 2007, 19:14:03
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Jules: I left that fellowship a long time ago when it was under previous managment - i was asked in a nice way if there was a reason - that is totally fine with me - i explained my reasons - and left on a good note - not feeling degraded or demeaned....

The problem i have - is the insults to friends of mine who have been demeaned and degraded for leaving the site -

Others should be warned before they join that F/S and this is the F/S board - this is not a personal attack or flame - this is a fellowship based post. Im sorry to have upset you...

29. April 2007, 19:13:22
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Jules: So why did you adn Emma want back in to the pit then.........??????????????

29. April 2007, 19:11:31
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Oceans Apart: Then that's their problem then. No one is making anyone be in any fellowship.

29. April 2007, 19:10:30
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
redfrog: Ok, then that makes it that all fellowships could reported on like that. If you don't like the BB just leave.

29. April 2007, 19:08:17
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Jules: It isnt me that is having the problem, i am more than happy in my fellowships, but it doesnt seem the case for some.

29. April 2007, 19:07:19
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Oceans Apart: Yes in many many fellowships, but like the globals have already said. Just leave them rather then stay in them.

29. April 2007, 19:07:04
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
Jules: I dont like or dislike this Big Boss - If this is a board to advertise fellowships - might as well make it go both ways -

29. April 2007, 19:05:52
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
redfrog: I don't think that's allowed on this board, no matter how much you don't like someone.

29. April 2007, 19:04:45
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: Fellowship Warning!!!
redfrog: Yes it is sad, isnt it, you make valid points, it happens in other f/s's as well

29. April 2007, 18:59:57
Subject: Fellowship Warning!!!
Well - this is a sad thing to start making a habit of - but this being the f/s board - I feel its important to discuss a particular f/s.

I know there are many who enjoyed the f/s ŊøøҜs έ Craηηίεs but it seems all good things come to an end.

I am writing to caution current members and those considering membership in the future - DO NOT JOIN OR LEAVE NOW!!!

I know there is some backstory on the Big Boss change - but the new management is insulting members as they leave.

I suggest a few things -

1. Dont join the f/s as its past its day of glory and is run by a rude Big Boss.

2. Feel free to leave the f/s if you are a current member - there is no obligation to stay in a f/s that has changed from when you joined.

3. Block the Big Boss before you leave - because once you do - You will get an insulting PM to mark your action. This is confirmed by several people.

Its a shame that people cannot join and leave fellowships for their own reasons - without receiving "hate mail"

So there it is - be warned BK - Stay Away from that F/S!!!!


29. April 2007, 18:59:32
Subject: Re: Tigger..
Oceans Apart: hmmmm I thought I was moving on

Ok Rose

29. April 2007, 18:33:38
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re:
Rose: okie dokie

29. April 2007, 18:32:47
This isnt the right board for this conversation.. Please take it to private PM's thank you

29. April 2007, 18:31:01
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: Tigger..
heavenlyemma: Seems abit daft to me and others, your not part of the fellowship anymore, well u were, until we noticed your posts disappearing, move on, and forget about it now.

29. April 2007, 18:27:42
Subject: Re: Tigger..
Oceans Apart: Why not?

29. April 2007, 18:21:45
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: Tigger..
heavenlyemma: But why do you want to delete your posts???

29. April 2007, 17:47:45
Subject: Tigger..
Modified by heavenlyemma (29. April 2007, 18:37:24)

******Post deleted... Copy and pasting private messages to a public board is a violation of BK rules.  No more warnings.....******

28. April 2007, 18:36:46
joshi tm 
Subject: Attention Ataxx lovers
Join in our teams, the Force needs ye!

Assimitaxx Force

28. April 2007, 13:50:11
Subject: Attention Pond Lovers
I've taken over as Big Boss of the PONDS PLUS fellowship, First order of business is to start new ponds and find new members, If I haven't found you just ask for an Invite

28. April 2007, 00:40:11
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re: Drop by and check out it out
TarantinoFan:     I love it!

27. April 2007, 14:42:57
Subject: Drop by and check out it out
Modified by TarantinoFan (27. April 2007, 15:51:32)

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